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Gush: Real L Ife

Gush about Real Life here.

  • Silblings. Yes, they can be such annoying little or big pricks sometimes,trust me, I know. I have two brothers myself, a small one and a big one, and even IF they are often annoying the hell out of me, they are probably the two people I can rely on the most, even more than on my parents or my friends.
  • LOVE. Love makes the world go 'round! Can you imagine everybody living life without love!! Love makes you feel all soft and cuddly inside when you feel it, think about it, breathe it, ahh you get the point. We all need love!
  • People who go through horrible things but NEVER GIVE UP!
  • When you find someone who wants to be around you 24/7 and you feel the same way!
  • Think about the people you love, warts and all. Now realise that they love you, warts and all.
  • I know it's a cliche, but monkeys do, in fact, make everything better!!
  • SEX! You know the expression, "it's better than sex"? NOTHING is better than sex! NOTHING!
    • For that matter, porn. Thank you porn, for reliving stress and boredom for billions everywhere.
    • And masturbation, too.
      • Masturbation FTW.
  • Women. My GOD, where do I begin??? How about... how they can make a lame joke hilarious, just because they laugh at it. Or how about how you can entertain yourself for hours watching them shop for that one pair of pumps that they must have to go with their purse. Or maybe I can talk about how they listen to you tell a story about your day at the factory as if it's the most riveting and suspenseful tale ever told. Or is it how they make a simple thing like eating French fries seem so damn sexy. Or should I talk about how they make your life better by being your sisters, daughters, classmates, best friends... Mothers. Wives. And I haven't even started on their looks.... No, not that bullshit they peddle in magazines. I'm talking about how the freckles on her nose match her hair. Or how her dark skin looks like gold in sunlight. Or how about the ones that put on a few extra pounds in all the right places???. Or how about the woman who forgets her lipstick, doesn't have time to do her hair, and has to settle for a simple shirt and jeans... and looks more beautiful than any model in the universe. (pause) Hey, I respect a guy's right to like other guys if he so chooses. But for me... I'll take a woman any day and three times on Sunday!
    • You think YOU have a lot to say about them when you're given the chance, imagine being a just-outed lesbian who's been holding it in for years and years. The day I came out to my best friend we had a nearly 5-hour-long conversation of GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS
      • Thirded!!! <3 Man, I wish I could have a 5-hour conversation about how awesome girls are...
  • Whilst we're at that, MEN! All of the fathers who haul us to sports practice or book club meetings or for ice cream when we feel sad, all of the boyfriends/fiances/husbands who insist "You look beautiful" no matter how much we do not feel like it and open the car door for us, all the protective brothers... You guys are pretty awesome, you know that?
    • Seconded! Men are awesome. They're loyal, they can turn your day around with a word... really, I'm thinking about getting one of those shirts that says "Likes Boys" on it (and yes, they do make them for women).
    • Guys are awesome. Always ther to laugh at awful black comedy, play minecraft, laugh at more black comedy and talk for hours about stuff that doesn't even matter in the long run.
  • Gay people, and supporters/activists. The fact that this was such a taboo so recently and has spawned a mass movement in acceptance is absolutely moving. To all the gay people of the world, tropers or not, thank you for not letting society change you.
    • I want to go ahead and give one to all members of Christianity that flat out refuse to discriminate against gays. It's nice to remember that I'm not the only Christian saying, "Uh, guys, the fact that God loves everyone is kind of the point."
      • ^That. I'm not a homosexual myself but when I see people being discriminatory against them I just want to punch somebody in the face, but to all of you who refuse to I love each and everyone of you and wish you have a long, happy, and fulfilling life.
    • Anything loving anything is still love.
  • On a related note to the above: bisexuals, pansexuals, and however else you want to identify yourselves. Because (to paraphrase James Dean) who wants to go through life with one hand tied behind their backs?
  • Trans* people of all stripes.
  • And asexuals. Because no matter what your vocation, be it detective, pilot, programmer, sports car driver, or reporter, you're always ace.
  • That one really, really special person in the world. They might be a friend, they might be a family member, they might be your lover, but that one person in your life who, every time you see, life suddenly seems worth living. The way that, when they smile, it all seems worthwhile. I was (and, to some extent, still am) a cold-blooded borderline-psychopath who feels empathy for practically no-one with a truly unhealthy love of violence, but I met one person who has spontaneously made my whole existence worth it, and she's completely inverted my opinions on life and has, against all odds, made me a better person. And the best bit? She's not the only one of her kind in this world. Everyone deserves someone like this, and there are other people like that in the world. This is what makes the human race so amazing - even through all the pain and suffering we cause, there are still genuinely good people in the world. And, even better, there are a lot of those good people!!!
  • The United States of America. I am fully (painfully) aware of all that is wrong with this nation. But, GOD knows, it has many good and decent people, willing to work together across race, religion, and ethnicity; full of opportunities to rise from even homelessness to limitless riches (even today in 2009); and defended by brave soldiers who lay down their lives for nothing more than the knowledge that democracy and freedom are safe. May GOD bless America, now and forever.
    • I would like to thank you for the above statement. You took the words out of my mouth.
      • To quote 30Rock, "I love America. Just because I think everyone should drive hybrid cars and that gay guys should be able to adopt kids doesn't mean I don't love America."
      • I feel exactly like that. I hate its problems, but I love America and I will forever.
    • Dear God, I love this country, even with its problems.
    • My family came to America because of the Vietnam War and I was born here. Despite my blood being Asian, I feel more at home in America than Vietnam. I love the culture. I love the desire of freedom and equality. I love the food. I love the people. I love the life! I know America has made terrible mistakes, and there are places where it can improve, but I, originally Vietnamese, am proud to be an American!
    • I was born in Britain, and remain a proud citizen. However, as a dual national who lives in New York City, gods bless America. Sure, it has its faults, and a decent percentage of the world hates it, but no other country on Earth is so steadfast in its belief that greatness is something that anyone can achieve, and that something that I love.
    • Plus the fact that we were the first country to go through a successful democratic change of leaders without revolt. Plus we've been doing it the longest.
  • Aleister Crowley. Simply how much controversy one man made all by himself, and also how it figures out he may have had more enlightened thinking in some ways than others. He was the on of the most outspoken advocates for children's rights of his time, he spied on the Nazis, translated several texts into English including the Quaballah and set up a whole religion in one lifetime. He also did a lot of other things that I cant even remember at this moment. He was so awesome that apparently his last heard words was him telling Satan to get out, and when the old man finally passed, lighting shook the sky as the gods greeted him. Maybe he was a bit egotistical, but some of it was justified.
  • Beds. Is there any other place in the world that you can spend so much time passing it away like it's nothing? When you wake up it's the one thing that never want to leave. Even if you aren't sleeping or waking, you can just lay there and think the world away and get good rest while doing it. You even have sex, cuddle and spend sweet time with that sweet person in bed. Beds are just awesome.
    • For me beds always symbolized peace, protection and carelessness a place you can go were you are separate from the rest of the world and you don't have to worry about a thing.
