Genre Savvy / Fan Works

  • In the Mass Effect self insert fic Mass Vexations, Author Avatar Art goes through pretty much the entire fic noting the events of the game as they go on. He ends up lampshading just about everything he notices, including making an offhand comment about one of the game's Playing with Syringes examples.
  • Doing It Right This Time: The people hiding together with Shinji in the shelter know how the Humongous Mecha versus Robeast/Kaiju thing works:
    "The military must've hit the Angel with something big," a man in NERV uniform replied. "Either an N2 mine or a fuel-air explosive."
    "Never works in the movies," a third voice muttered.
    There was another, longer vibration. "And that," the NERV employee continued with a proud grin, "is the secret anti-kaiju weapon that will work!"
  • Several characters in Total Drama Battlegrounds, though Heather deserves special mention after seeing Rodney die in one of the virtual reality challenges:
    "But see, in every movie that's science-fiction or fantasy or the like, the kid always makes it. This time he didn't, and thus, this queen has broken the unwritten rule for such movies. Even an Asian martial artist cliché or the American commando cliché cannot defeat someone who is breaking the unwritten rules. But as I said, I didn't want to say this out loud, or I'd look weird."
  • Luminosity: Bella realizes that her life is a Romance Novel. Relying on her status as the protagonist may be part of why she makes some risky decisions.
  • In Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Eliezer's characters are frequently utilizing their knowledge of fiction tropes, although each character is savvy in only a few genres.
    • When McGonagall tells Harry what really happened to his parents (Harry had been raised by his aunt and her husband with no explanation), Harry starts asking her which plot hooks might be left dangling, frequently making analogies to The Lord of the Rings.
    • Hermione does frame events around her as if she were in a story (early on, she wants a romance between her and Harry), but she's more often seen trying to convince Harry that he isn't in a story, and that he should stop trying.
    • Draco likes to compare his own behaviour to the heroes in the opera/play performances that his father takes him to see.
    • Daphne Greengrass, like most of the girls, views events like a romance plot, and tries to invoke her own romance with Neville during one of the battles between the first-year armies.
    • Dumbledore likes to frame himself as the wizard Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings, and conversations between him and students are often framed in "young heroes" and "mysterious old wizard" terms.
    • Quirrel and Harry often discuss the finer points of how to manipulate others, referencing stories and contrasting them with reality as they do so. "The role people play" is an element of Eliezer's writing that comes out frequently in this character.
  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series has the titular duo, though in different ways: Calvin knows a lot about sci-fi movies.
  • Arcanus in the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic Whispers is stated in-universe to have become this by reading a lot. He demonstrates it by lampshading a case of Innocent Innuendo.
  • Children of Time has Beth Lestrade is quite firmly One of Us, an obsessive Sherlockian and a geek for several more fandoms, with a habit of making Fandom Nods and inducing Holmes to deliver a few Take Thats.
  • Captain Kanril Eleya of Bait and Switch and related Star Trek Online fics displays flashes of this on occasion. In the side story "An Anomalous Nightmare", she rapidly makes the connection between the strange behavior of her crew and the Negative Space Wedgie the USS Bajor is stuck in.
    "And the connection to that grav anomaly is?" Warragul gives me a funny look and I scoff at him. "Oh, come on, we all know that's where this is headed. Every time we or anyone else hit an unexplained anomaly like this in the past it's made something weird happen."
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Power Girl fan fic story Origin Story, Xander Harris was a comic book geek. Alexandra Harris has all of his memories. She is thus often able to predict what the various Marvel Comics heroes will do before they think of doing it.
  • Due to his fondness for videogames (especially RPGs), Harry Potter is quick to spot important plot points in For Love of Magic, such as referring to Hagrid's mention of "You-Know-What in Vault 713" as being a "side quest note", correctly guessing there was a prophecy regarding himself and Voldemort, and figuring out Voldemort has a Soul Jar.
  • Xander is the only one in The Power Of to find it highly suspicious that a new girl shows up with an obviously magical necklace and unusual manners in the middle of the semester. Since said girl is Anyanka, Patron Saint of Scorned Women, he's proven right by the end of the day. Notably, the reason he's suspicious is the same reason Willow isn't: the same thing happens with the Villain of the Week in anime all the time.
  • In Emerald Flight Book One: Union Harry, Hermione, Supergirl, Batgirl and Hawkgirl are attacked by an undead army in Egypt.
    "Whatever you do, don't split up!" yelled Hermione, having seen enough horror movies that she knew splitting up always ended badly.