Holy crap, did you\\
see that scene where that one guy\\
does something awesome?
-->--[[{{Tropers/alliterator}} alliterator]]

I am not impressed,\\
but maybe you don't like mine.\\
It's all subjective.
-->--[[{{Tropers/Durazno}} Duranzo]]

Replay that scene twice\\
You could watch it endlessly\\
It's just that awesome
-->--[[{{Tropers/superfroggy}} superfroggy]]

The universe could\\
Power itself for years on\\
All that awesomeness.
-->--[[{{Tropers/Capricorn}} Capricorn]]

The bad guy got owned\\
Or the laws of physics broke\\
And now, our jaws drop.
-->--[[{{Tropers/Bufuman}} Bufuman]]

Magneto busts out\\
Dumbledore fights Voldemort\\
Sam carries Frodo
-->--[[{{Tropers/Planet-man}} Planet-man]]

Did you see that guy?\\
[[DyingMomentOfAwesome Before he died he did it.\\
The most awesome thing]].
-->--[[Tropers/KaeozCrimson Kaeoz Crimson]]

That was amazing!\\
Adding it to TV Tropes...!\\
Oh. [[YouAreTooLate Already there.]]
-->--[[Tropers/TheHeroHartmut The Hero Hartmut]]

Not all great deeds count.\\
It must be extra special.\\
Or meaning is lost.
-->--[[{{Tropers/Peteman}} Peteman]]

Be they from anguish\\
Or be they from happiness\\
Tears are mighty, too.
-->--[[{{Tropers/Enero25}} Enero25]]

That was pure awesomeness!\\
Did you see that guy fighting?\\
I want an encore!
-->--[[Tropers/HappyDuck Happy Duck]]

[[Webcomics/DarthsAndDroids This is so awesome]]\\
[[http://www.darthsanddroids.net/episodes/0342.html That you all get a bonus]]\\
'''Just for reading it'''.
-->The Dread Gazebo