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Genre Deconstruction: Web Original
  • Moralizing "art" games that blame the player for virtual violence are mocked by applying the same logic to classic video games to show how absolutely ridiculous blaming a player for computer-generated, unrealistic violence is.
  • Doctor Horribles Sing Along Blog is a deconstruction of the classic Superhero vs. Supervillain conflict, as follows:
    • The villain is the protagonist, a shy, nerdy guy who wants to Take Over the World because he sees it for the Crapsack World that it is and wants to improve things... on his own terms. He also wants to get a date with the girl at the laundromat, whom he's too shy to talk to.
    • The hero is the antagonist, a Smug Super, Jerk Jock womanizer who believes that, because he is superpowerful, he's better than everyone else and is only too happy to display it. He further believes that only people who are like him can be heroic, and anyone who's nerdy or unpopular is a potential supervillain. It's strongly implied that this behavior is what drives people like the villain to become evil in the first place.
    • The Love Interest is a genuinely good person whom the villain wishes to impress with his evil deeds, failing to realize that she's very unlikely to actually respect that. She gets caught in the crossfire between the two, ends up ignored as they fight their climactic battle over her, and dies tragically as a result.
    • The Nigh Invulnerable super hero is only brave because he's never had to experience pain in his life. When he does, he has a Heroic BSOD over it.
    • The villain finds that his victory: the hero defeated, entry into the Evil League of Evil secured by his Love Interest's murder, comes at the price of his humanity.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Special Edition takes apart the very concept of Let's Play. It starts by creating a game that gradually gets more insane and bizarre as time goes on, adds a narrator who spits out random nonsequiturs, all while parodying 90s pop culture. Then it starts playing with the Fourth Wall by having the narrator get in a conversation with an in game character, and making it unclear whether it's the narrator or the player character itself who's talking. The final boss fight consists of the player jumping on the word "logic" while the narrator says "Check it out! It's the last piece of logic left! ...Screw that noise."
  • This website deconstructs the Cthulhu Mythos, specifically the Necronomicon. In essense it asks "what if it was a real book?" and builds from there, by looking for paralels between Judeo-Christian tradition and the Cthulhu Mythos (The Old Ones = The Giants from Genesis), it creates the content of the book, it then asks "what kind of person would write about such things in 730 AD?", thus Abdul Alhazred is what the Koran calls a "Sabian" and what western biblical scholars call a "Gnostic" a person with religous veiws related too, but radically different from mainstream Christianity, Islam and Judaism. It then builds a comprehesive history of how it got from the middle east and into the hands of western Occultists, and finally makes the assumption that while, yes Lovecraft wrote about it, he got only the name and the the author correct, having never read the book itself.
  •, as mentioned above in Fan Fic, deconstructs the seemingly utopian Star Trek universe, pointing out holes.
  • Sailor Nothing loves showing just how jarringly, horrifically, nightmarishly different the characters' lives are from Magical Girl anime. Several of them even watch an exaggerated, stereotypical version of such shows; the main character actually watches it to escape her life.
  • Who could forget this remarkable deconstruction of Super Mario Bros.?
  • Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles takes many first person shooter tropes and twists them. Everything from capture the flag, to why there are two bases in the middle of a box canyon with no strategic value, and Respawn. Interestingly, the new series called Reconstruction is a deconstruction of the parodic nature of The Blood Gulch Chronicles. Caboose is tied up in the brig due to his self destructive tendencies. Grif and Simmons face the firing squad after selling all the ammo to the Blue team. The reason that all the red and blue conflicts were pointless squabbling over an equally pointless flag and base is revealed to be a conspiracy by command. However, since that is a deconstruction of a deconstruction, arguably that makes it a Reconstruction as all the video game tropes are being put back together.
  • The SCP Foundation Wiki, although beginning as a creepypasta site, has largely evolved into a deconstruction on the Urban Fantasy genre, depicting a shadowy organization entirely devoted to capturing and imprisoning all of those magicians, psychics, and mystic artifacts that populate said settings, to maintain the status quo. It is made abundantly clear that this is for humanity's own good.
  • Furry Fandom works frequently portray an entire world as furry. I Wish I Was Furry! shows what would happen if we woke up one day and the world actually was furry. The main character is even a human furry fan, like is typical for transformation stories. And a plushophile. (It's exactly what it sounds like.) A furryized world, as it happens, is dark and brutal. "Nature, red in tooth and claw" and all that.
  • Sonny Gets Mad Scienced is the "humourous" type of deconstruction. It revolves around two central ideas; telling a Mad Scientist story from the perspective of one of the nameless subjects experimented on, and being Genre Savvy doesn't always help.
  • This video from The Onion sends up the idea of video games becoming progressively more realistic by taking it to a logically deconstructive extreme with a "ultra realistic Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3". It mostly involves sitting around and waiting.
  • The Whateley Universe is a deceonstruction of the classic superhero/supervillain tropes, with mutants who have to obey real physical laws, some supervillains like Dr. Diabolik who are pretty far from the classic villain, and even some supers who are far from the classic hero.
  • This video is a deconstruction of Pokémon. Yes, Pokémon. It is mostly played for laughs but there is a point about half-way through where Pikachu is bleeding as he's strangled by a Bulbasaur and it's played straight.
  • The Onion's Sex House series does this quite brutally to Immoral Reality Shows. Not only are the contestants much deeper and complex people than the shallow stereotypes the show desperately try to portray them as, the producers' "indicatives" to cut corners on the budget and ensure sex and drama in order to get the precious high ratings rolling in, soon starts to take a massive toll on their sanity and health.
  • Funny Business deconstructs both the trope of a small child having godlike power and the most common way of doing so. The main character is quickly revealed to be a Reality Warper, but she seems nice enough and doesn't appear to abuse her power all that much. It is eventually revealed that when she was a child, she acted more or less like Anthony Fremont, causing people who annoyed her to disappear. However, this is only because a toddler doesn't have the mental or moral development to act unselfishly, and when she grows older note  she is disgusted with herself for being an Enfant Terrible and develops a major Guilt Complex over anything.
  • Girlchan in Paradise!! is a vicious parody of Cliché Storm Shonen Anime, particularly those with bad animation and corny dubbing. The characters all fit into some sort of archetype, with the title Girlchan being a Satellite Love Interest and a Ms. Fanservice who had absolutely nothing to do with the actual plot (nor is she actually in Paradise).
  • The Flying Man is a deconstruction of the Flying Brick Ubermensch-type superhero, basically looking at what would happen if Superman decided that the ends justified the means from the word go.
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