Haiku / Asexuality

He won't date neither
girls nor guys, and thus you get
pretty much this trope.

He's straight to the guys
but he's gay to the ladies.
My haiku beats yours :D

I'm sorry, ladies,
For not ravishing you all.
I'm asexual

Dear gentlemen, I
Must decline your offers and
The ladies' as well.

Those of you who don't
Call yourself male or female
Aren't for me either

"Stop! Don't touch me there!
That *points* is my private square!"
"My body, my rules!"

"I want to date you."
"Sorry, I'm asexual."
"That's new and different."

I'm not interested girls
I'm not interested in guys
I'm completely uninterested

Sorry, but I don't
Want to copulate with you
I'm not into that

I'm asexual,
So I don't want to have sex,
But i still love you.

I like other girls,
Just not really in that way,
Hugs, kisses, no men!

I'm afraid I'm not
Interested in 'having some fun'
So stop asking me!