Gush about your favourite Vocaloids, their songs and producers making those songs here.

* Awesome, almost magical technology combined with creative power of many talented people? That is Vocaloid. The whole list of reasons for why I consider it the most wonderful thing in the world is too long, but I can list the main ones. First, there are more and more characters/voices coming out with every year, ranging from cute and cartoonish to mature, all of them undeniably beautiful when used right. Second, with so many people (called "Producers") using the engine, you get amazing genre range: [[VirtualCelebrity Hatsune Miku]] alone have already "sang" everything from beautiful ballads, fantasy epics, nonsensical and funny poems to really [[TearJerker tear-summoning]] and sometimes even purely [[NightmareFuel horror-inducing]] songs. Vocaloid taught me to respect all kinds of music because of it's sheer diversity. And it got me so interested in Japanese language that I decided to learn it to better understand the songs. Vocaloid is the BEST man-made thing I have ever encountered in my life. - Tropers/LittleAbe

[[AC: Vocaloids]]

* The Kagamines, Rin and Len. Those two are just wonderful, and they're two of the most loved Vocaloids for a reason. Sure, Rin can be high pitched sometimes, sure, Len has way too many fangirls for his own good, sure, they can be used horribly, but when you hear a Rin song or a Len song, you can TELL it's a Rin and/or Len song, because they're both so unique. I love them both with all my heart, and they'll always be in my top five favorite Vocaloids.
* Same troper, different Vocaloid. Meiko is one of my favorite Vocaloids. Why, you ask? Her deep voice, which happens to be one of the prettiest voices out of all the Vocaloids in my opinion, whether it's her original Vocaloid 1 voice or her Vocaloid 3 appends, especially Power. She kinda makes you want to sing along with whatever song she's singing, whether it's a cover of The Lost One's Weeping, The Escape Of Samholfer, or Rolling Girl! Let's all give a hand to the Japanese big sister of Vocaloid!
* My favorite Vocaloid is Maika! Her design, her voice, her songs, all of them are amazing, however the most amazing trait is her capacity of basically sing anything in any rhythym (she singing [[Disney/{{Frozen}} Let It Go]] in [[ 25 languages]] is definite proof of that).
* I'm personally a big, big, big fan of Luka. A lot of people like to give her shit for her V4x, but I think that it's spectacular. The way she ascends from softer pitches in the lower ranges to an amazing, gorgeous power in higher registers makes me swoon, and her V4 English is a massive improvement over her weird, breathy V2.
* Same troper as the last-- Dex and Daina are shaping up rather nicely. Some people give them crap over their designs (and the fact that they're kemonomimi), but I think they're very cute and unique. Daina has a lovely soft voice, and given the relatively weak English male vocals we've had lately with Yohioloid and Kaito English, Dex's stronger vocals are quite welcome. Both of them sound super clear, as well!
* The same goes for CYBER DIVA. Gaga-esque appearance notwithstanding, her vocals are beautiful and amazingly clear, with a surprising amount of power behind them. The fact that she's the first pure English Vocaloid with Growl is a plus as well.
* I've always found it amazing that Miku and Luka harmonize pretty well despite not being designed that way. It just makes their duets more special that way. - lenne18
* My favorite Vocaloids have always been the less appreciated ones, like Tohoku Zunko. She has a sweet and soft voice that is honestly a lot better than most of the Cryptonloids. I honestly almost cried when I heard Lamaze-P's 'If It's Making a Song, Let's Get Started!" It's the same with SF-A2 Codename miki... Her voice is easy to discern from others, with that tomboyish voice of hers. I saw an amazing V4 'Most Certainly, Undoubtedly A Goddess" cover :') I love those two so much. ~ HakaiEve
* I know I said I liked Zunko and Miki, but oh god LEN KAGAMINE. I don't really like those 'sexy' songs like Spice or whatever - what I really love is cute stuff like Toluthin Antenna, stupid songs like Shota Shota Island or Re:Pudding Annihilation, or his absolutely adorable Cute medley outfit for Project Diva X. And his voice! It might not be very convincingly male, but it's cute! SEGA should stop trying to sell him as a manly guy lmao ~ HakaiEve
* I really do love all the Vocaloids, but the one that stands out as my favorite is Kagamine Rin. Not only is her design absolutely adorable (her bow immediately caught my attention when I first saw their boxart) but her voice is amazing and has awesome range. She can sound good singing anything: she sounds extra-powerful with rock, very gentle with jazz, cute with pop/techno and so many other examples. And of course, she sounds absolutely perfect with Len (to no surprise). She's the best. - A Patchwork Scholar
* I've taken a liking to Fukase, Yohioloid, and Oliver. The three have a boyish innocence in their voices that one can't quite capture completely. It's especially noticeable with Yohio when he sings English songs and with Fukase on softer, happier songs. Oliver pretty much has it by default, which is great. What impresses me the most is when they use Yohio and Oliver together, as their voices compliment each other very well. (Part of me wonders if that's why they're usually portrayed as brothers...) - [=lalaTKG=]
* Same poster as the above. The demo for Arsloid made me like him a lot. I'm not quite sure if he's in regular use, but he should be.
* Man, CYBER SONGMAN is great! I've never been a huge fan of any of the male vocaloids, but he really stands out! He has one of the cleanest voices I've ever heard. I wish he had more songs... -[=astrokitty=]

