A bear and a bird\\
Living in a strange, mad world\\
Kicking lots of ass

Chronicles the story of\\
Two friends, bird and bear.

Bear, bird and shaman\\
Defeating a wicked witch\\
And her sisters, too!

They pick up Jiggies\\
And save Jinjos from a witch\\
And fix a loo, too.

Through stinky sewers\\
And high up in the weird clouds\\
Our team always wins!

Go back to Rare's roots\\
With DiddyKongRacing, eh?\\
Use your Nuts & Bolts

Gruntilda can't lie\\
She's a consummate villain\\
But B & K rock!
-->We love our [[ThePowerOfFriendship good friends]]\\
[[TheLancer Snarky bird]] and [[TheHero lazy bear]]\\
Let's play it again!