[[folder:Nyperold's Vast Collection of 'Azumanga Daioh!' Haikus]]
Teacher's chain comes off\\
When a student stops to help\\
Takes the bike and rides

Just in time for class\\
Three sizes are a secret\\
But it's the wrong room

New transfer student\\
Good thing in a small package\\
She's just ten years old?!?

Cooking is so fun\\
Yay, it's ready! Or is it\\
Not cooking at all?

Master and student\\
Chihiro's helping Chiyo?\\
Other way around

Making her own lunch\\
And string figures, good at them\\
Not tongue twisters, though

Forgotten homework\\
Chiyo cowers at the front\\
Tap power reduced

Cooking is so fun\\
Yay, it's ready! Cookies, cake!\\
Don't tell them to wait!

Sakaki's scary\\
Vet, florist, stuffed toy vendor?\\
Maybe really nice...

Sakaki is cool\\
So say all the other girls\\
...What was that cute thing?

"Are you in a club?\\
I'm in astronomy club.\\
Would you be..." *runs off*

What a nice spring day!\\
Look, a doggie being walked!\\
Stretch, and then go run

Oh, hey, it's a cat\\
Should I try to pet it? Yeah.\\
What could it hurt-- *CHOMP*

"Why's your hand wrapped up?"\\
"Maybe he was in a mood."\\
"Did she have a fight?"

The same cat again\\
Good mood? A second attempt\\
Ends up the same way

Tomo Takino\\
Hyper is her middle name\\
Or just "Wildcat"

Yukari? I'm late!\\
Standing out in the hallway\\
Not that teacher cares

Lasting five minutes,\\
Then ten, fifteen, and twenty,\\
At which point she falls

Challenging Chiyo\\
Neither know the answer. Yay!\\
Now she says they're tied

Going out for bread\\
A speedy return! Too bad\\
No one was timing

Racing Sakaki\\
Starting with an advantage\\
Moving mountains back

Tomo's in the lead?\\
Not for long; she falls behind\\
She's the runner-up!

Another transfer\\
But she comes from Osaka\\
A new tsukkomi?

Introductions made\\
Teacher expects Kansai-ben?\\
Reluctantly done

Osaka busts myths\\
Takoyaki expected\\
"Nandeyanen?" "YAY!"

Get it together\\
Paying attention in class? No.\\
Busy saying it

Nickname acquired\\
But it's after her hometown\\
Now it's stuck for good

Follow Osaka\\
Watch her wait at the crosswalk\\
Whoops, it's red again...

Notice Chiyo-chan\\
She's a super-smart student\\
Not a smart aleck

Osaka's spacey?\\
Soap slips, and handkerchief falls\\
Now it's soaking wet

Those tiny bubbles\\
In my eyes make me track 'em\\
And miss everything

A scream? Huge cockroach!\\
Tomo pursues, swatting friends\\
Before killing it

Now it's on her book\\
Yukari cannot advise\\
Too squeamish to help

Osaka races\\
Chiyo is slightly faster\\
Is she just too smart?

Now for volleyball\\
Splitting into groups of six\\
What? Ten million yen?

Served by Chihiro\\
Chiyo and Yomi set up\\
Sakaki's great spike

What's Osaka's aim?\\
To be just like Sakaki\\
Not to take her out

Tomo's power serve\\
Pegs the back of Chiyo's head\\
Will she be okay?

Overhead passing\\
Osaka and Chiyo-chan\\
Get their facials here

Osaka totters\\
Balanced badly, scaring them\\
Until she sits down

Opening her lunch\\
Tomo finds a nice surprise\\
All her top three foods!

Concentrating hard\\
Osaka pulls carefully\\
Splits her chopsticks clean

Yomi likes spicy\\
Osaka can't handle it\\
Mischievous Yomi

Osaka tries it\\
Now her mouth is burning up\\
Then she has hiccups

Try drinking some juice\\
Now with plugged up ears and nose\\
But it doesn't work

Balanced on chopsticks?\\
The cup falls off, spilling juice\\
Time for music class

Hiccups don't help out\\
Playing a wind instrument\\
Will you knock that off?!?

Osaka's hiccups\\
Have stayed over two hours\\
Will she die today?

Next, the fear gambit\\
Please, Osaka, be afraid!\\
Chiyo's not scary

Smacking on the back\\
Isn't good at curing them\\
That's when you're choking

Spasms in the diaphragm\\
Punch in the solar plexus\\
Just puts her in pain

Sakaki chimes in\\
She has a folk remedy\\
Just brew some kaki

Ah, the classic cure\\
Holding your breath for a time\\
Whoops, that went too fast

Push on the eyeballs\\
And when that doesn't do it\\
Pull on her tongue. Ow!

Give it to someone?\\
Sounds a bit hokey, but still --\\
Don't give it to me!

Could be that she's sick\\
What might be the problem here?\\
Probably the brain

While they discuss\\
Chiyo notices they've stopped\\
But what was the cure?

All's well that ends well\\
Except Chiyo has them now?\\
Try it all again!

Sharks and dolphins are\\
Fish and mammals, so therefore\\
Snails are insects?

Osaka's trying\\
To instigate a punch line\\
But they don't know it

Chiyo's pigtails\\
Connected, detachable?\\
Could she get new ones?

Jolted from her thought\\
Osaka's shaken awake\\
Hey! Don't fall asleep!

Chiyo is called in\\
Kurosawa-sensei gives\\
her her new swimsuit

Yukari comes in\\
Talks about going drinking\\
Now is not the time

"Nyamo"? What's that?\\
Kurosawa's old nickname\\
Don't use it at work

Yukari's messy\\
But she can find everything\\
...The dictionary?

Starts an avalanche\\
Chiyo holds it up, but then\\
is buried... again

Tomo and Yomi\\
Outrank teachers easily\\
In terms of classmates

Chiyo doesn't have\\
Any classmates from past grades\\
Isn't that a shock

Tomo tells of bread\\
that evolved into monsters\\
...It was made up, right?

Minamo begins\\
To tell about Yukari\\
But Yukari sings

Who is Nyperold?!\\
Azumanga's only fan?!\\
TOMO could do this!

[[CriticalResearchFailure "Reindeer don't exist,"]]\\
Says Tomo. Yet she is wrong.\\
Wails, [[VillainousBreakdown "I'm not stupid!"]]

Nyamo is drunk\\
[[TheTalk And sharing some deep wisdom.]]\\
[[JustAKid Chiyo is baffled.]]

Wow, there's a lot here!\\
So many clever haikus\\
About this weird show.

Okinawa mountains\\
Home to wildcats and trees\\
And [[spoiler: Sakaki's pet]]

"We're Team Seaslug!" "What?!"\\
"But why?! They're so..." ''[[{{Beat}} [a brief pause] ]]''\\
"Go Team Seaslug!" "Yay..."

Farewell to their school\\
Yet they will all still be friends\\
Even with [[JerkAss Tomo]]

Why do you all think\\
"Nyamo" has three syllables?\\
Nya. Mo. Only ''two''.

Creepy orange cat...\\
Sakaki believes he is\\
Chiyo's real father.

Summer vacation!\\
Tomo throws the keys away.\\
Everyone is pissed.