  • War. I'm quite serious. War is one of humanity's oldest inventions, and one of the best reminders of how, no matter how far we evolve, at heart we're still wild animals. War has spawned some of humanity's greatest technological and scientific leaps and bounds, it's why humanity doesn't labor as slaves for dictators, and it's the sole reason history students don't fall asleep in class.
  • Dogs. From pouncing excitedly when you come home to when they just look at you with those loyal, trusting faces, dogs make life just that much better.
    • I love dogs. They're so enthusiastic and emotional, It's just so incredibly satisfying when you have a pet that loves you so much, particularly if you've had them for a long time. And just the thought that they really really like you and think that you're the best human there is... SQUEE. That is the reason I prefer dogs over cats, cats are just so "meh" all the time. I just love the thought of having a pet that emotional that loves me unconditionally. Though that might just be my low self esteem speaking. Also, I don't have a dog fetish.
  • Cats, They're cute, furry and lovable.
    • And crazy, and spazzy, and soft, and just wonderful.
    • And oh so fluffy.
      • And they purr. If there's anything any animal does that's more wonderful and soothing than a cat's purr, I've never seen it.
      • Molotov supports this.
      • Polydactyl cats are awesome. They have opposable thumbs—and they can use them! (Plus, they have the sweetest personalities...)
      • OMG!! Actual cats with thumbs!!!
      • Kittens. Everything really is better with them.
      • One time I was at a pet store observing the kittens. I got up close to one of them and it started playing with my hair through the cage. I couldn't find the right sounds to describe it.
      • I volunteer as a pet socializer at a shelter. One time I was putting a kitten back in her cage, and she jumped out and landed on my shoulder. I can't really describe that either.
    • Hell, domesticated animals in general. Carnivorous, vegetarian, reptilian, furry, big, small... give me the means to take care of them, and by God, I will....
      • And on that note, anybody who hasn't gotten to know a rat needs to go find one to hold. Unless you're hopelessly terrified of rats, see what they're like, because they're some of the most personable, easygoing, snuggly creatures around. We have some that will rub up against you and sit for an hour in your lap while you stroke their backs. Most of them will rarely bite, too.
    • Chickens. And here's why.
    • Horses and, to a certain degree, dolphins. Oh, and big cats like tigers and cheetahs.
    • Snakes. I've known many a snake nay-sayer in my life. Those people will never experience the fascination and satisfaction that I get from touching their smooth, slightly bumpy skin. Just watching them sitting there, doing nothing but sitting in the shade is just wonderful. And when they start to slither, watching them put their forked tongue out and start moving upwards on the glass, or the tree, or whatever they can slither up, just puts a big, fat, goofy grin on my face. And watching them feed... whether they lethally inject the poor vermin, or they squeeze the living hell out of it, they glare at its lifeless corpse, and shove that whole thing into themselves... but that's just the tip of the iceberg. I've had a few tiny, worm-like snakes crawl into his house. Even those, which I feel are most inferior to any bigger snake, are amazing. I don't care if it's a big snake, a small snake, thin snake, fat snake, colorful snake, grey, gloomy snake, or even a pissed as hell snake, it's just so grand.
      • Reptiles in general are the most badass creatures ever to walk the face of the Earth. Their numbers may be small, but their survival is only a reminder of the mass extinctions they've gone through and lived. When the meteor killed most of all life in the Mesozoic Era, did they give up and go the way of the trilobite? Hell NO. Some of them turned into birds, and the remaining animals were left widely feared even by the now-dominate mammals! They really will be around after the mammals have run their course.
    • Lampreys are the best sea creature ever. I'm completely serious in that statement.
    • Sharks! Everything's automatically better and more awesome with sharks! True, many people are afraid of them, and not without good reason in some cases, but there's no denying that they're beautiful, graceful creatures. From the seven-inch pygmy shark to the bus-sized whale shark, from the deadly great white to all the harmless and ornate carpet sharks, the oceanic blue sharks with their gorgeous cobalt color and sleek bodies, the enormous striped tiger shark, the highly adaptable bull shark (my personal favorite, since they inhabit fresh water and are even more dangerous than the famed great white), the strangely adorable thresher shark (it's those big eyes...), and all the less well-known species that are all awesome in their own ways—I just love them all. I'm glad that this world seems to be on the path to understanding and celebrating these amazing animals instead of fearing and mindlessly killing them.
  • Disney Theme Parks. Hell, they don't call Disneyland the Happiest Place on Earth for nothing right?
  • Showers. Especially in the middle of the wintertime. Especially if you live where it's very cold during the winter. There is NOTHING better than stepping into a nice hot shower after a long, cold day of winter . . .
  • Even though I don't enjoy toast, other people do, that's why Toasters are awesome. You know what they say, "All toasters toast toast."
  • I gotta say— for the person in the page graphic, you just made my day. You look a lot like one of my dear friends who's away at college who totally would do that with their DVD collection (the whole thing, even) and plus, you're kinda cute, and I like your shirt.
  • Everyone who spends their valuable short life to improve this site, so others can enjoy it more. You are the real heroes of internet!
  • Libraries. Without them (and the internet, of course), I'd have no way of experiencing as much literature and media as I have.
    • This will sound really stupid, but after not going to any libraries for a really long time, I went to a gigantic one and realised after a few hours that libraries are the internet in physical form. And that's awesome.
      • Libraries are wonderful, wonderful things. May they never become obsolete.
    • I feel safe and at home in libraries in a way I never manage to anywhere else.
  • Guns! Big guns, small guns, modern guns, old guns! I have a deep love of dakka and makes a note of always having some on him or within arm's reach when possible.
    • Pretty much any deadly weapon
    • And explosions. They make our lives more entertaining, they make Mythbusters interesting, and Arnold Schwarzenegger would have never gotten a job without them.
    • If I listed all of the guns I fired the page length would double, so let me just say this— I would say that at least 90% of gun control activists have never fired one or felt the power.
  • Christianity! Where to start!
    • It's a whole religion based around the idea that God Himself would literally die for you - even if you don't like him. That he loves you that much, regardless of anything you ever did, or what you think of him. God IS love.
      • With the immediate corrolary to the above that the number one thing a Christian should have is love, for God and for others.
      "A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another"
      "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and your soul, all your mind, and all your strength. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like unto it: Love your neighbour as yourself. ON these two hang all the law and the prophets."
      "If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am like a loud gong, or a clanging cymbal. And if I have the gift of prophecy, and can understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and have faith to move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give all I have to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, that I may boast, but have not love, then what is gained?"
      • Second chances. You can screw up, but as long as you're genuinely sorry and honestly seeking to do better this time around, God does not give up on you. Repent, and you will be forgiven. Once again, this is a quility that Christians are supposed to try to emulate. When peter asks if it would be reasonable to forgive up to seven times, Jesus tells him to try for four hundred and ninety.
    • That's just the theology. Christians have made mistakes (many, many many mistakes. We're only human.) But so much good has been made for the name of God it's amazing. For instance both Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King were staunch Christians. So was Fred Rogers. In addition, if you look into the history of a lot of charities, a fairly ridiculous number were started as Christian organisations.
