Preachy comic strips,\\
Chick Tracts' ignorant author\\
forces the morals.
-->-- Tropers/SizzlyBacon

When I read Chick Tracts\\
I go lolwhut. [[MyGodYouAreSerious Then I find\\
out he's serious]].

Don't drop the anvil\\
Makes Christians look like morons\\
Too {{Anvilicious}}!
-->-- @/{{Kexruct}}

{{Anvilicious}} strips\\
that make every Christian go,\\
like, "StopHelpingMe"
-->-- @/AlexSora89

This preacher's creepy,\\
harrassing groups of people\\
that aren't just like him.
-->-- @/{{DeepC}}

It's because of him\\
that I started reading the\\
Literature/HarryPotter books.
-->-- @/{{EranofArcadia}}

Whatever God says\\
it's much harder to believe\\
with all of the {{Narm}}.
-->-- @/{{Seaport}}

All of Jack Chick's tracts\\
Are the very reason that\\
I'm an atheist.
-->-- @/OhManOhMy

Jack Chick likes to think\\
That [[AncientConspiracy evil Catholicism]]\\
Causes everything.
-->-- @/XanaduRising

[[AnviLicious The moral here is]]\\
Become born-again Christian or\\
you end up in hell.
-->-- @/PseudoDino

You will go to hell.
You will really go to hell.
You will go to hell.
-->-- @/Hagagaga