Grumpy Bear: Web Comics

  • Squid Row Grace. Also unpleasant and a slacker
  • Viktor of Lackadaisy is this.
  • Karkat Vantas in Homestuck. He legitimately has a lot to complain about now, but we've seen he's always been like this. Justified since he has bright red blood, a genetic mutation in trolls that is not looked kindly upon. Had the trolls not played the game, he would probably have been denied his dreams and culled as a lowblood mutant.
  • In Sakana, nothing but his cat (and maybe Jiro being "devastated"...) seems to make Yuudai's day brighter.
  • Ginger in At Arm's Length. Her boyfriend Geoffrey even introduces her as "the surly one."
  • Jestine from Zoophobia.