    • The fact that God himself is your Rock, saviour, Doctor, Father, friend, lawyer etc is too awesome to describe. Not to mention his Badass titles the good shepherd, The voice of the dessert, the True Way , The only door, etc.
  • The Amish. No, seriously. A group of deeply religious people dedicated to ecologically friendly living? Who don't proselytize to outsiders at all? Who gives their kids a period of time to encourage them to figure out if they want to go along with them? Who makes awesome chicken, quilts and apple butter? I mean, yes they have their problems as all religions do, but if reactionary living makes you happy, this is the way to do it.
    • Don't forget that, when some nut job shot up an Amish school and then killed himself, they took up a collection for his family, too. Amish people, this atheist salutes you.
      • The shooter reportedly told the girls he was angry with God, and was going to take it out on them. The oldest girl in the hostage situation, Marian Fisher, stood up and asked to be killed first, hoping he would be satisfied with that and let the others go. She was 13. Seeing this, her 11 year old sister Barbie immediately volunteered to go second.
  • Communism. Properly done, it is a utopia. What could you hate about a society where everyone is equal, where there are no mega-corporations or fat-cat CEOs, where everyone works together and shares in the common good?
    • Agreed. people have done terrible things in the name of communism in the past (just like [insert practically any religious/political/social ideology here]), but properly done, it really is the best kind of society.
  • The Latin Language. Est tam bonum volo ut vobem complexem. (It is so good that I want to embrace you.)
    • I think "est tam bona ut te complecti velim" is closer to how it should be.
  • The Russian language. It's a bit frustrating to learn, and the words are often hard on less delicate tongues, but it just sounds so beautiful.
    • Than you, whoever you are, for making me feel very special for being born Russian. Not that I wasn't happy, but have made me feel specialer than ever.
  • Unitarian Universalism. I am an agnostic in a deeply religious family who wants to have the spirituality of religion, without the rules on how to live her life and Unitarian Universalism is exactly what she was looking for. It welcomes people of all gender identities, sexuality, races and creeds and says that we all, regardless of who we are, are humans and should not be using differences between us as reasons to separate ourselves - but to unify.
    • Despite me being a great big flaming Atheist who wouldn't be amember of organised spirituality by any means I think these guys are great. Been to one of their services with a friend who is a LGBT member and it's the only time I've been to such a thing and not felt too out of place. Nice accepting bunch. Speaking of...
    • I was raised Unitarian Universalist and I have to say that I love how accepting my church is. I kind of consider myself more of an atheist nowdays, but I will proudly identify myself as a Unitarian Universalist if anyone asks, because I love bragging about this epic religion.
    • I am one of those. That is one religion where your beliefs are accepted, no matter how crazy and conflicting they are. Lovin' it and double that at the whole free sexuality, no anti-gay homephobia in that religion. Thumps UP!
  • Quakers! I LOVE them! Don't believe in their religion but they're a great bunch of people and you have to admire their stance on life. That and they came out with an article accepting gay people before almost any other religion. And yes, I thought of this before Einstein And Eddington came out.
    • This is the branch of Christianity which is so tolerant that they let non-christians join them.
      • And the Quakers were one of the staunchest anti-slavery voices in Colonial America. So they get my vote for coolest Mo Fo's ever. (And they make pretty kickass oatmeal).
    • Plus they were involved in the underground railroad, early prison reforms, and founded both Cadbury chocolate and Quaker Oats!
      • As a Quaker (and one who is welcomed in many Quaker circles as an affirmed atheist), I want to thank the above tropers for backing up my conviction that Quakers are pretty great.
  • Snow! It's the singular thing that makes winter better than summer!
  • Internet Porn! Now get out- I'm not finished yet!
    • Ice skating! You can do it in summer too at indoor rinks! It's very wobbly and it hurts when you fall, but if gliding over ice isn't fun, nothing is.
    • Rain! It makes everything smell fresh and makes colours more vibrant... and that sound~! Simply a great way to unwind after a tough day, listening to the raindrops.
      • Especially with a purring cat, a gun, and a rusty nail.
  • Swimming pools! Let's give summer its just due!
    • Don't forget summer itself! Beautiful weather (if not stifling at times) and gives you time off from school!
  • The Internet. Do I need to say anything?
    • Yes, you do. I know that the internet has helped me to see other points of view on things, and has helped me to become a better person. Can't ask for anything better than that.
    • Without the internet to keep me in touch with people without the limitations of phone, post, etc., I'd probably never have even considered moving more than 100 or so miles away from home.
    • The Internet scares me and makes me blind but is epic nonetheless.
  • Liberal capitalism. 2Feudalism and socialism were/are modified slavery, why not go with the economic philosophy that has lifted hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people of poverty?
  • New York City, Chicago, Washington, DC, Boston, and San Francisco are probably the best cities in the United States.
    • New York City makes me want to sing. And what do I want to sing? "Statue of Liberty, Staten Island Ferry, Co-op City, Katzs and Tiffany's, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State where Dylan lived, Coney Island and Times Square, Rockefeller Center... wish I was there."
      • The first time I visited NYC (specifically, Times Square) I felt like I had been punched in the stomach by city life and hit over the head by art and music and theater. It literally took my breath away and I couldn't stop grinning the entire trip. It just doesn't get better than that.
      • I have no doubt that New York City is the greatest city on Earth. No other city has such an atmosphere of life and energy. Not to mention the fact that it's home to the best sports teams in existence (Yankees, Giants, Knicks, and Rangers: just sayin').
    • Las Vegas. It's Guilty Pleasures in city form... and I wouldn't have it any other way.
    • DC doesn't get nearly enough love for a place as important as it is, not to mention the poor suburbs (stop California Doubling us, dammit!). Thanks for the Shout-Out!
    • San Francisco. I have bounced all around the country and I have never found a place I feel so at home as right here. Someone I know said that from cultural standpoint, San Francisco was like the whole rest of the United States compressed into one city, and she was right. And I love it here, warts and all. ^_^
    • Atlanta, Georgia, to me. Out of all the places I've traveled, from New York City, to Rio de Janeiro, to Tokyo, nowhere feels more like home! I also have an extreem fondness for St. Augustine, Florida, the Ancient City itself!
      • Not to mention Savannah, a neighbouring Georgia city! Great history, plus prailines and divinity! Yummy!
    • The Mile High City, Denver, Colorado. Partially for the city itself, and partially for the fact it's only an hour or two's drive away from some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. I love having the Rockies in my own backyard.
    • Seattle. Nintendo and Microsoft just up the way, a Starbucks on every corner, and there's a reason they call it the Emerald City, in the Evergreen State. Not to mention watching fog over the Puget Sound in the morning, or the sun coming up over Mount Rainier...beautiful.
    • You will never have better pizza in your life than you'll have in Chicago. That is a fact.
    • Yeah, it may be the nation's current Butt Monkey, but without Detroit, you wouldn't have Motown, Rap, or some pretty kickass cars. Besides, who's going to protect your dumbasses when the Canadians invade?
