Haiku / Eversion

Cheerful platformer
It's not like they say it is.
It is far, far worse.
Daniel LC

How to get past here:
You just press space to evert
And wish you didn't
Daniel LC

It looks so harmless
But the farther you go on
Insanity ensues

Holy Shit Holy
Shit Holy Shit Holy Shit
Holy Shit HELP ME

This isn't too good
Just a cheerful Mario clone
Why did I get t- SKREEEEEE

Eight realities
Range from cute to very dark.
Nehema does too.

The first three worlds: Safe.
World 4?Where it goes so wrong.
The rest? PURE TORTURE!!!
—Thunderstreak Man

As you continue
It's easier to Evert
But harder to live
Mad Heart

Cheerful little game
Gets much darker as you go

This looks harmless 'nough
But as you go through layers
You'll discover not

It's not as you see it!
It's a Forest Maze in here!
Darker, Lighter, both.Harrison The Troper.

You either go and die,
Get that girl of your nightmares,
Or get X-4'd here.

Press EVERT to continue.