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Gush: UbiSoft
  • I REALLY enjoy their Just Dance series! In fact, I don't understand why the games got some mixed and negative reviews! They're fun, they help you lose weight, they have an EXCELLENT selection of songs, etc!
  • I also really enjoy Imagine Babyz! Since I hope to become a mom one day, I think this game is excellent practice! Now, if only I could get that stupid game of Peek-a-Boo to work...
  • Rayman is my first console game and I still can't find a 2d platformer better than it. The musics are awesome, the backgrounds are gorgeous, the level design is clever. Yes it's very difficult but it not impossible with patient. I also enjoyed the sequels but the original game still top in my hearts.
    • Origins and Legends are the most brilliantly crafted 2D platformers of all time. Sure, they're bat-shit crazy and hard, but the sense of accomplishment of beating Land of the Livid Dead the first time won me over after all my doubts.
  • ASSASSIN'S CREED. That is all.
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