A bear and a bird\\
Living in a strange, mad world\\
Kicking lots of ass

Chronicles the story of\\
Two friends, bird and bear.

Wacky moves to learn\\
Teaching you from your first steps\\
Eyesight-challenged mole.

Military drills\\
Big brother that likes to rhyme\\
That's yer lot, dismissed!

Magic music notes\\
Break the spells on Grunty's doors\\
More feathers and eggs.

Pick up puzzle piece\\
Ten per level, and you'll find\\
One last secret thing.

Bear, bird and shaman\\
Defeating a wicked witch\\
And her sisters, too!

They pick up Jiggies\\
And save Jinjos from a witch\\
And fix a loo, too.

Through stinky sewers\\
And high up in the weird clouds\\
Our team always wins!

Collect coloured eggs\\
And a Key made out of Ice\\
Secret sequel stuff.

Go back to Rare's roots\\
With ''VideoGame/DiddyKongRacing'', eh?\\
Use your Nuts & Bolts

Mister Grant Kirkhope\\
British chap with snark galore\\
Brings audio bliss.

Gruntilda can't lie\\
She's a consummate villain\\
But B & K rock!

Multi-colored eggs\\
A huge key that's made of ice\\
Stop N' Swop lives on...

Acclaimed platformers\\
Dead now because of Microsoft\\
VideoGame/YookaLaylee GO!
-->We love our [[ThePowerOfFriendship good friends]]\\
[[TheLancer Snarky bird]] and [[TheHero lazy bear]]\\
Let's play it again!
Beloved Franchise of Rare