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Gush: Naruto
  • Naruto, even with its gaping flaws and shonen cliches, will forever and always hold a special place in my heart. I love that annoying, adorable little bastard (and a fair amount of the other characters too).
    • I think the plotline is woven in a way that makes you want to know what happens next with an absolute passion. Also, when looking closer, the characters are more complex than we realize and have the potential to be even better. And the newly discovered plot is amazing at surprising me.
    • Naruto has some of the most endearing characters I've ever run across, so much so that I will continue to look forward to its weekly updates, regardless of quality.
    • Not to mention some of the most distinctive-yet-cohesive character designs ever. You can instantly tell a Naruto character from any other kind of character and yet each one of the Loads and Loads of Characters looks distinct.
    • While the portrayal of women in Naruto is far from ideal, this troper appreciates the varied body types (and personalities) of the female characters, and the fact that Kishimoto is more prone to sexualizing the males than the females (even if the males in question are in female form at the time).
    • Even though Kishimoto has the subtlety of a sledgehammer when it comes to hinting at future plot twists (I'm calling it now—Kakashi is totally not dead), I absolutely adore the way the world is set up. It's a crying shame the most interesting character don't get any development, though... I'm looking at you, Shino.
      • Despite the fact that my enthusiasm for the show has waned, I still think it holds a special place in my heart, simply because of the massive potential it had/has.
      • Ditto. The only reason I'm into manga at all is because my brother picked up a copy of Shonen Jump years back, and I happened to come across Naruto (specifically, the Zabuza arc, when they fought Zabuza for the first time). I was blown away, even though I barely understood what was going on. It's true that the series is intensely flawed, and frankly, I'm hoping it ends soon before it decays any further. But its premise, its fantastic, detailed universe, and its interesting characters gave it the potential to be the greatest series of all time (and indeed, if every arc was as good as the Zabuza arc, it would be).
    • Naruto is one of the most popular anime/manga series to hate on right now, but I couldn't care less. Even after my general interest in anime and manga has significantly died down, I have never lost my enthusiasm for Naruto. Never before have I encountered such a lovable main character. From the overall story to the fight scenes to the side characters, everything is just excellent. My love for this series is going on 7 years strong, and now that the story is reaching its climax, I know it won't fail to disappoint. Even if it doesn't end the way I hope it does, I could never bring myself to dislike it, let alone hate it.
    • Though he may not be nearly as fond of the series as he once was, this troper can't deny that the first 16 volumes of Naruto are still some of the best quality Shonen comics he's ever seen. Naruto is what introduced him to manga/anime more than anything else and he still loves many of the characters and themes presented in the early volumes. Truly it could've been the stuff of legends just like One Piece and FMA if Kishimoto remembered there were other characters and villages in his story. But alas. Definitely check out the Zabuza and Chunin Exams arcs.
  • This show holds the title for my favorite anime of all time. It basically introduced me to anime in the first place. I remember being very stereotyped against it before i got into it. I remember seeing commercials for it and thinking "WTF is this? People breathing fire? Why are there a dozen Naruto's? Why is that guy with the mask (Kakashi) walking on that tree? Stupid..." Then i actually saw it and was immediately hooked. This show has the best plot development and character development i've seen in an anime. Characters are not static, and i like the fact that the villains progress with the heros, and it's not just the villain of the week. Don't know about the excessive Deus ex Machina thats been going on lately, but i still think that Kishi knows what he's doing. Not to mention that he doesn't go overboard on buffing everyone out like Bleach or Dragon Ball Z or basically any anime out there. I hold this series in very high regard. But most of all, this series has spawned perhaps the most epic fictional character in all of history....ITACHI.
  • Naruto is hilarious, not just because of funny moments, but the ever-so-controversial Kishimoto exploits those who take a Shonen too seriously while we sit back and enjoy the complex story and awesome action and unique twists per chapter, that is, if you actually pay attention. So while people fight over a manga, I'll let Kishimoto justify his controversies with post-revelation justification, something he is very good at doing in my opinion. This show's biggest flaws is it's masses of fanboys who act like this show's super-realistic, but other than that, go check it out! It has the most solid story of any manga I have ever seen and I will never die without seeing it through too the end.
  • Naruto will always be the first proper anime/manga I got into, and I will love it forever for that. It's made me laugh and cry, and it's just been such a huge part of my life. I'll love it forever and ever <3
  • I've seen most of the big-name animes out there and Naruto is by far my favorite. I agree 100% with the above troper who said that never before has there been such a lovable main character. Naruto has a way with perfectly crafting scenes that evoke such intense emotion that no other show I've watched period has achieved, in my opinion. I was a sobbing mess for literally the entirety of the Confronting the Jinchuriki arc, and even just thinking about the scene in which Naruto meets a certain someone brought tears to my eyes for weeks afterward. And whenever Naruto flashes that adorable smile with his eyes closed my heart just melts. I only discovered the show a few months ago so I didn't grow up with it like some other viewers, but even so it already has a special place in my heart. I desperately want to know how it ends, but I know I will also be very sad once it does.
  • Naruto is a popular series and due to that there is a lot of hate for it. It has happened before, Dragonball Z is a good example. But that is not to say Naruto doesn't have its flaws. But it will always be a very special anime/manga for me, probably because it really drew me to anime and manga. When I first heard of the series on Toonami, I hated the idea of the series. But I decided to give it a try and thank god that I did(with the added bonus of killing what little social life I had) The first scene that I watched was Iruka's speech for Naruto and I was hooked after the gallons of tears I shed(none even remotely manly) The thing that made me love this series was the pure emotion it could pull. And Kishi is able to get tears when he wants it, rest in peace Jirayia. As the series evolved so did the characters, Naruto is a great example. When we first met Naruto, he was a stupid, bratty, weak kid to the now(chapter 642) Naruto has changed to a quick-witted, kind and ungodly powerful leader. One of the things that I love of this series is the battle tactics and how unpredictable it is. Seriously, raise your hands that you saw Tobi as the main villain or that we would feel sorry for the NINE-TAILED FOX, or that its a tsundere. Admittedly the series does have problems with some plot points, but you have to give Kishi some slack, as he has to think of the details, how it works with the overall story and draw the damn thing every week.
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