Hey, fans! To reward\\
all those watching right now, here\\
is some T and A.
->-- [[{{Tropers/alliterator}} alliterator]]

What a strange plot twist\\
She's suddenly half-naked\\
Let's not ask questions
->-- [[{{Tropers/superfroggy}} superfroggy]]

I really like breasts.\\
If only I could see some.\\
Who's [[MsFanservice This character]]?
->-- {{Tropers/WanderlustWarrior}}

This show is boring!\\
Wait...is that some breasts I see?\\
Let's keep watching this!
->-- {{Tropers/ICantThinkOfAWittyName}} (who is a girl and straight, so no, she’s not serious), edited by @/SoWeAteThem

Oh, look! [[ShirtlessScene Shirtless guys]].\\
I say for [[EstrogenBrigade all the ladies]],\\
"Thank you, TV show."
->-- Tropers/TheEvilOboist

Time now to show some\\
Gratuitous nudity\\
To attract watchers.

Show skin; get ratings.\\
It's stupid, but you know what?\\
[[AllMenArePerverts I'm okay with that.]]

Let's capitalized on that;\\
Show some skimpy clothes.\\