    • Considering the fact that they seem to have quite a lot of economic troubles back at home, amount of foreign aid the US gives out every year is mind-blowing, and that is something to respect.
    • Toronto is kick-ass. I think this craigslist post says it better than I could:
  • Cleveland. I mean sure we may only have sixty days of sunshine but that just makes sun even better. We helped give Rock N Roll a name. And when the lake is not on fire you should see the way the moon reflects upon it.
    • And, don't forget that South-East Cuyahoga county inspired pretty much every single forest scene in Calvin and Hobbes, and the town that Calvin lived in is Chagrin Falls.
      • Oh Cleveland, for all your ghettos and slums, there is no place I know better. Bliindfolded I still could find my house on Mayfield Road!
  • The aforementioned cities do, in fact, rock, and I have no wish to take anything away from them. That said, Philadelphia as a city is woefully underrated, even by people who live there. More history than you can shake your souvenir miniature Liberty Bell at, great food (yes, cheesesteaks. Also, Steven Starr and the Reading Terminal), a vibrant theatre scene, and some of the awesomest quirky local businesses you'll ever see. Cheaper than New York and more walkable than L.A., I give you the City of Brotherly Love.
    • Thank you so much, troper. And while you're talking about food, don't forget Tastykakes. Made locally, you can't get them outside a certain distance from Philly, and when people always buy in bulk on sale and are mailing some to far-away relatives and friends, you know you've got something good. Also there's the Italian Market and on a totally unrelated Philadelphia topic, the Philadelphia Phillies! (I love my city.)
  • Pretty much any college town will do this for me. The smaller community, the higher rate of bookstores (which merit another part entirely), and the fact that if you raise your kids in one spot, they could live their entire life in one town! I might be a little biased though, seeing as how my parents had the same views and had me live in two college towns in ten years.
  • My favorite city of all time is San Antonio, Texas. It's a large city with a small city feel, the residents are friendly, the River Walk is BEAUTIFUL, the highways are amazing, the San Antonio Spurs are among the greatest players to ever grace the sport, and the IMAX theater is mind blowing. I am also crippling scared of heights, but has less of a problem at the Rivercenter Mall, or the Tower of the Americas. It's just that kind of city.
  • Oakland! Oakland doesn't get enough love. Come to the city, and you'll see why it was named the "Most Exciting City in America". Sure, Oakland gets a bad rap for the murders and crime, but that's mainly condensed into a few small neighborhoods of West and East Oakland, and the majority of the rest of the city is a beautiful, vibrant, forested community with a rich history and friendly citizens.
  • San Diego. They don't call us America's Finest City for nothing. Spanish historical landmarks, two gigantic zoos, amazing beaches, and all sorts of things to do. Especially if you love touristy things- I mean, we have Balboa Park, Sea World, Lego Land, AND the Del Mar Fair. Not to mention the weather. 75 and sunny Southern California weather- all day, everyday. We have seasons, mind you, we just skip the sucky bits and skip to the part where it's beautiful and cool and it's nice enough to play outside all day. And we make damn good Mexican food. Even the suburbs are nice. They're like the little towns at the start of Japanese RPG's. Beautiful, friendly, idyllic, and occasionally catch on fire (don't worry, we've got a pretty kickass fire department, too.).
  • Oregon. Even more to the point, Portland. We're often portrayed as a bunch of liberal hipster granola eating weirdos, but in reality it's a lovely place to live and grow up in. Plenty of places to shop plus plenty of touristy stops like the Oregon Zoo, OMSI, the Portland Art Museum, Oaks Park and Enchanted Forest. We even have Dark Horse Comics and Oni Press here, as well as the gorgeous Pearl District. It's a nice place to be and just see and it's just a beautiful state.
  • I would like to take a break away from North America and profess my love for Hong Kong. Sure, I'm biased because I was born there, and raised there, but I cannot for the life of me imagine my life any other way. Stop arguing over whether we're Chinese or British. We can be both or neither. That's what makes us awesome. The most vertical city in the world with one of the most gorgeous, blindingly bright skylines. You got your busy buildings, wild jungles, rocky hills, hot beaches, deep seas...and for the city itself, the pace just rushes you along. I love HK's markets, food, public transportation, everything. I want to go home right now.
    • Seconded, and I was born in North America. Though the fast-paced lifestyle isn't entirely healthy, it sure makes things lively and fun. Baat Daat Tong, MTR, food, Mong Kok, shopping... among so many other things... HK~
  • Small towns.
  • Tea.
  • Okay, tropers. A one, a two, a one two three! "Ohhhh, Caaaaanadaaaaa..." All together now!
    • As a kid, I always thought about moving somewhere else, to the UK perhaps, but as I grew up, I would look around and think: "There is nowhere I'd rather be." Sure, it's not very interesting, and nothing important ever happens here, but I like it that way. Nice, quiet, calm. Most of the time.
    • How many people can honestly say that their national stereotype is being polite?
    • Not to mention the actual country itself is gorgeous. Pick your favourite part. I'm a prairie girl, and I love my wide open horizons and being able to watch a storm come in hours before it reaches you, but there's something for (almost) everyone. (If you like deserts, we can't help you.)
    • I love deserts - but this year I was named an honorary Canadian and I'm just blissed out! Canada is So Cool It's Awesome!
  • Bubble wrap.
    • The ultimate stress-reliever.
  • Pro Wrestling. Seriously, nothing comes close in my eyes. And nothing, not even Gurren Lagann has as many crowning moments of awesome. It's just that great sometimes.
  • Regexes are the awesomest thing ever invented by information science. No, seriously. Once you get to know them, you'll want them in your every damn piece of code.
  • Bread machines. You dump in the ingredients, push a few buttons and walk away. Three hours later you have a loaf of fresh bread better than you'd get in some bakeries.
  • Crows. Beautiful, black-feathered birds you are. Your call, while a bit annoying, is incredibly unique. And new evidence states that you may be one of the more smarter beings of all the Animal Kingdom, without the...unpleasant qualities of chimps and dolphins (though I may just be uninformed). You emit a presence of wisdom and other worldly-ness, and make one believe that you are God's birds.
    • Here are but a few examples of why crows are so friggin' cool: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
  • Antihistamines. Sure, you don't always work, but you have enabled me, and many others, to go outside and enjoy the sunshine when they would otherwise have been stuck inside sneezing from hayfever.
  • Britain. I am aware of the nation's many flaws, not to mention the terrible weather, but the whole idea of living in the United Kingdom, with all its quirks, fills my heart with joy.
    • Gotta second that. I wouldn't live anywhere else.
    • 'Terrible weather'?? The weather is one of the things I love about this place!
    • I, though a dual national with the US, am a proud Brit who loves my country a hell of a lot. We have the NHS godamnit which even if not perfect is a darn sight better than the supposed healthcare system in America. Oh, and we have Doctor Who. And Douglas Adams.
    • And the way we as a nation reacted to the July 7th bombings a few years back makes me proud to be a Brit. Get out the tea and promptly insult them for being crappy terrorists who need lessons at how to be mildly affective from the IRA. The comments by several on how we withstood Hitler and his bombings so we damn well wouldn't be intimidated by these loosers were particularly brilliant.
