Gondor Calls For Aid / Fan Works

  • In the Galaxy Rangers Fan Fic Chrysalis, the League fleet is in a hopeless battle in the Queen's asteroid field, having been forced into a trap. However, they some critical backup courtesy of the otherwise-xenophobic Traash (which even Her Majesty won't engage because they're just that nasty if crossed) and the Circle of Thought (who were isolationists, content to let the galaxy tear itself apart, so long as they were left alone...until Niko showed them that the Queen was an exile from the Circle, and thus a mistake they made).
  • The Mega Crossover fic Odyssey, by Drunkengrognard, has the likes of Chrono Harlaowan and Jean-Luc Picard, amongst others, preparing their ships for a major battle against a group of Voidspawn (essentially giant killer space squids) and planning to close the portal that they are coming from. Due to circumstances connected to the portal opening, their current location has basically turned into a multiversal thoroughfare; the suggestion is made that help could be requested throughout said multiverse in order to ward off the Voidspawn long enough for the portal to be shut. Rogue Squadron and the fleet they were a part of are amongst the first to answer the call, and it just gets bigger from there.
  • During the Final Battle of the MLP AU fic Rainbooms and Royalty, the Diamond Dogs, sea ponies, and gargoyles that the Mane Six had befriended on their way through the Everfree Forest all show up to help them fight Nightmare Moon's Shadowbolt army.
  • Takamachi Nanoha Of 2814: Nanoha connects with every other Magical Girl in Japan and programs an automated message into her ring in case she was ever in serious need of help.
  • In book 2 of A Growing Affection, when Naruto is captured by the Akatsuki Tsunade immediately contacts the other four Kages to request aid. The Kazekage and Mizukage send troops to assist, while the Tsuchikage and Raikage only provide information. And the Raikage's assistance is especially grudging.
  • In the Pony POV Series, during the Final Battle of Dark World, the Benevolent Interloper gets Rainbow Dash and the Princesses to return to the battlefield just in time to save the group from Nightmare Eclipse/Paradox's Psycho Rangers and assists Minty into making it to the fight as well. Discord then interferes to distract Eclipse long enough for Twilight to charge up a copied time spell from Paradox herself, that performs one of these across time and space to summon the G1, G2, G3, and G4 (from before the reign of Discord) Mane Casts to the present, allowing for six sets of Elements (including Celestia and Luna's reawakened ones) to be used at once. Finally, Twilight's parents (still plants) restrain Paradox for the final blow.
    • A flashback to the Final Battle of the Age of Myths (G1) shows that both sides did this — Hydia called in her entire family of witches and warlocks, while the Paradise Estates ponies called on every ally they had.
  • Occurs multiple time in Tenhawk's Buffy Mega-Crossover Journeyverse, sometimes combined with a Crisis Crossover.
    • Probably the biggest example comes in City by the Bay, when Xander has been infected by a demonic virus and summons mental versions/soul fragments of everyone he's been friends/allies with over the course of the series thus far, and manages to drag along everyone they're closely tied to as well, to help him fight off the demons trying to posses him. Made all the more amusing by the fact that there had just been a backwards time-jump that removed the memories of most of those he called of ever having met him in the first place, leading to some interesting WTF moments.
  • The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds: After Tirac reveals himself and kidnaps Megan, Celestia not only mobilizes the Elements of Harmony and the Equestrian military, but summons help from Spykoran, Queen Rosedust, and the Princess Ponies.
  • In Waking Nightmares' Pony vs Machine arc, Ponyville calls for help from Chrysalis, the Wonderbolts, Mare-Do-Well, and virtually all of Ponyvile (whom are civilains) to defend Ponyville from Gray Mann's robot army, which is at least a thousand strong.
  • In The Measure of a Titan the Big Bad goes to great lengths to avert this by arranging things so that every potential ally the Teen Titans could call is tied up elsewhere. The Justice League is off-planet, the other Titans are dealing with other villains, and even Tameran has been attacked by the Gordians.
  • In Pokemon Black & White: Tale of a Legend, Bianca is tasked with summoning Landorus when her friends get into a fight they can't win alone.
  • In Besides the Will of Evil, Applejack goes out to Gildsdale to help fight the big bad.
  • The Equestrian Wind Mage has an example in Season 2: When Maulgrim calls on the Diamond Dogs to aid the Ponyville volunteers and Vaati's monsters in acting as a relief force for the besieged Crystal Empire, he is surprised when they arrive in the company of pretty much every predator of the Everfree, sent by Gaia/The Tree of Harmony to aid in purging Ganon's evil from Equestria. And on the way to the Empire, they're joined by the buffalo tribes, who had heard of the danger and also come to help.
    • In Season 2.5, when the Diamond Dogs realize that the Gohma have invaded the Everfree in order to destroy the Tree, they rush to Ponyville to ask for help from the ponies and Vaati, who in turn call for help from the Princesses, who also inform the Changelings. And when they actually show up at the Tree, they find that Gaia has once again called on the predators, as well as the Sunnytown ponies, for help as well.
  • In Robb Returns, Eddard accidentally does this with one of his family's ancient relics, warning everyone with First Man's blood that the Others are coming. Every house with First Men ancestors soon sends messages to Winterfell, proclaiming their support.
  • Miraculous Ladybug VS The Forces Of Evil: Two worlds are in danger! Ludo and Hawkmoth have obtained both miraculous and are using ultimate power to take over Mewni and Earth. Marco wants to retrieve the moth miraculous discarded, but realizes he needs extra help in this fight. So, he has Wayzz call on some of his acquaintances and friends. Wayzz ends up returning with Queen Butterfly, Buff Frog, Princess Pony Head, The Laser Puppies, The Gorilla, Natalie, Janna and Jackie. (Not all of these were asked for, but they came along to ensure they could help)