Genre Savvy / Visual Novels

  • When the suspects in Jisei are confined by a detective to the scene of a murder amidst the unknown murderer, Kizaki, who is in a panicked state, exaggerates the situation as a Closed Circle where he could potentially be attacked by the murderer. The protagonist counters that Kizaki has access to the internet to call for help, and insists that the plot is not Ten Little Murder Victims.
  • From CLANNAD, Kyou gets a moment while trying to convince Kotomi to get Tomoya to walk her home after a dangerous man approached her:
    Kyou: Listen. This is an Event Chance. Just tell him, 'I am scared, so I want you to take me home', in a charming voice.
    • And another talking to Tomoya about his relationship with Ryou:
      Kyou: Are you an idiot? Your relationship with her will level up if you secretly buy it as a present later on! If it works well, you might trigger an event flag, then you'll feel really happy.
  • In Katawa Shoujo, Hanako notices quickly that Hisao, despite his good intentions, approaches her with a rather patronizing attitude and generally acts like she is completely helpless. And if he keeps it up, she will NOT be happy about it.
  • In Dra Koi the protagonist seems quite aware of how a story runs, but is unaware that he's the protagonist. He still realizes he's falling into a romantic comedy, though.