* The EvilOverlordList is all about an aspiring EvilOverlord who, noting every villain they've seen or read about [[VillainBall always lose by making the same mistakes]], makes a handy guide to being a savvy villain.
* Most of the protagonists in the Literature/WhateleyUniverse grew up reading Creator/MarvelComics and Creator/DCComics, and watching lots of anime, so they're pretty well suited to be growing up as mutants in a superhero universe.
* Zeke Strahm of ''Blog/SeekingTruth'' is very familiar with Franchise/TheSlenderManMythos, and it shows.
* In ''AstoundinglyUnoriginalAdventure'' text adventure style forum game, the character "[[MeaningfulName BITTER CYNIC]]" (BC) is alarmingly this. He actually makes reference to TV Tropes and says he [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife spends a lot of time on it]].
* The hosts of WebVideo/EatYourKimchi, Simon and Martina Stawski are savvy with both North American and Korean popular culture.
* The RealTrailerFakeMovie for ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olEbwhWDYwM Hell No: The Sensible Horror Movie]]''.
->'''Person A:''' Hey, look what I got! [[Film/TheRing It's that video tape that if you watch it, you die in five days!]]\\
'''Person B:''' Really? Let me see that.\\
''Breaks the tape over his leg, and then proceeds to go outside and smash the remains of the tape with a baseball bat.''