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Growling Gut / Fan Works

  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero it happens to Kyon, unsurprisingly after Mikuru asked him if he was hungry so she could cook something to him.
  • There exists a fanfic of 101 Dalmatians where Cadpig's stomach growls.
  • There is a fanfic of The Powerpuff Girls where Bubbles' stomach growls repeatedly due to a virus she caught causing her to constantly be hungry.
  • A common occurrence in videos made by YouTube user Kphoria. It usually happens to female characters.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
    • In a fanfic called "Rock and Roll Equestrian Style", after Twilight Sparkle receives and invitation to Canterlot's Battle of the Bands from Princess Celestia, her stomach growls. Spike makes a remark that this reminds him of the events from The Ticket Master.
    • This happens to Twilight yet again twice in the first chapter of "Dashes, Dots and Pegasus Spots".
    • In a series of fan arts by a particular DeviantArt user, this happens to Princess Celestia due to her increased size, which caused her appetite to increase along with it. (According to this user, she apparently has more than one stomach.)
    • In the fanfic, "Rainbow Pie in the Eye", this happens a number of times. The first time, it happens to Pinkie Pie, and then it happens to Rarity twice. Applejack thinks she hears Rarity's stomach growl a third time, but it was actually something else...
  • This happens to Ben of Plasma's Folly as a result of overeating.
  • This happens to Scout from Catbountry's Respawn of the Dead Team Fortress 2 fanfic, as a result of not eating since he got on the train.
  • Happens to Bowser right on cue in Episode 17 of Smash King after Fox asks him if he's hungry.
  • Happens to Bowser in Episode 4 of the Super Mario Bros. fan series Super Mario Bros: Heroes of the Stars, as well as Yoshi and Luigi in the remastered version of Episode 1.
  • Also a regular occurrence in Tales of Flame, primarily to the titular character, Flame the Charmander.