Gargle Blaster / Live-Action TV

Uncle Choi: I been making okolehao since Chin was in diapers.
Chin Ho Kelly: That's Hawaiian for white lightning.
Uncle Choi: Old family recipe. Very popular around the holidays. The key is in root of ti leaf.
Danno Williams: (uncertainly) That, that's good. Sounds delicious.
Chin Ho: Actually, it is, but it's not for the weak of heart.
— "Kahu", Hawaii Five-0

Examples of Gargle Blasters in Live-Action TV.

  • Game of Thrones: The beverage Mance serves Jon in "The Children" is fermented milk, which makes Jon gag.
  • On an episode of Married... with Children, the Bundys sit around a smoking glass of yellow liquid and Peg and the kids are urging Al to drink it by telling him it's Tang. Even though Al points out that "Tang doesn't smoke."
  • Star Trek
    • Star Trek: The Next Generation features a just-barely Gargle Blaster on the episode "Relics", where James "Scotty" Doohan was a guest star — it was apparently the only real alcoholic beverage on the entire ship. Data tastes it several times to try to determine its composition, is perplexed, and finally settles for describing it (accurately) as "... green." The big surprise at the end of this sequence — intended to showcase the hard-drinking Scotty's contempt for the weak, pampered, synthehol-drinking inhabitants of the 24th century — is discovering that Picard knows it as Aldebaran whiskey and, in fact, was the one responsible for stocking it on the ship.
    • The above is also a Shout-Out to an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series where Scotty engages an Alien Of The Week in a drinking contest (and eventually drinks that alien under the table), and the only description he can give of the beverage he brings out is, "It's green." note 
    • The TNG Shout Out is actually a very accurate one, as in the TOS episode ("By Any Other Name"), it is obvious Scotty is making several attempts to SAY 'Aldeberan', but is so plastered by then, he cannot make his mouth work well enough to SAY Aldeberan.
    • "Up The Long Ladder" features Worf ordering a syntheholic Klingon drink called Chech'tluth for a Space Irishman who is looking to get drunk. Despite being a champion drinker, one sip of the stuff makes the man tipsy and renders him unable to communicate except in desperate gasps for several seconds. The shot of his expression going from "Federation wimps and their so-called booze" to "I have just been hit in the face with a cricket bat" is a thing of beauty.
      • Considering it was Worf who ordered it, one wonders what was in it to provoke such an extreme reaction from the drinker. That said, he complimented the drink for being strong enough for him to feel it.
    • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine features a bar regularly, but the mix that most evokes this trope is the (implied to be aptly-named) "warp core breach".
    • Klingon Blood Wine is so stated to be much stronger than whiskey — so much so that it is used as a test of character for candidates for induction into the Order of Kahless. Essentially, anyone who can drink blood wine all night and remain standing long enough to accept the order's badge in the morning is worthy of induction.
    • Romulan ale is so potent that even Klingons have trouble with it, as seen in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. According to Star Trek: Nemesis, it's actually illegal in the Federation (Though this may have to do with the fact that it's made in the Romulan Empire, which has centuries of political conflicts with Federation)!
  • A Lost in Space episode where Doctor Smith is mistaken for a lookalike gunslinger and plays it to the hilt, ordering the gunslinger's favorite drink in a saloon on a Western Planet, inspiring awe among the crowd. IIRC, the bartender actually has to assemble the ingredients wearing heavy gloves.
  • Granny's "tonic" on The Beverly Hillbillies.
  • Red Dwarf
    • Baxter's illegal hooch. In Rimmer's words, "That stuff is like 300% proof. A bottle of that will get the entire Greek Navy drunk!" At 300 proof, by the by, the drink is 150% alcohol. On the British scale, 300 degrees proof would be about 171% alcohol by volume. It pulls alcohol from another dimension when drunk. Or Rimmer is just an idiot... wait.
    Lister: It'll put hairs on your chest!
    Rimmer: It'll put hairs on your lips! It'll put hairs on your hairs!
