Groin Attack / Other
"What is your problem with my balls?!"
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  • In an Airheads commercial, during a school play where the lead star is singing "The life of a sailor! That's the life for me", the other students were bored with the play, and one of the students eats an Airhead, causing his head to turn into a balloon, deflate across the room, knocking down sets, and hitting the lead character in the groin, with predictable results:
    Lead character: (oblivious to the deflating head going across the room) The life of a sail... (balloon head hits him in the balls, causing a zoom up on his face, as his voice grows high pitched) ...oooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! That's the life for me...!
  • Played for laughs; here's the link
  • This Rolling Rock commercial was banned, because it featured a ton of people getting hit in the nuts, thanks to a foul ball.
  • In the Netherlands' promotion for the M&M's "Peanutball", Red kicks said "Peanutball" to demonstrate its durability. It bounces around and hits him right between the legs. Red reacts appropriately, despite not having a groin to begin with.
  • Playing this trope along with Violent Glaswegian for laughs, Irn-Bru briefly had a commercial where a smacked vending machine retaliates by firing a can of Irn-Bru into the offender's groin. Rumor has it this offended enough people that the vending machine's revenge was turned into a Glasgow Kiss instead.
  • This Progressive commercial shows a woman using a voodoo website to punish her cheating boyfriend in various embarrassing and painful ways. At the end, while he's on a couch making out with an attractive lady, she drags a pair of pliers towards his crotch - and clicks. While the actual effect is left ambiguous, the man reacts by violently wincing in pain and his partner looking down at his groin with a concerned face.
  • There was Pepsi commercial during the Superbowl that, at some point, involved Justin Timberlake getting hit in the crotch several times by a mailbox post. For those who wanted to see it... The "hits keep on coming" at about the 30 second mark.
  • In another Superbowl Ad, Burt Reynolds gets hit in the groin - among the list of 20 different cliches of a Superbowl Ad.
  • One of the perfect ingredients for a Doritos commercial.
  • From the Parody Commercial Big Bill Hell's: "Don't wait! Don't delay! Don't fuck with us, or we'll rip your nuts off!"

  • In School Shock, Liu Li mistakes a peeping tom/Stalker with a Crush as an opposing military operative and attempts to get information on who he works for through torture. Naturally, the kid doesn't work for anybody so she decides to learn all she can through an interesting technique she saw in a film recently. After wrapping a ball in the end of a cloth, she swings it directly at the guy's groin and we see an egg crack and a Scream Discretion Shot. Later he's seen passed out.

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Get Fuzzy for April 21st, 2013. Bucky and Satchel are practicing swatting mosquitos with their eyes closed. When Rob happens by, Satchel accidentally hits Rob in the groin, sending him to the floor in agony.
  • This happens to Garfield of all characters when a stunt on the fence goes wrong.
  • During one series of Pearls Before Swine strips featuring softball, Pig takes a line drive to his "oompa loompas."

  • Stern Pinball's Transformers has a chute in front of Optimus Prime that tilts up to allow players to launch pinballs at him (with corresponding rocking motion). Unfortunately, the balls end up hitting Optimus in his robotic groin...
  • Implied by Count Dracula when you hit him in Monster Bash.
    Dracula: "Not below the belt!"
  • An unintended female version occurs in Austin Powers; the left slingshot bumper has a plastic cover with an image of Vanessa Kensington in her Spy Catsuit. However, the lock-nut is located right on her groin...



    Web Video 
  • There's a fan movie based on Batman, titled as Death of Batman. While the battle against a simple criminal started with Curb-Stomp Battle from Batman, the criminal is a Combat Pragmatist who doesn't hesitate to play dirty. He used stun-gun to taser Batman's groin! Although this isn't immediately incapacitate the dark knight, it's enough to make him let his guard down, allowing the criminal to knee him in that sensitive area. Watch!
  • Happens three times in Slug Street Scrappers:
    • Bruiser defeats Peaches in the first video by kicking her square between the legs.
    • Peaches suffers it again in the second video, this time from Shizuka except the second time, she's faking the pain—she learned from the first encounter and trained specifically to counter that particular tactic.
    • In the third video, one of the Slugger Squad members gets in a cheap shot on Knuckles by kicking her in the crotch, from behind, defeating her in the process.
  • In this fan-made movie, a female cyborg kick Batman's groin after overpowered him.
  • An Action Girl in this video appears to have too much fun playing with this trope.
  • Game Grumps: While the action itself wasn't shown on camera, Danny recounted one time where he met Matt Thompson (One of the executive producers for Archer) at a convention, where Matt was so drunk he punched Danny right in the dick. Though he later sent him an apology e-mail after he sobered up, and they met in much better circumstances a few times after that.
  • Throughout the season ten episode of Red vs. Blue entitled "This One Goes to Eleven", Tex lands seven blows to Grif's nuts throughtout the course of the Curb-Stomp Battle she deals out (and she was beating down Sarge, Simmons, and Tucker, to boot).