Gargle Blaster / Newspaper Comics

Examples of Gargle Blasters in Newspaper Comics.
  • Knights of the Dinner Table
    • During a Hackmaster campaign, a particular bar requires first-time patrons to order Gut Busters. They use it to weed out low-level characters; drinking a drink of it does 1d10 damage, which is more than most first-level characters have. Bob's character, after being assaulted by certain patrons, gets a double, forgetting both that he's been injured and that each shot does 1d10 damage. He dies from the drink, to the shame of his party members.
    • Mojo Dave's "mojo juice" apparently has this effect in the real world.
  • Subverted in one old Hägar the Horrible strip: told that "You gotta be tough to drink in this place" at the bar he's frequenting, Hägar downs something that creates the typical effects... but when he asks for a glass of water afterward, the bartender tells him, "That was a glass of our water!"
  • The Kickapoo Joy Juice from Li'l Abner, having been described as "more inflammable than jet fuel".