    • In series 6, when the crew were without the Red Dwarf, Kryten brewed up an opaque liqueur which might fool the unwary into believing it looked like margaritas. It was in fact urine recyc, and left stains that needed removing with turpentine and no happy drinkers at all.
    • In the episode "Gunmen of the Apocalypse", Kryten asks for "the stuff where you get your eyesight back in three days — guaranteed." Later, Lister, Rimmer, and Cat presumably try the same stuff, causing Rimmer to throw up in somebody's hat.
      Lister: (hoarsely) Very smooth.
      Cat: I was expecting something with a little more kick to it.
  • On Cheers, Carla is known for making strong drinks with names such as "Leap into an Open Grave" and "I Know My Redeemer Liveth." The former gets Diane hammered, to which Sam comments, "Oh, Carla, you made her an Open Grave, didn't you?" The latter gets everyone hammered, resulting in Cliff and Norm getting embarrassing tattoos and Carla sleeping with Paul.
  • The "Recipe" for moonshine on The Waltons, given the respect it was given by everyone who knew what it really was (unlike the two elderly sisters who brewed it from their late father's, um, recipe). However, no-one was ever really shown getting blitzed on the stuff.
  • On Greek, the Honors Engineering students whip up a batch of "Aerosol Death Juice" for their party, and have one of the wildest parties ever to grace the Kappa Tau house. And if you consider that Kappa Tau is the Delta House of CRU's Greek Row, that's saying something.
  • In the Australian soap opera spoof Let the Blood Run Free one character's "friends" are trying to corrupt him before his wedding night. After all else fails they resort to a glass of PURE ALCOHOL! (which is steaming ominously). He takes a swig, immediately declares that he's going to get his rocks off with a nearby prostitute, then collapses unconscious.
  • In a Murphy Brown episode where the crew is staying in a Mexican hotel, Miller and Frank order one of these. The bartender says "Dios mio." and crosses himself before making the drink.
  • Black Books has "Life Cry". Fran shows it to her friends and they fall silent, awed by what is apparently the most potent drink in the Black Book universe. As Fran remarks: "You know you're in for a good night when there's a picture of a polar bear bleeding on the label".
  • Bottom
    • In one episode, Eddie, asked if he has any alcohol, produces a bottle apparently containing a mixture of Brandy, Meths, Pernod, paint stripper, Mister Sheen, brake fluid and Drambuie. ("You've got to put something in for the birds, haven't you?") Richie takes a sniff, recoils, and asks...
    Richie: How are you alive?
    Eddie: (tapping side of nose) I may very well not be.
    • In another episode, they combine Pernod, Ouzo, marmalade and salt to create a cocktail Eddie eventually dubs "The Esther Rantzen" on the grounds that it pulls your gums back over your teeth.
    • In yet another episode, Eddie makes home-brew in a bathtub. He's not sure if it's bitter or lager, but it's taking the enamel off the tub. After sampling it (in saucepans, since it keeps dissolving the mugs) the verdict is that it is a cheeky little number with a certain robustness that demands attention — possibly medical.
    • And in one of the Bottom stage shows, Eddie accidentally ferments various bathroom chemicals with his own breath (and flatulence) to create "Weapons-grade lager", a drink so potent that a single sip gets you completely drunk. You then fall unconscious for exactly twenty-four hours and wake up at the same time the next day ready to start drinking again.
  • In The Young Ones episode "Interesting", Vyvyan drinks a mysterious blue drink that removes his hair and reveals a "666" tattoo, causing the Christian to remark, "Behold the Beast," though whether it was alcoholic was not mentioned. Vyvyan is known to mix his drinks with paintstripper and bleach, resulting in a very strong hangover.
  • Twice on Parks and Recreation:
    • In "The Fight", Tom creates a drink called Snakejuice, and describes it as "a bunch of different alcohols... some sugar and coffee, and some other junk". It gets everyone utterly and stupidly plastered, including Ron. When Chris gives Tom a bottle just before he leaves town, Tom wonders how he found it when all stockpiles were apparently destroyed by the FDA, and Chris explains that he got it at a place where people place bets on horse fighting.