[[AC: Producers]]

* Music/{{Mothy}} aka Akuno-P. His "Daughter of Evil" became the beginning of the very complex and breathtaking saga called the Franchise/EvilliousChronicles. He is the master of [[TearJerker tear-evoking]], occasionally adding some NightmareFuel. His skill at storytelling is also incredible. Can you take a bunch of seemingly unrelated stories and tie them with each other so convincingly? He can, and he does. Can you give a new breath to the good, old tropes like SevenDeadlySins and FairytaleMotifs? He can, and he does. Can you write books based on a series of songs? He can, and... [[OverlyLongGag well, you get my point]].
* Nijihara Peperon aka Peperon-P. If only every producer used Vocaloid so adeptly... Whether you love ultra-realistic vocals, amazing melodies, or great style diversity, you will agree with one statement: you can't NOT love their songs.
* Just about everything by 40mP. Almost all of his works are full of adorable fluffy goodness and are all but guaranteed to instill in you a love of life. Really, despite the misgivings some people have about the upbeat pop and/or ballad genre, 40mP really gives all of his works wonderful tone and atmosphere that you can't help but just feel ''happy''. Not to mention that he sometimes collaborates with his wife, Chano, to make the most adorable songs ever.
* You listen to some deep, meaningful song. The music is gorgeous, lyrics capture your heart... then, without any warning, techno-soundtrack kicks in! Lyrics are suddenly about a Voodoo game show, or a girl who shoots death rays from mishandled eye lenses! This is how Utata-P (also known as t.Komine) makes songs. And believe, they are awesome! First of his biggest hits, "This is Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee", is both catchy and creepy; it really feels like Miku is trying to force happiness into you. The sequel of "Committee", "Hop! Step! Instant Death", holds the mark, only with much more "creepy". And tell me, tropers... are you happy? [[HappinessIsMandatory It's your duty!~]]
* Mitchie M. Listen to his stuff, and if you didn't know anything about Vocaloids, you'd swear blind that you were listening to a human singing, rather than a music synthesiser.
* [=LamazeP=]. Famous for his absolutely nonsensical and cute songs, this guy is truly amazing. And yes, while he can make songs about vegetable juice and/or stupidity and make them into an EarWorm, [=LamazeP=] is also a master of equally cute, one-sided love songs, the likes of which permeate the other half of his works. Despite all this, he has also shown the ability to create relaxing, (but still cute) slow-paced songs and even some [[OverlyLongGag cute rock songs]] [[CutenessOverload as well!]] Oh, he also does the drawings in his song [=PVs=] by himself. Viva [=LamazeP=]!
* Kaoling. Oh my god, Kaoling. I have a huge fondness for folk/Celtic music, and Kaoling basically has that in spades. Plus, they really, really know how to use IA. Their song, "The Rain Garden", has IA sounding beautifully realistic. The song also doubles as a huge TearJerker, too. Another thing I love about Kaoling, their ability to have the Vocaloids they use sing in a language that they made up. The language sounds vaguely Celtic, and while the words may not mean anything, they definitely add to any song that features the language.
* WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY! and Jesus-P. Their songs are very energetic and catchy as heck, and I love the personality Rin and Len have in their songs (particularly the "Death Should Not Have Taken Thee!" series and "The Development of Amazing Apps"). But their other songs such as the "Virus Resistance" series also add a perfect side of drama to their discography. I definitely think WANOPO is one of the absolute best Kagamine producers ever.
* No love for Wowaka yet? Huh. Wowaka's style of tuning the vocaloids sounds somewhat more mechanical than other producers, but he somehow makes it ''work''. His composing isn't bad either, covering a fair range of styles from the saxophone(?) melody of Two-faced Lovers to the piano-centered Rolling Girl. And then there's the lyrics- Wowaka's lyrics have a well-earned reputation of being vague and up for interpretation. There hasn't been one Wowaka song I don't like, but my personal favourites are Rolling Girl and World's End Dancehall- those two are classic vocaloid songs, and for good reasons!
* Wait wait wait. No love for our GHOST? Her works are amazing, and deserve all the love they can get! I especially love her ability to make the Vocaloids sound human, like how The Distortionist sounds like more than just a robot, he sounds like an actual human! And at the same time she can do robotic and artificial perfectly well, as seen in Amygdala's Rag Doll! All in all, I love GHOST's style- And for the love of god, please listen to the Novodontia (Novocaine/Hyperdontia) series.
* While we're at it, let's give Creep-P some love! He makes the Vocaloids sound like just what they are- Robots! From Creative, to PONY, to Static Screens, Creep-P makes some amazing fan songs! And, of course, we can't forget about Novodontia. Creep-P and GHOST definitely make an amazing team together.