      • I am Jamaican and American, and fully acknowledges that both those countries got lessons in being awesome from Britain, however, I did mock them because of slavery. Until I learned that Parliament and the British Navy were highly instrumental in stomping out the slave trade of the 1800s. And yes, the Brits gave us James Bond, Doctor Who, and TEA. Must go someday.
    • I believe that there is no other people in the world like the British. I swear, they can withstand anything. Look at that bloody, bloody history...The most gutsy, tough, spirited, determined people in the world. I don't think I can even begin my deep admiration for them.
    • I love being from Britain if only because of our amazing musicians. I'm also proud that we have so much history - there's a lot that we can't be proud of (e.g. inventing the concentration camps), but I can't help but feel that way about the fact that we've been here for such a long time, and despite being a small island, have shown that we can be a very powerful country.
    • Ok, I, a Columbian, want to say something: 1, 2, 3... RUUUULE BRITANNIA!! BRITANNIA RULE THE WAVES! After reading about the Battle of England, the determination that they showed. Even Kings, and Queens were resisting... wow, that's awesome, being so brave...
    • I am a proud Englishman and proud, but the one aspect of Britain that I value above all else is the inherent cynicism of British society. It's such a beautiful characteristic, one which arises from owning a third of the world, and losing it all. Gods save the Queen.
  • Even though it's cool to mock people who like it and deride it as perverted, there are goddamn reasons Japan got so popular as to cause Hype Backlash. Its traditional culture is one of them.
  • Christmas. Say what you like about commercialism and the true meaning of Christmas being lost etc., the whole concept of the festive season, in which a great tide of happiness that spreads over the world on that day is mind-bogglingly lovely.
  • Hugs.
    • And cuddling.
      • And glomping.
  • The Inquisition. Yes, you heard that right, the inquisition. Not only does it not deserve the reputation it has but it deserves to be praised for innovating a lot of things. First, it didn't really execute people at all so much as judging whether the defendant was guilty or not. Its as guilty of murder as a jury is to sending a man to the electric chair. Secondly, it introduced into Europe that time's version of what we'd today call a lawyer. Thirdly, it put out investigations in order to discover the truth about the matter not to mention that it really didn't target anyone just for being a diffirent religion so much as it targeted people who were an active threat towards the Catholic religion. During those times, a fair number of Jews, Muslims and Protestants would enter the Church and pretend to be Catholic just to spread their beliefs inside the Church and to stop that, the inquisition had every right because you can't just enter a Church and talk things in it that it disagrees with. And thought here were some abuses and the Church and the Pope still had to suffer with corrupt inquisitors, the whole inquisition wasn't all guilty and in fact, they were responsible for stopping witch trials in Spain unlike what a few Bishops in Germany forgot to do (and it wasn't as BBC said, the inquisition that executed people in Germany).
  • Sweden. Now that's how you run a frigging country! And I'm not even Swedish.
    • Seconded, I love Sweden. Not quite as much as I love my native Norway, but still, it's pretty awesome.
    • Swedish people are always so polite on online game servers
  • Texas. Was it's own country for 9 years and joined the US of it's own free will. (What do you mean that's not awesome?) It's got the most kick-ass food this side of the Rio Grande. We've also got, among other things, stereotypical AND non-stereotypical Texans, rodeos, The Alamo, Houston, several big anime conventions, a crazy-ass climate system, chili, the King Ranch, and the biggest state in the continental US. A lot of the time it's 95+ degrees outside, but come October, you will see some of the best goddamn scenery ever. Sometimes the sky is so blue it hurts. God bless Texas and the people that made it what it is today.
    • Seconded. I feel blessed every time I can look up in to that deep blue endless sky, feel the gentle breeze and listen to the trees rustle. It's...serene.
  • My friends and family. Because without them, I would have killed myself a long time ago. I love each and every one of you every day of my life and without you, God knows where I would be. So hears to you, my family and friends all over the world, from the bottom my heart in the purest of ways, I love you!
  • Quebec City is an Awesome town. Not really big, sure, and quite overwhelmed by it's sister Montreal, but it is beautiful in all seasons, has great restaurants, an active night-life, awesome festivals and shows and, most importantly, great peoples.
  • The Enlightenment, the post-Renaissance philosophical movement peaking in the eighteenth century which ushered in the modern age. The changes which the Enlightenment brought about are so basic to the way we see the world that it's hard to imagine what life would be like without them. The idea that the universe can and should be understood, that "because I say so" isn't an inherently good model for governance, that authority should draw its power from reason, that things can and should be better in the future... thank the Enlightenment for those memes.
    • Every time I watch a Chaser episode or hear someone complain about how some politician or other needs to 'pull their finger out' - I pause and think, how wonderful to live in a country where you can say things like that without being arrested and brutally murdered.
  • Social Democracy. It combines the best features of Socialism with some free market. For reference, look up the point about Sweden made above.
  • My country, Mexico. I don't care how many people make fun of you I still like you. This dark years will eventually end, for sure.
    • Speaking of Mexico, no matter how much people from the province bash Mexico City and chilangos, I just love this city. It's chaotic of course, but it's chaotically perfect. I can walk along Reforma for hours every Sunday and never get tired.
    • México, México, México... the most beautiful lessons I've learned in my Internet life, I have learned them from my Mexican friends...
  • My country, Colombia. Look, people from all the world come here just to have a good time in beaches, dance in Cali's Fair, have an adventure in the rapids of Santander, or just let time pass in Bogotá or Medellín, or even have a sip of the legendary Colombian Coffee... Recently I started to feel awesome about the fact that there are so many things that we love about our homelands and about other countries, that this very page couldn't be finished ever!
  • Gothenburg, Sweden. You are the only country in the world where I can work up the nerve to ask someone completely random on the street how they whistle — and, better yet, get a sincere and serious answer. Those little moments bring me so much closer to people out there — it feels like breaking down social barriers. One day, I hope to be able to get out there and ask someone in the street if they want to go kite-flying.
    • Stockholm, for that matter. Stockholm can be almost otherwordly beautiful. All the water makes Stockholm in summer to a constant water land. And I've never met people more prone to sticking together and helping each other than just because that person is a Stockholmer. If that person has lived here for a lifetime or a day does not matter. Stockholmers help their kin. It's awesome.
  • I am not a Muslim but love the idea of hijabs and burqas (when a woman chooses to wear one). To me when I see a women wearing one I see someone that is proud if who she is and what her religion stands for. Someone that invites you to be attracted to he personality and not her appearance. Someone that is confident and commands respect.
  • The world. Thanks for always being there for me.
  • I live in Massachusetts, and goddamn I love my state.
    • Me too! Four seasons, the best public education system and health care in America, fantastic food, and so much more. We are steeped in American history - this is where the Pilgrims landed and the American Revolution started. Hike in the Berkshires on an October afternoon, go swimming in the Atlantic Ocean on a hot August day, or just go for a drive in Boston or Northampton and see how charming and unique we really are. Proud Bay Stater!
