Genre Motif / Punk

The rebellious nature of Rock and Roll taken to anarchist extremes. Punks (and fans of the genre who might not dress the part) are usually portrayed as mindlessly destructive, with their whole culture based on rebelling against the whole outside world. Some minor Truth in Television is present in the fact that much of the punk culture is that extreme, but like anything else, this is highly exaggerated. Due to the dilution of the punk subculture over the past couple of decades and the emergence of less accepted subcultures, this is also a bit of a Dead Horse Trope.
  • A fairly generic punk listening to an even more generic song was featured in a scene in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. It was meant as sort of a contrast between the squeaky clean Enterprise members and the anarchist underbelly of San Francisco/the modern age.
    • That particular punk was played by Kirk R. Thatcher, one of the film's associate producers, and he and screenwriter Nicholas Meyer wrote the song "I Hate You" with tongue firmly in cheek.