Genre Savvy / Radio

  • Bluebottle from The Goon Show has learned some Genre Savviness after being explosively deaded in most episodes — he seems to know that his appearance will always result in his deading, and has taken some fairly extensive steps to avoid it (such as leaving Neddie tied to a pile of dynamite in England, then going to the middle of a desert in America in about four seconds). Of course, it fails, but that's because he hasn't quite figured the finer points of the Rule of Funny.
  • In The Frantics famous "Last Will and Temperament" skit (aka "Boot to the Head",) everybody catches on to what's happening as soon as the lawyer is done delivering boots to the heads of Jenny and Hank and start declaring that they don't actually want anything from Arthur (though he still tricks them all into receiving their boots to the head anyway.) There's also Arthur's "know-it-all nephew Royce" who keeps saying how predictable everything is even as he's getting a boot to the head.