  • jerboas are the best (and funniest) animals EVER! just look at them, jumping like a miniature kangaroo, have comicly-small front legs-they are just great
  • Friends. Especially best friends. There are people who are not related to you by blood who would, without a thought, give their lives to save yours. And you would do the same for them. Even the friends you are no longer friends with, the ones you've lost contact with, at some point in time your life was enriched by a bond with this person, and it made you who you are today.
  • Music. Oh my god, music. I can't go a day without listening to an album or singing at least one song. I hate my species sometimes, but knowing that we are capable of creating this beautiful, massive medium that can inspire emotions, convey ideas, and demonstrate incredible technical skill gives me a little hope that we can perhaps keep limping along on this big blue ball.
    • Music is such a great inspiration for me. When I'm writing or drawing, I actually seem to do both in better quality (better grammar and writing, better realism/colouring/etc. in my art) when I'm listening to music. It gives me a rhythm to work through. And I often find myself singing under my breath without realising it.
    • I agree. I love how humans can communicate similar feelings to each other and intepretation and how people can make different songs mean different things is just incredible!
    • I don't even care if a genre of music is considered good or bad. I listen to them all anyway, because... just listen to the patterns! Can any other creature on earth do this? Nope.
  • Creativity, I love creating things and finding something which previously didn't exist, and altering things which are already made. It would be very sad if I didn't contribute to the world creatively...Creativity FOR THE WIN! (I sing, songwrite, dance, choreograph, create books..creativity is just good * Insert laugh here* )
  • Writing. It lets me get all the shit out I don't want in me. Plus, since I'm good at it, I might turn a profit.
    • A lot of people use words every day (duh), and half the time we don't realise just how beautiful they are. The right combination of words can make you hoot with laughter, or bring you to your knees with joy, or sob yourself silly. People should appreciate words more.
  • Winter. I appreciate Summer for the reasons above, but Winter is the time of stark beauty, astounding symbolism, and I just prefer cold weather to hot weather. Then again, Christmas and my birthday are major influences...
  • "Stark" beauty. Whilst appreciating Winter. I see what you did there.
  • Religion. Say what you will about lunatics ramming airplanes into buildings and shooting doctors for performing abortions, say what you want about fundamentalists claiming that anyone whose beliefs differ even slightly from their own is on a one-way trip to Hell, say what you want about any of the flaws in any major religion, but it may be the one thing that makes life worth living: that somewhere out there, there's a Being or a group of beings who designed us in Its/their image, who care about us, and whom we will join once we pass from this world. Because let's face it, this world is barely half full for most of us in first-world countries, and even worse in other places. We'd all be better off dead, if there's nothing beyond this world that at its best is full of constant, incessant boredom. My belief in God is one of the two reasons I get up every day rather than just forcing the game over screen (the other is the adventure provided by video games), and it's the only thing standing between me and a bleached-white face, a bottle of green hair dye, and giving myself those scars in an attempt to liven things up.
    • Because atheists are a bunch oh nihilists, eh? But on a positive note, I'd like to gush about atheism. Without the input of secular thoughts and attitudes challenging the status quo, we could still be living in the dark ages. The thirst for knowledge, for answers, for things we can understand and for sound and rational explanations about things is a wondrous thing. Not being content with God as an answer, not being content with taboos and sanctity and tradition, we decided to find our own answers, to put humans in charge of their own destiny. Whether it be science or ethics or morality, atheism gives us a chance to think for ourselves and not worry about religious dogma and make up our own minds.
      • Seconded very much. Atheism has taught me to see past religious and social berriors to understand that in the end we're all just humans. It's also taught me to see that the world is a cycle of birth, life, and death and I wouldn't have it any other way. Lastly, it's helped me understand and love people not because my religion tellsme to or the sake of a reward, but because AI want to.
  • I can go on and on about how good an actress Angelina Jolie is, how beautiful Angelina Jolie is, how much of a humanitarian Angelina Jolie is and what a woobie Angelina Jolie is, much to the chagrin of some of my friends who just find her weird. I'm also known to do this for the Batman comics and media that I like, action figures and toys, and bitter lemon soda. Yum, bitter lemon soda.
  • Life is rather awesome.
  • Linkin Park. They have an album and a song for ever imperfect mood from screaming rage to despondent misery. They are like therapy through a CD player.
  • My country South Africa! Not because of the world cup, but because we're the rainbow nation! Everybodys welcome!
  • Soap Operas! Who cares if they're cliche? They're fun to watch!
    • Coronation Street, even though I wouldn't be caught dead by any of her friends watching it. I've grown up with it my whole entire life, and it always handles it's storylines with such sensitivity and compassion and intelligence. The writing is beautiful, the actors are almost entirely perfect, and the characters are characters you really feel for. Yet it's still dramatic to the point where it's occasionally hard to watch because you're so worried what will happen to a character.
      • Heck, I'll say it: I love EastEnders. Many people consider it a pox on our nation filled with bad actors and terrible storylines and that everyone who watches it has less than 50 IQ points, but it's so not true! I've been moved, shocked and left in anticipation after so many "duff duffs" and I know that's not going to end any time soon.
  • Anime Just about every anime I've ever seen has been significantly better than most of the TV shows and movies I have seen.
    • And there's an explanation for that. Anime is usually based off of well-liked, high quality manga and they are made at relatively high costs, so they're engineered for quality not quantity.
  • Here's to my current friends, because since entering high school, I've felt the most like I fit in than I ever have before in my life. I can actually talk about anime, video games and art for hours on end with these guys! Individually, my best friend is so sure of herself. Even if that does go to annoying lengths sometimes, it's still freakin' awesome. She's also really sensetive, and she always trys to cheer me up when I'm down, which I know must be a pain sometimes. She even accepted me when I came out of the closet to her, which kind of suprised me, since she's a very religous person. (Kind of makes since, though, since she, like me, believes that God loves everybody on Earth...) She just all around makes me feel like I'm not worthless. Did I mention that she's freaking adorable? Then there's another friend of mine, a Boisterous Bruiser Genki Girl. It is impossible to be sad when you're talking to her. She's also a talented artist and actress, and I look up to her quite a bit. Another one of friends is a total genius, but that doesn't mean you can't have a good conversation with her, if you know what to talk about. Seriously, she's going to be a rocket scientist when she grows up, and I mean that literally. Needless to say, her ambition is inspiring. [/gushing]
  • Alton Towers. Whether It's the Secret Weapons 3,4,5 and 6 (Nemesis, Oblivion, Air and Th13teen respectively), The fact that the themeing and Landscaping (Both modern AND 19th Century) Go hand to hand, or The fact it's willing to preserve and show it's rich history (Hex Dammit!), So many other reasons that make this the best theme park ever.
  • Food. Come on, people! I love food of all types. I can probably count on one hand the foods I won't even touch. Food is just one of life's greatest necessities. It does so many good things for your body, it allows you to experience varieties, it gives us stuff to do when we're out and about, and it's fun to prepare! I can go on for the rest of my life gushing and gushing about food, but for now, let's just be glad that most of us here have it.
