To win the debate\\
Change the subject to something\\
"That does not. Make. Sense."
-->[[Tropers/WillyFourEyes Willy Four Eyes]]

Elephants have trunks\\
Trunks also belong on trees\\
So, therefore [[ThisLoserIsYou You Suck]]
--> [[{{Tropers/randomfanboy}} randomfanboy]]

I insulted YourMom,\\
therefore, I declare you fail\\
and therefore I win.
--> [[{{Tropers/Garvalan}} Garvalan]]
--> Haiku rhythm corrected by [[{{Tropers/Mrbing}} Mrbing]]

"Don't change the subject."\\
"If you think I shouldn't, you...\\
must hate babies!" "Huh?"\\
-- Tropers/{{Kif}}