Examples of {{Gargle Blaster}}s in WesternAnimation.
* ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes''
** The preparation of many dangerous drinks in ''Looney Tunes'' cartoons usually ends with the mixer withdrawing a spoon whose bowl has been [[AteTheSpoon melted (or burned!) off]] while stirring.
** The aforementioned asbestos gloves, welding mask and tongs are used in the WesternAnimation/DaffyDuck short "WesternAnimation/DripAlongDaffy", with the outlaw Nasty Canasta ordering two of "the usual" (one for him, the other for do-gooder Daffy, whom Canasta was holding at gunpoint) from a saloon bartender: a drink made with such ingredients as "Cobra fang-juice", "Hydrogen Bitters", and "Old Panther whiskey". He then drops two ice cubes in it... which immediately jump out as if on fire and head for the coolness of the fire bucket.... All the effect the drink has on Nasty Canasta is to make his cowboy hat perform a quick backflip, but that's it. On Daffy and Porky, on the other hand, it makes them bend their hats into bonnets and recite "Mary Had a Little Lamb". After that it turns their skin green while they march around like clockwork soldiers, and then spontaneously setting off Daffy's guns, [[BulletholeDoor shooting a hole in the floor]], which he falls into and then rockets out of.
-->'''Daffy:''' ''(parachuting down)'' I hate you.
** One similar, but not quite the same, ''Looney Tunes'' scenario, "Show Biz Bugs", has Daffy, tired of being consistently one-upped by Bugs in a vaudeville act, pull together the most incredible drink ever; ingredients include nitroglycerin, gasoline, and gunpowder, and topped off with uranium 238. He drinks it down, jumps up and down to shake, then drops in a match.... After the ensuing explosion, an impressed Bugs tells Daffy that the audience wants more, to which Daffy's ghost replies "I know, I know, but I can only do it once!"
*** This is a recycled gag from an earlier cartoon: a Porky Pig cartoon titled "Curtain Razor". Porky is screening prospects for a talent agency, and a RunningGag involves one character constantly barging in to talk about a "super-colossal" act. When he finally gets to perform the act, he undergoes pretty much the same act (including the devil costume), and while the ingredients may not be exactly the same, the match and result are identical. Porky is stunned in amazement for the first and only time in the cartoon. Then, the ghost of the character walks back in and, like Daffy, says, "I can only do it once."
** Yet another Daffy example occurs in the cartoon "Mexican Joyride". Daffy enters a Mexican bar, and, after an [[FireBreathingDiner encounter with some of the local cuisine]] demands something to put the fire out. The bartender hands Daffy a glass of tequila, which he quickly downs - and then stiffens into a rigor mortis-like state. The bartender picks Daffy up and chucks him into a nearby pile of similarly frozen tourists.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''
** One episode features the Forget-Me-Shot, a concoction of Jägermeister, sloe gin, triple sec, ''quadruple'' sec, gunk from a dog's eye, "Absolut Pickle", the red stripe from Aquafresh toothpaste, and the venom of the Louisiana loboto-moth, stirred with a home pregnancy test (until it gets a positive response). The drink is so powerful it erases the previous 24 hours off of the drinker's memory.
** One episode has Homer visit a redneck town and develop a taste for "Fudd" beer, as opposed to his usual Duff. When he later on asks Moe if he serves it, Moe replies that he thought it was taken off the market "after all those hillbillies went blind".
** Another episode has Strupo, an alcohol made of fermented capers, intended to dissolve dead sea gulls, [[SideEffectsInclude and which causes olfactory hallucinations, gender confusion, and wandering mouth.]]
** Homer and a Japanese businessman once got drunk on "snake rice wine", extremely strong rice wine with a dead cobra in the bottle. They hallucinated Springfield as a whimsical children's fantasy anime.
* In Creator/TexAvery's "The Shooting of Dan [=McGoo=]", a character drinks a shot of ''straight whiskey'' and promptly shoots up to the ceiling like a rocket. When he lands, he complains, "This stuff's been cut!", with Droopy adding, "Whaddaya want for 10 cents, gasoline?"
