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Good Angel Bad Angel: Animated Films
  • The Emperor's New Groove, as quoted above but two sequences where Kronk, Yzma's loveable-lug henchman, has to deal with the bickering of his Shoulder Angel and Shoulder Devil.
    • The first sequence is good because Kronk's angels are just as dumb as he is: instead of refuting Shoulder Angel's arguments, Shoulder Devil simply replies "look what I can do!" and does a one-handed headstand, he's then shown doing pushups in said position. Kronk's not impressed.
    Shoulder Angel: No, no, he's got a point.
    • The second one is also good while the Shoulder Angel and Shoulder Devil are disagreeing as to the right thing, Kronk misunderstands the Shoulder Angel and thinks the two were actually in agreement. As he converses with them, as so often is done to imply an internal monologue, he's shown speaking aloud and apparently to himself, utterly bewildering the other characters. Eventually the three come to a consensus, because Even Evil Has Standards.
    • The angel and devil sometimes wind up having their own odd (yet immensely entertaining) conversations unrelated to the subject at hand, then leave, solving nothing.
    • In the series, all characters had little Kronks on their shoulders. Melina, for instance, is a Nice Girl because her shoulder angel tied up and gagged the shoulder devil. Thus she has only angelic advice.
  • In Disney's version of Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket is hired by the "Blue Fairy" to act as Pinocchio's conscience. Note that "Jiminy Cricket" has the same initials as "Jesus Christ". This is intentional, as at the time this was the acceptable replacement term. Pinocchio's own stupidity... er, naivete... meant he didn't need a devil. In the book, he killed the cricket with a hammer, and its ghost came back to haunt/annoy him.

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