    • If you actually slow down, take a bite of food and leave it in your mouth for a moment, you realise just how we take such an amazing sense for granted.
  • Kissing and love. Yes, I'm the guy with the AK, but warm skin against your own is more addictive than TV Tropes.
  • Eureka Seven, It is the standard on which I base all anime, literature and shows.
  • Independance. Freedom. Because I can't live without it.
  • I like beanies. They're comfy and easy to wear.
  • TACOS!!!
  • Humanity. Say what you will, we're always surrounded in proof that Rousseau Was Right.
    • Seconded. Humanity has its flaws, but it truly is amazing, in my opinion.
  • That lovely moment on Friday afternoon when the last school bell rings. And Fridays in general.
    • Especially if it's sunny. On the walk home, if it's sunny, I always walk slowly, and sometimes closes my eyes for parts of the walk, just absorbing the warmth and the relaxing sense that I can stave off the school work for two blissful days.
  • Maine. True, our current governor is a Jerk Ass, but there are amazing people here, and I challenge any place to match it for beauty. Want mountains? Got 'em. Ocean? If the coast of Maine was straightened out, it would be longer than the entire East Coast of the US. Islands? Oh, yeah. Rivers, lakes, forests, bogs, even a desert. If you can't find it here, you just haven't looked in the right place. The better-known Portland was named after ours, and ours is pretty damn awesome. The weather does what it pleases, so living here is not for wimps. I have experienced floods, blizzards, drought, ice storms, triple-digit heat, double-digit-below-zero cold, and tornadoes. Want an idea of how awesome it is? When Disney was filming Bambi, one guy brought the entire art department camping in Baxter State Park so that they would know what they needed; several of the locations in the movie were simply reproduced from real places the artists saw there.
  • Proboscideans!!! My favorite animal order.
  • I love the sound of whispering - the way you can hear the consonants in each word 'click' is just exquisite.
  • Weather. I love everything about it, especially severe weather and supercells. If you ever take a look at the churning clouds of a supercell, or the gigantic wall of clouds that line the eye of a hurricane, or the crazy arcs of lightning in the most unstable storm cells, you'll be left in awe at the raw displays of nature's power and beauty, I guarantee it! And that's not even getting into things like tornadoes, massive hailstorms, giant hurricane-like winter cyclones, derechos, etc.
  • Atheism. The only thing I believe in.;)
    • Agreed. Religion has given us a lot of great things and people too- Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, etc., but there's something very liberating about the belief that your destiny is 100% totally in your own hands, that no divine punishment awaits you upon your death, and that the only eyes casting judgment on your soul are your own.
    • I second that motion completely.
  • Prehistoric animals, we have the mighty dinosaurs of course, but also things like dragonflies the size of eagles, gigantic ocean-going lizards, sloths the size of elephants and all sorts of other weird, fantastic creatures that make modern day animals seem boring by comparison.
    • Speaking of dinosaurs, we have the Tyrannosaurus rex. It isn't called "King of the Dinosaurs" for nothing.
      • And then there's raptors. And big herbivores like Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus.
      • And don't forget the megalosauroids (or spinosauroids, if you prefer). They're my favorite dinosaurs.
  • On behalf of my brother, Richard Nixon.
  • Turducken. And whoever saw a turkey, a duck, and a chicken and thought "Wow, those would be delicious when shoved up each other's asses!"
    • On a similar note, baconnaise. No flavored mayonnaise makes you want to chant USA again and again more.
  • Australia. No, I'm not Australian, but they're pretty great. Given that they have every venomous creature you can think of, and several you can't, I'd be impressed just by their blithely walking around in sandals, but I'm also kind of a fan of their humour.
    • As an Australian, I can say that I live in one of the best countries of the world (despite the flaws - political flaws and deadly animals spring to mind). We have the most unique animals in the world, almost every kind of climate known to man and some bloody awesome 80s rock artists. Plus the Opera House, Blue Mountains and the vast beauty of the top end.
  • Books! Books books books. They've come up with the electronic Kindle things, where you read the books off of a screen, but for me, nothing will beat the smell of a new book or that happy feeling you get when you look over at your bookshelf, and the books are practically spilling off of it.
    • Re-reading a book that you haven't read in a while. For me, it's like visiting with a very good, very old friend.
    • Relatedly, bookstores! Especially those where you hang out in whatever section suits your fancy and read right on the spot, whether or not you decide to buy the book in the end.
  • Islam, a Religion that is truly the solution for Man.
  • Whales. Huge, majestic creatures all, and most of them very friendly. To hunt these creatures to extinction would be illogical.
  • Life. Life. Living, breathing, interacting. Life and everything in it is just awesome.
  • Um, guys.... What about very site?!?!? I was moving towards a bad place before I found this site - it is one of the things that makes my life worth living.
  • Ireland (North and South). Green grass, potatoes, Guiness, Celts, Vikings, kilts (yes, they're Irish too), music, poetry, castles, bogs, nice people, thatched cottages, farms, Dolmens, round towers, gaeilge, The Cliffs of Moher, Mythology, St Patrick, cattle, The Giants Causway, dance, old monasteries, modern cities, gardens, lakes, rivers, Catholicism, food, pubs on every street (literaly, it's been proven impossible to walk through Dublin without passing by a pub), travellers, Leprechauns, SHEEP, literature and a huge diaspora. I love all countries, but Ireland will always be home.
  • Death. Not being emo here either- I'm serious. Death is an end to all things, a cessation of pain, an emotionless order to the world. It really is the great equalizer- a billionaire and a destitute man are one and the same in death, and there's something very poetic about that. And it delivers us to whatever waits for us in the afterlife- Heaven or Hell or nothing at all.
    • On a similar note, the Latin phrase 'Memento mori.' Remember you will die. It should feel depressing but doesn't. Because knowing we must die someday proves that we are alive now, and knowing that makes me want to scream with joy.
  • Hedgehogs! They've got a harsh exterior, but are soft and fluffy on the inside. And they're fucking adorable. What more could you ask for?
  • This trooper thinks the Mood Whiplash between the two above entries is pretty awesome.
  • The City of Miami. No place like it. A cultural and multi-cultural Mecca where every block is a new adventure in culture like a living EPCOT. It has its issues, but it can when it want, be the most beautiful place in the world.
  • Octopuses. They're so cute and cool...
  • For that matter, snails. I'd kill myself if all those snails just disappeared. They're adorable!
  • Manchester United! (and obviously, football and sports as a whole) Those tropers who are not fans can not even begin to imagine the immense emotional bond a fan has with his/her team. the happiness they can cause with a single win over their rivals, or winning a cup, or anything.
  • I enjoy eating lots a spaghetti.
  • That special someone. You know who. That special person who just makes things right. That person who makes you want to sing those silly, cliche love songs. That person who makes life better, just by talking to you...
  • Coffee, just coffee.
  • The Kindle. Being able to wear hundreds of books on your belt and have more available! To walk around wearing information!
  • Nutella. The most glorious thing ever to be spread on a piece of toast.
