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Haiku: Commander Obvious
Hello and welcome
My profile is in haikus
It’s okay to fap

Hitchcock and Kubrick
They make films so radical
Film buffs orgasm

Mel Brooks is awesome
Funniest guy in the world
Young Frankenstein, yo

I was walking home one day
The Black Knight said “None shall pass”.
It’s just a flesh wound

Reach out to the truth
There will be mass destruction
Make sure there is time

Haruhi is good
especially season 2
Endless Eight is sweet

K-On is awesome
They eat cake and never play
I’m just like them, yay!

I scream “OBJECTION!”
My DS mic ain’t working
Gumshoe looks confused

It’s FLCL!
I pity the fool who hates
They’re not cool at all

I think it’s time so
get everybody and stuff
Three, two, one, let’s jam!

Are you afraid, sir?
NHK is watching you

What are you, stupid?
No-one will understand me.
Come, sweet death, come.

Detective Conan:
I have the looks of a kid
But one truth prevails!

Where is your God now?
There’s Oyashiro-sama.
You can worship her.
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