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Goddamned Bats: Adventure Game
  • In a game called Spelunker on one of those 9999999-in-1 NES pirate carts, there's a literal bat enemy whose poop killed everyone in the room. This is definitely a Goddamned Bat. To get past it, you fire one of your flares. If you still got one. Come to think of it though, falling two inches kills the spelunker in that game, and it's not the best game in the world to begin with.
    • The Atari 8 bit original had the same Goddamned Bat, dealt with the same way. And it had the same ghost. Except the "ghost nearby" tune was pumped out at max volume, and was the sole ingame music. You WILL be afraid.
  • Might and Magic VI has almost any thing that fly above you, worse, if they are in a dungeon.
    • Harpies will Curse you, making you fail spells.
    • Liches when they take steal you buffs when you needed them at most.
    • Eye monsters that will cause the Insanity, Afraid and paralysis status.
    • Everything in Castle Kreigspiere.
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