Haiku / Everyday Heroes

Superheroes work
Nine to five, then commute home;
''Everyday Heroes".

Ed Gedeon writes,
Erik Boismier does the art,
They collaborate!

Mr. Mighty lives
In Indianapolis;
Minor-league hero.

Jane is Mighty's wife;
Former villainess, she's now
Plain suburban mom.

Summer has to wear
Special mask to block eye-beams.
Having powers sucks.

Steve's a normal kid;
Likes pizza and Xbox games,
Starting to like girls.

Summer's friend Carrie
Has enormous head of hair;
She's so sweet, it's sick.

When the girls hang out,
Rude boys pester them; here comes
Hyperspace Mallet.

Mr. Mighty's foe,
Evil Doctor Unpleasant,
Lives three blocks away.

What will happen next?
Heroes, villains, aliens ...
Read it and find out!