[[PsychicPowers Psychic powered]] [[KidHero children]]\\
[[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu Beat up a]] Cosmic Horror;\\
[[SugarWiki/NeedsMoreLove Sales were depressing]]
--> --{{@/superfroggy}}

[[MadnessMantra Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness\\
Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness]]\\
[[OverlyLongGag Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness...]]
--> {{@/Highwind}}

[[IncrediblyLamePun Blue Blue Happy Blue\\
Blue Blue Blue]] [[AllBlueEntry Blue Happy Blue\\
Blue Blue Happy Blue]]
--> {{@/TheGameMaster}}

Japan got to play.\\
So, too, did America.\\
[[NoExportForYou But not Europe, though.]]

Take an RPG.\\
As awesome as they may be\\
Made by Itoi

Hippies, Clocks, Streetsigns\\
they shall be your enemies \\
So set forth, young Ness

A world wonderful\\
ThePowerOfLove with you\\
Overcome Giygas.

Whose bones are displayed?\\
The answer's your bones, my bones,\\
Bone's bones. Bone Bone Bone.

Future is at stake.\\
To defeat the great evil,\\
Four kids must unite.

When on your way out\\
Be sure that you say goodbye\\
Then lock the door tight.
-->--Everdred's parting words (Or is it?)

Hey! Parking meters!\\
And you're walking around! Ha!\\
[[BizarroUniverse Welcome]] [[DarkWorld to]] [[EldritchLocation Moonside.]]
-->-- themike

This Bulletin Board\\
Greets you this evening\\
All is well, Good Night
-->-- A sign in [[ZombieApocalypse Threed]]

The best game ever\\
About some kids battling\\
Better than it sounds
-->-- binarystep

That kid from [[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Smash Bros]]\\
Had his own game, it turns out\\
And it's frigging '''epic.'''
-->-- 1810072342 (A European user)

Use your [=PSI=]\\
To take down some aliens\\
[[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu And evil itself.]]
-->-- Tropers/MisterApple