Lelouch commands them!\\
Wants safe world for his sister.\\
Yeah, that works out well.
->-- [[{{Tropers/Tangent 128}} Tangent 128]]

Fake brother, China,\\
Shirley, Geass Cult, Tokyo-\\
Gah! Too much! Can't fit!
->-- [[{{Tropers/Tangent 128}} Tangent 128]]

Many [[{{SlidingScaleOfShinyVersusGritty}} shiny]] [[{{HumongousMecha}} robots]]\\
[[GambitPileup Complex planning]], [[{{MemeticMutation}} epic memes]]\\
Best [[{{FanNickname}} Trainwreck]] ever!
->-- [[{{Tropers/CommandoDude}} CommandoDude]]

[[AlternateHistory Turns]] [[UsefulNotes/TheCommonwealthOfNations the British Commonwealth]]\\
[[UpToEleven Up To]] [[IncrediblyLamePun Eleven]]
->-- [[@/HydroGlobus Hydro Globus]]

Badass, fabulous\\
Lelouch has many talents\\
And such lovely eyes
->-- @/GuyGuyson

We have won the fight\\
What is that rushing machine?\\
Damn it, [[CharlesAtlasSuperpower Suzaku]]!
->-- stangua8

From a strange woman\\
Who is not poisonous gas\\
A prince gains power.
->-- Liveandlearn