    • SECONDED. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go eat some out of the jar with a spoon.
  • Shoulder massages. Hell, any kind of massage.
  • Hamsters. They've got to be the sweetest little things on the planet, they're always happy to see you, and by God, they are ADORABLE. Just seeing their little happy faces is enough to make even the worst day of your life just that little bit brighter.
  • Nerds. They can come from so many places-a few that many don't expect-, they can be funny, sweet, shy, outgoing, hyperactive, Adorkable, attractive, badass, anything. Anime Nerds, Gaming Nerds, Sci-Fi Nerds, Academic Nerds, what have you, just know this fellow nerd salutes you!
  • The sensation of having someone else brush your hair. Especially if you have really long hair. It's just so relaxing.
  • The Hetalia Fandomly formed during the 2011 Christmas Event. A group of fans from all over the world who came together on the internet to spazz over the event formed a bond strong enough to keep them together even when it was clear that the event was most likely never going to finish. We now have our own comm, a podcast, a deviantART group, a wiki, a Tv Tropes page, a fan event(which, ironically, is also on possibly permanent hiatus), fanart and fanfiction of ourselves, and several A Us. We've also have RP battles where we defeat Steve every few weeks and a TV Tropes page for that as well. And the best part is that we really have become a family. We all care for each other and cheer each other up and sometimes get on each others' nerves, but we love hanging out together and we trust each other, even if we've never met in person. This fandomly brought me out of my shell and I love everyone in it.
  • Melbourne. It has a two LEGO shops, a Magic: The Gathering shop, several Anime shops, a general nerdy shop called Minotaur and the people are usually very nice.
  • Sketchbooks. They're the place one can express themselves with even more freedom than even the internet. And they're able to be taken anywhere that inspiration strikes.
    • Never forget: To a blank page, you are God.
  • I'm probably going to get a lot of flak for saying this, but: Capitalism. While we constantly hear on the news about Corrupt Corporate Executive types like Murdoch, capitalism has brought us good things, like technological innovations and stuff, but more importantly, capitalism (that is, proper capitalism rather than conservative economics) gives anyone a chance to succeed- if you can build a better mousetrap, the world will pave a path to your door.
    • I, for one, couldn't disagree more with your views on capitalism. That said, I respect that you're being true to what you believe, and I can't fault your optimism.
  • The existence of This Very Wiki.
  • I agree women are awesome, but who can forget the lesbians? Just, lesbians. Sure, most guys are into them for the kinks, but they are just unimaginably awesome. I really want one for a friend.
    • This Troper is proud to say that 72% of the women he knows are lesbians. I testify to the above entry.
  • Days that are dark, overcast, and rainy. There's something about days like that that, where I can be alone in the house, that's just kinda cozy.
  • Wisconsin. I've lived here my whole life and although I hate how cold and snowy it gets in the winter, I can't imagine living anywhere else. Plus, we've got the waterpark capitol of the world.
  • Rabbits. They are extremely cute and fluffy and make roundabouts look nicer
  • Video Games. One of the best things humanity has ever invented (aside from fire, the wheel, bacon, and nutella). A medium where you can live your wildest fantasies, save the world, get your princess, be a superstar ace player, catch all sorts of strange and powerful animals, pilot the shiniest machines to be all sorts of Bad Ass or simply unwind and relax. With the advent of the internet, video games have allowed you to play with other people from the other side of the world, but still, nothing beats a good game with your buddies in the comfort of your home. It's no wonder why some people become addicted to games, because its just that awesome.
  • You. No matter how bad it gets, there is someone out there who thinks you're pretty great. Don't forget that.
  • Orcas. Beautiful, intelligent, and Badass enough to eat great white sharks and giant whales.
  • Bacon. It is perhaps the most glorious thing that humanity have invented.
  • Penguins are so amazing. There's a reason that they make everything better. The way they waddle aroud is just so cute.
  • Ice. The way it freezes over and glistens in the light is just so beautiful and ethereal.
  • Coca cola.
  • Just the beauty of the world and nature in general. Just lying back on the grass in the Sunset or night and just admiring the beautiful sky and the sun on the grass is just bliss.
  • TESTICLES, they are the one weakness you know will always be there whenever a man tries to attack you, and for this, nerds must be thankful.
  • Tomato Ketchup. Everything about this wonderful emulsion makes me feel incredibly happily.
  • Hairdriers. The sound they produce is far, far better than sex. Not that I've ever had sex...
  • The sky, where stars twinkle in a most luminous way, and yet really they are quadrillions of miles away
  • Engrish. It just makes my day to face the challenging puzzles of working out what it actually means.
  • Lemons, they're so bitter and you just want to stick your dick into them.
  • TV Game Shows. Take your pick, there's plenty of them in existence (even though some of them last longer than others).
  • When people of different political, religious, etc. beliefs have a mutual respect for each other despite their differences.
    • I'll second that. I'm on the far-left, and one of the people I most get along with over the internet is a conservative Christian. We have a lot in common in regards to fandom (and a number of places where we agree in terms of politics and social issues, even) as well as a lot of differences. I find it's really nice to be able to explore the latter without thinking any less of each other for them.
  • No love for Finland yet? I'm not even a native, and I love the country. It's one of the most developed countries in Europe, with a stellar education system. Not to mention that the place looks absolutely beautiful. The people there are wonderful and friendly almost to a fault. And they're complete badasses to boot - I mean, just look at their record during WWII!
  • Linoleum! It's white and stuff! Don't try licking it unless you want to experience it's powerful aphrodisiac effects! Linoleum!
  • CARS! Any cars, whether a Yugo, or Ferrari! I love driving them, working on them, looking at them, talking about cars ect. Nothing beats red lining the good ol' internal combustion engine.
    • The, proper, three pedal manual transmission.
  • Argentina! While my country may not be great, and there's a lot of horrible criminals (both within the government and the streets), I absolutely love my country, there's a lot of tasty food, beautiful guys and girls, lot of creativity, and yet, we are sadly ignored because of stupid decisions that made us go from being the Farm of The World to... A bad joke. We have our culture, we have El Eternauta, Tango, we have a lot of racial diversity, and we have one of the most fertile and beautiful landscapes in South America. And if someone wants to try Argentinian meat, you'll feel heaven with your mouth.
  • The rain. This troper can't really explain what about the rain it is that makes him happy. Maybe it's the feeling of it cleansing your skin, the feeling of nature surrounding you even tighter, but this troper loves to just stand in the rain for a while.
    • Maybe it's the soft sound it makes when it hits the ground. That beautiful sound seems to make everything better.
  • Inspirational speeches. True, some speeches may be cliched, but with inspirational speeches their purpose is to inspire you to do something or think a certain way. Without them, you wouldn't be motivated to do anything.
  • The Lee-Enfield rifle. This troper is in LOVE with this beautiful gun. It's the most Awesome Yet Practical rifle ever made. A fast bolt-action, ten rounds, and can fire so fast the frickin' British Army has a whole fucking technique dedicated to its rate of fire. It saw hell in the two most earth-shattering wars ever, and it's still being used today.
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