A horror story\\
where [[EldritchAbomination they]] are the cruel people\\
and [[PunyEarthlings we are the ants]].\\

-->-- [[{{Tropers/alliterator}} alliterator]]

This is Cthulhu\\
There's no way you can stop him\\
We're all gonna die\\

-->-- [[{{Tropers/sparkysharps}} sparkysharps]]

Man finds strange book\\
It's the Necronomicon\\
His sanity dies\\

-->-- [[Tropers/HappyDuck Happy Duck]]

Once a man sees the\\
True face of reality\\
He can't ''un''see it.\\
Science flings aside\\
The veil, baring cosmic truths.\\
Thanks a lot, ''science.''\\

-->-- MagFlare

''Horton Hears A Who''\\
Except horribly scary\\
Because we're the Whos.
--> Yugi195