[[AC: Albums]]

* 'Girls and Games' by Peperon-P... This album exposed me to the fact that Nijihara Peperon is one of the greatest Vocaloid producers, if not ''the'' greatest one. Songs differ from each other in many aspects, yet still manage to have the same beautiful melancholy which ties them together. Each one is sang by different voice, which makes for ''10 Vocaloids in one album'' (for your record, most producers settle with 2-4 voices at most). To really appreciate it, you should know that each Vocaloid has its own peculiarities, so tricks which worked with Rin will only make Yukari sound strange. Peperon-P can work with them all.
** Of 9 songs, each has full right to be adored. In a nutshell:
*** ''Silver Bullet'' by Gumi. Dynamic, lively, bringing action movie soundtrack into mind. Mix of powerful chorus and whispery verse is magnificient.
*** ''Thousand Regrets'' by Tone Rion.

[[AC: Songs]]

* "Weekender Girl" by kz (livetune) and Hachioji-P feat. Hatsune Miku. Every time Miku sings "Weekender girl~!" I feel like crying with happiness. There's just something about her voice that gets to me. "bpm" by Cheetahgirl-P feat. Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len has a similar effect.
* [[ "Tell Your World"]], also by kz (livetune) and sung by Miku, especially after you watch the commercial it was made for. I ''dare'' you to not feel emotional and feel the need to cry when Miku [[spoiler: {{Title Drop}}s the song: "Oshiete yo... Kimi dake, no sekai..."]]
* "Soundless Voice" by Hitoshizuku-P feat. Kagamine Len. I'm not actually fond of Len but this song makes me (want to) cry every time I hear it. The emotions are real and a solid proof that Vocaloids can transmit emotions through their voices.
* [[ "World's End Dancehall"]] by Wowaka-P! Miku and Luka harmonize amazingly in this song, it's catchy as heck, and it's fast pace keep me listening 'till the end every time.
* [[ Black Gold]], by otetsu is an rather underrated song. It's by the producer known as the Legendary Luka Master, and it shows! What's more, the lyrics are confusing enough to give Rolling Girl (THE 'confusing' vocaloid song) a run for its money. I could rock to this song all day long!
* The fifteen-minute conclusion of the Evillous Chronicles, [[ Master of the Heavenly Yard]]. With Clarith! The Clockworker's Doll! [[spoiler: Riliane and Allen finally meet again!!!]]
* [[ The Distortionist]], by GHOST. Man, I cannot begin to explain to you how much I love this song. Not only is the instrumental of the song just so... Enticing, but The Distortionist (Aka Christopher Pierre) actually sounds like a person, thanks to GHOST's amazing ability to make Vocaloids sound surprisingly human! It's an incredibly underrated song, and I really recommend giving it a listen!
* While we're at that, [[ Happy Days]] by GHOST is not only a beautiful song, a song that really captures Maika's voice, but it's also relatable in the sense that most of the time, you get this feeling that you feel hated by someone, but you can't confront them about it because it will probably make them hate you even more... Again, great song!
* [[ Animalistic]] by Creep-P really makes excellent use of Daina's vocals, and I can't say much for it other than it's an amazing song!