Grumpy Bear: Live-Action TV

  • Game Shows:
    • Make Me Laugh: A comedy game show which ran in three different versions, best known for its 1979 version hosted by actor and sometimes game show celebrity Bobby Van where the contestant had to be a grouch and try not to laugh as three guest comedians did everything in their power to try to make the grouchy contestants so much as smile or have to stifle a chuckle. Being a grouch on here won cash prizes, with a grand prize if a contestant who could go three minutes (one minute for each comedian) without laughing. The grouchy contestants during the 1979 version, by the way, had to deal with some pretty stiff competition: then-unknowns Bob Saget, Howie Mandel, Gallagher, Gary Mule Deer, Jerry Seinfeld, Yakov Smirnoff, Garry Shandling and Bill Kirchenbauer, among others.
    • Match Game: Richard Dawson, on his final appearances of the 1970s version in the late summer of 1978, was in a very foul mood and refused to so much as crack a smile, despite Gene Rayburn's best efforts. note 
    • Treasure Hunt: Both versions of the Chuck Barris-produced incarnation employed Barris' security guard, Emile Autouri, the man who was responsible for hiding the grand prize check. He was emotionally stoic virtually 100 percent of the time, and several episodes made light of this as host Geoff Edwards and the cast did everything — unsuccessfully — to make him smile. (Of course, this was acting at its finest.)
  • Power Rangers: The various Sixth Rangers in a few seasons are invariably Freaky Loners (at first) who insist on thumbing their noses at the rest of the cast for their tree-hugging methods, as opposed to their more hardcore attitude. Perfect examples are Ryan Mitchell, the Titanium Ranger and Eric Myers, the Quantum Ranger. You can guess what happens to them by mid-season.
    • Not really for some. Take, in the origin material, Burai and Mikoto Nakadai for example. Both didn't redeem until much later until the end of the series when both found out they were pawn of the bad guy's game. They redeemed quickly after but for all those who were evil before, Redemption Equals Death. Ditto for Rio and Mele.
    • Some of the Villians in Every Power Rangers/Super Sentai series are grumpy tropers too. (For Example, Goldar (Griffizer) is one of the Grumpy Troper).
    • However, to press on the point, evil Rangers must be cleansed by death to be considered redeemed, Wolzard of Mahou Sentai Magiranger is a more optimistic example (the same having happened to his counterpart Koragg in Power Rangers Mystic Force), while Burai, Mikoto, Rio and Mele died at the end of the series (they come back as ghosts giving our heroes advice). Wolzard technically died at the hands of the Big Bad along with Hikaru, both got better in the end though.
    • A straighter example could be Eiji Takaoka, a.k.a. BoukenSilver, who started out as a Jerk Ass loner whose only motivation was to hunt and strike down the Ashu. It's not until the team gives him his Sagasniper (with a convenient excuse from Akashi) that he accepts to join the team and gradually warm up to them.
  • Life-action subversion: in the mostly idealistic universe of The West Wing, Toby Ziegler is a grumpy, prickly grouch who is nevertheless easily the most idealistic member of the President's senior staff (which is saying something, considering they're all pretty idealistic). Indeed, part of the reason that he's so grouchy is that he spends most of his time embroiling himself (oft-times unnecessarily) in shouting matches and heated disagreements with people who are a little more practical than himself.
  • Archie Bunker from All in the Family is very grouchy and even somewhat rude towards Mike, his son-in-law; however he "soft side": He allowed Mike to live with him in spite of all their disagreements, whereas most wouldn't grant their sons-in-law such privilege.
  • Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is more than often than not in a bad mood; still he's the biggest reason why the crime rate on Deep Space Nine is so low.
  • Oscar the Grouch lives on Sesame Street, and that makes him all the grouchier.
  • Boober from Fraggle Rock. Subverted in the episode where he and Red become trapped in a cave-in, and he's able to help Red cope with the strong possibility of death. Turns out he's as grumpy as he is because he's the most grounded and realistic member of the cast.
  • Dorothy of The Golden Girls tends to be much grumpier than the rest of the cast.
  • Father Jack Hackett from Father Ted.
  • Emerson Cod and Lily Charles from Pushing Daisies, whose cynicism seems rather odd at first in the vibrant Sugar Bowl they live in. Considering that Emerson had his heart broken and his daughter kidnapped (twice!) and Lily's heart-breaking experiences with Charles Charles (Vivian's fiance and the father of Charlotte "Chuck" Charles), their cynicism turns out to be hardly unjustified.
  • From Once Upon a Time:
    • Like his film counterpart, Grumpy Dwarf is quite sour, a trait that extends to his Storybrooke life as the self-described "town drunk" Leroy. Of course, he wasn't always grumpy. He had to get his heart broken to end up like that.
    • In spite of her ongoing Heel-Face Turn, Regina Mills retains her snarky, cynical attitude toward the world even when surrounded by more hopeful characters like Snow White, Prince Charming, Emma, and Henry. She can always be relied upon for a sarcastic remark whenever, for instance, Snow starts going on about the value of hope.
      Regina: [sarcastically] Time for a hope speech?
  • Rear Admiral A.J. Chegwidden in JAG often displays such characteristics, even though he has more gentle sides and genuinely cares for his staff.
  • Artie from Warehouse 13. This is even Claudia's nickname for him.
  • Nearly Everyone from Pizza.
    • for example: Rocky the Lebanese Rambo tends to get grumpy more than his cousins.
    • Bobo Gigliotti even fits in to this, even. In Freaky Pizza, Bobo was on the phone talking to the clown name Ronnie Mc Doggle, who was also really grumpy, all because he has been waiting for his pizza for over an hour and his pizza gets cold.
    • Pauly Falzoni is tends to be like this sometimes.
  • That goes for the same thing with Swiftand Shift Couriers where nearly everyone gets grumpy.
    • David the Dwarf has a nasty temper, Mario even lampshades this by telling him not to be a grumpy smurf.
    • Also Abdul and Sole
    • Even Doreen Ballini.
    • Didn't we know that Jim does get cranky when everyone else can't understand what he is saying?