{{Dracula}} is back\\
There's only one thing to do\\
Whip him till he screams\\
--[[Tropers/FalconPain Falcon Pain]]

"What's a man?" he says,\\
"A miserable little\\
Pile of secrets!"\\
--[[Tropers/GGCrono GG Crono]]

Hey, I found some meat\\
It was right here in this wall\\
Where's my knife and fork?\\
--[[{{Tropers/Nyperold}} Nyperold]]

Head over the pits\\
But watch out for the freaking\\
Heads over the pits\\
--[[{{Tropers/Nyperold}} Nyperold]]

Ah, the time has come\\
I point my finger skyward\\
And Dracula dies\\
-- Mato Hibiki

In murder delight,\\
Melancholy wrought within.\\
My Nosferatu.\\