    • In "Ron and Tammys", the Swanson family makes their own moonshine, which they use to burn warts off the mules, can melt the shell off a snail and 'whose only legal use is stripping paint off of speedboats'. April has a big Spit Take fit after taking one sip of it and everyone is amazed that Leslie was able to drink a few glasses as part of a Drinking Contest. Ron's mother and ex-wife are able to drink it without much effect and Ron ends the drinking contest by consuming over half a jug in one go.
  • One episode of ER has Dr. Susan Lewis ordering drinks, and when the bartender gives them to her, they're in martini glasses a foot wide with multiple paper umbrellas.
    Bartender: There you go. Two Sacrificial Virgins.
    Susan: Oh my God! How much alcohol is in those?
    Bartender: Enough to make you forget you're being thrown into a volcano.
  • 1000 Ways to Die has the "USSR-Dead" 'case': A Ukrainian immigrant joining the Russian Mafia accidentally drinks sulfuric acid (the same one used to burn his fingerprints so no one could link him to any crimes) while celebrating his initiation. So do his "patrons". They all die when their innards freaking dissolve.
  • The Good Life has the titular Good family's homemade "Peapod Burgundy", the joke being that although they're pretty good suburban farmers, they do not know how to make wine,
    Tom: It's hurting the back of my eyes!
  • Top Gear features the V8 Man's Smoothie. Contains (raw) beef, chillies, Bovril, Tabasco sauce, and a brick. Presenter James May described the concoction as "bloody awful", and Richard Hammond lent it the cocktail name "Desperate Shag in a Skip".
    Jeremy: That'll put testies on your chest!
    Richard: It's put hairs on my eyeballs!!!
  • The Hawaii Five-0 episode "Kahu" reveals that Chin Ho's Uncle Choi is a Hillbilly Moonshiner who makes okolehao, traditional Hawaiian hooch, from the roots of the ti plant. Chin Ho says it's delicious but not for the weak of heart.
  • Trailer Park Boys features swish, a drink described by Bubbles as being an "old, dirty, shitty-tasting, homemade fuckin' liquor... ugh, you can barely get 'er into you but... my fuck, does it ever get you some drunk!"
  • In The Flash (2014), Barry discovers that his enhanced metabolism prevents him from getting drunk, so Caitlin whips up a concoction that she claims is the equivalent of a 500 proof drink.note  Even this only gets him a little buzzed and the effect only lasts for a couple of seconds.
  • Babylon 5 has a few that are rather potent:
    • The Abbai have invented t'm'lai'na, a drink that has been known to dissolve human intestines and corrode metal;
    • Humans being humans, they have invented the Comet Tail. Comes with a recommended limit of two shots to avoid passing out;
    • The Centauri being Centauri, and Narn not wanting to lose to the Centauri, they have, respectively, hot Jala and taree, both more intoxicating than the Comet Tail;
    • The most powerful is the Bor'Kaan, a Drazi drink that Humans can't safely drink without taking an alcohol blocker first. To honour Ivanova after certain events, some Drazi made the "Bor'Kaan Volshool Ivanova", made palatable to Humans by diluting it with vodka.
  • At the start of the punch episode of Good Eats, Alton is attending a dry wedding at some church hall, and talking about how most people today think of "punch" as a low-quality mix of cheap juice and ginger ale, with maybe some sherbet, when in actuality it can be much more than that (and that real punch utilizes alcohol.) While he's talking, a little old lady walks up to the punch bowl and pours in an entire bottle of alcohol, and starts handing out cups of her newly-made Gargle Blaster to other wedding guests, including Alton.
  • Stargate Universe: Since they are stuck on a ship that is literally on the far side of the universe, the crew of the Destiny have no access to standard issue consumables. They take fruits and vegetables they encounter along the way and ferment them followed by a trip through a still.
    Commentary from the man running the still: "It has one redeeming quality."
  • Quoth Michael Scott from The Office (US):
    This is equal parts Scotch, absinthe, rum, gin, vermouth, triple sec, and two packs of Splenda. Call it a One Of Everything.