* ''WesternAnimation/TheMask''
** In the season one episode "Split Personality" (where Stanley Ipkiss's mask gets split in two and the evil half is worn by the bully who harassed Ipkiss in high school), Stanley (who's wearing the good half of the Mask) goes to a biker bar where he orders (after being taunted about not having ordered a "man's drink") a "red hot battery acid piledriver with extra formaldehyde in a dirty glass with a black widow spider riding on the olive." The bartender gives Stanley/The Mask the drink, but adds, "We're out of olives." Stanley/The Mask drinks it and breathes fire on the bartender.
** In the season two episode "Flight as a Feather", The Mask foils a suicide bombing attempt by the Mayor's stripper ex-girlfriend (ItMakesSenseInContext) by pulling off her strategically-placed suicide belts, mixing them into a blender, and drinking the mixture (but not before distracting Kellaway and Doyle by flashing Cookie's naked body in front of them).
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Squidbillies}}'' has Early Cuyler's "Party Liquor" or "Glug". It's mostly pine cone liquor, but other ingredients include antifreeze, brake fluid, all-weather coolant, gasoline, hair spray, paint stripper, meth, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking mint leaves]] and Early's own ink (which is probably at least 70 proof).
* ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad''
** This was a major plot point in an episode, where Hayley drank something so strong that it killed one of her kidneys. Her experienced mother and her mother's friend could only handle it after decades of drinking.
** In "Season's Beatings", Roger makes his special eggnog and tests it on a rat. The rat screams, decapitates another rat, drinks its blood, runs around with the head as a hat, throws up blood and explodes.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Archer}}'' gives us Pam's favorite drink, the Green Russian: "They're absinthe and, uh... milk."
* In the ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'' episode "[[ChristmasEpisode Comfort and Joy]]", Hawkgirl decides to show Green Lantern her own way of celebrating by taking him to [[WretchedHive Omega Quadrant, third moon of Galtos]]. They enter a seedy bar where she orders them two tankards of "blurb." [[TheLadette Hawkgirl]] quickly chugs hers down. Green Lantern attempts to drink some of his but quickly spits it out, realizing that the drink is not only putrid but is also ''crawling with bugs inside''.
--> '''Green Lantern:''' [[SarcasmMode Delicious]].
** Subverted in the ''Justice League Unlimited'' episode "Flash and Substance" when a group of villains describing themselves as "the hardest men in town" make their {{Drink Order}}s... and proceed to ask for the lamest, most harmless beverages imaginable:
--> '''Waitress:''' What'll it be, boys?\\
'''Captain Boomerang:''' Arnold Palmer.\\
'''Trickster:''' Cherry cola.\\
'''Mirror Master:''' Decaf soy latte.\\
'''Captain Cold:''' Milk. ''(Beat)'' My ulcer's been acting up.
* ''WesternAnimation/RegularShow'':
** Rigby's homemade Rig-Juice. It's potent enough to neutralize the effects of an Intelligence-boosing juice that was causing Mordecai and Rigby to no longer understand normal people (who now sounded like cavemen to them).
** "The Mississippi Queen". [[BlazingInfernoHellfireSauce A concoction so absurdly spicy]] that Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson spent the rest of the party they were attending experiencing a DisneyAcidSequence played to the tune of "Mississippi Queen" by 70's rock band Mountain. It even came with a little umbrella.
* In [[WesternAnimation/MiscellaneousDisneyShorts The Ballad of Windwagon Smith]], the "jug of Old Kansas Corn" whiskey used to christen the giant wind-wagon is strong enough to bleach the face of the ship's cigar-store Indian figurehead and give it a drunken grin.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' episode "The Peanut Butter Kid", when Peter and Lois are overworking Stewie after he becomes a child actor, Peter gives him a bit of "8-Hour Energy", which is a mix of 5-Hour Energy, espresso, Scotts Turf Builder, and a "tiny, tiny super small" amount of cocaine. A sip causes Stewie to become instantly wired and he [[EyeScream bleeds out of his eye]]. Peter later gives him another batch with ecstasy thrown in so they can go clubbing.
* ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'' has Mabel-Juice, a homemade drink that apparently gives you a lot of extra energy. Two variants are shown on the show: bright green and bright pink. It's unknown what goes into it, but it always has ice cubes and plastic toys floating inside. Grunkle stan describes it as "if coffee and nightmares had a baby".