Kid finds [[ArtifactOfDoom deadly book]]\\
Amasses giant hit list\\
[[spoiler:Then gets [[KarmicDeath killed himself]]]]
-->--[[Tropers/WillyFourEyes Willy Four Eyes]]

[[BunnyEarsLawyer A strange genius]]\\
Who LooksLikeCesare and finds\\
any criminal
-->--[[{{Tropers/Cosman246}} Cosman246]]

[[AGodAmI Guy with god complex]]\\
[[MundaneMadeAwesome takes a potato chip and]]\\
'''[[MundaneMadeAwesome EATS IT]]'''. [[MemeticMutation Just as planned]].
-->--[[Tropers/InsanityPrelude Insanity Prelude]]

The {{Shinigami}},\\
Ryuk, warned you from the start.\\
Face it, Light--[[spoiler:you're doomed]].
-->--[[Tropers/MarkLungo Mark Lungo]]

[[MemeticMutation Just according to\\
keikaku.]] [[TooLongDidntDub (Translator's note:\\
keikaku means plan)]]
-->--[[{{Tropers/SonicGTR}} Sonic GTR]]

[[CatchPhrase Sakujo!]] [[MadnessMantra My God!]] \\
[[spoiler: [[{{Gorn}} Seppuku with a fountain]]]] \\
[[spoiler: [[{{Gorn}} pen.]] [[HighPressureBlood Gush! Fountain blood.]]]]

[[AGodAmI 'Justice']] is a strong \\
word. How about something else, \\
like [[VillainProtagonist 'mass murderer']]?
--> -[=RedSavant=]

''[[AllAccordingToPlan JUST]]. [[MemoryGambit AS]]. [[GambitRoulette PLANNED]]!!!'' For my \\
next trick [[TakeOverTheWorld I'll conquer the world...]] \\
[[spoiler: '''''[[ClusterFBomb FUCKING]] [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass MATSUDA!!!!]]''''']]

"God of the new world"\\
Light Yagami and notebook.\\
Just beat L by ''chance''.
-->-- @/WanderlustWarrior

[[TeenGenius Teen]] with [[AGodAmI God complex]] \\
Versus [[BunnyEarsLawyer genius detective]] \\
[[GambitPileup Gambiting]] [[HilarityEnsues ensues]].
-->-- Eliza

Evil is rampant\\
Yet, now with the means to judge,\\
I become Justice.
-->-- Tropers/RuinTakada

Death Notes don't belong\\
To those that fail to see the\\
Beauty within life.

Kid finds a Death Note.\\
He then goes crazy making\\
A perfect new world

Take a potato\\
chip and then eat it to make\\
The most perfect world.
-->-- Tropers/AlexisPhantomhive

"Shut up, Matsuda!"\\
Said the whole Death Note fandom.\\
Now they say, "Sorry!"
-->-- [=SomeGamerKid=]

Matsuda's useless!\\
He's a burden to the whole-\\
Oh... he shot Kira...
-->-- Charlie