Game Breaker / Fire Emblem Awakening

Given that this is one of the few games that allows for grinding, and the first to incorporate DLC that allows for more grinding or game breaking, this page is chock full of ways to break the game.

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  • The Sorcerer class is hands down one of the most broken classes in the game, all thanks to one particular tome: Nosferatu. That tome makes beating the game a breeze on most difficulties, and is basically required on Lunatic+. They also have good defenses to help them tank better, and with Nosferatu (which is now purchasable in stores unlike past games), they'll be able to easily restore their health and be self sufficient. Their only real flaw is maybe their Skill, which is a moot point thanks to the Anathema and Hex skills the class offers, both of which reduce enemy Avoid. Dark Magic in general are the strongest weapons in the game. Aversa's Night is a stronger Nosferatu, Waste is a powerful (but a little inaccurate) Brave tome that will strike twice, Ruin has obscenely high Crit (a whopping +50 Crit), and Mire is a long range tome, allowing them to attack from a safe distance. They also have enough versatility to function well in any set up. A defensive set up with Pavise or Aegis can help them tank with Nosferatu, or a more offensive set up with Vantage, Wrath, and Vengeance can help them land Crits for days with Ruin. All in all, Sorcerers are the best class in the game.
  • Dread Fighters, a DLC class. They have ridiculously high Resistance, thanks to their Resistance +10 skill, and they have access to Swords, Axes, and Tomes, allowing them to be a versatile fighter. They also get the very useful Aggressor skill, which adds +10 Atk when the user initiates combat. That is a hefty amount and can help your units take down tougher enemies much easier. Finally, any male can be this class, so half your army can be Dread Fighters.

  • The Avatar. They have access to almost every class, gender permitting, allowing them to get almost every skill. They can be almost any class and do a damn good job at it.
  • Gregor, on account of his class sets and the skills he has access to. A special Axe allows him to use the Vengeance skill, and he has access to Vantage, Wrath, and Axefaire, allowing him to truly take advantage of it. He also has Armsthrift which will allow him to keep holding onto that axe.
  • The second generation in general are without a doubt, the strongest characters. Not only can some of the guys get access to the invaluable Galeforce, the second generation characters often have very high stats thanks to their parents stat modifiers, and in most cases, access to great classes.
    • Morgan: Easily the best character in the game no matter who the other parent is. Having access to every class that their gender permits, and in male Morgan's case, possible having Galeforce passed down to him, they are usually the strongest unit in your army. In general, most female Morgans have a sibling that also has access to nearly every class, so you have two very powerful units. But a male Morgan can have Galeforce passed down to him. A third generation Morgan is also super powerful, even godlike, thanks to inheriting the high stat modifiers of a second gen as well as the Avatar's.
      • One notable Morgan however comes from a unique class, and that's the Manakete class. Morgan can get access to it if her mother is Nowi, Tiki, or Nah, but is most effective with a defensive Nah and if the Avatar has a defensive modifier. A Kellam!Nah!Morgan for example would be invincible, unable to be damaged by pretty much anything.
    • Lucina: Easily the second best character in the game thanks to easy access to Galeforce, as well as having access to Aether and Dual Strike+.
    • A Sumia!Lucina or Maribelle!Lucina will give her access to Dark Flier so she can get Galeforce, but an Olivia!Lucina can give her Dark Flier class, as well as the Assassin and Swordmaster classes for Astra and Lethality.
    • An Avatar!Lucina will give her access to almost every class in the game, and since she's the only required second generation character, she can easily pull her weight in the main campaign and hold her own all the way to the end.
    • Kjelle:
      • Vaike!Kjelle has high Str, HP, and Def, and can be one of your best tanks. On top of that, Vaike can pass down the male exclusive Axefaire to help boost her axe damage even further.
      • Donnel!Kjelle on the other hand, gets access to Galeforce (by way of being given access to the Dark Flier class due to class inheritance incompatibility) and Armsthrift, as well as Donnel's Aptitude, which will help her high growths rise even further.
    • Nah:
      • Kellam!Nah would be an invincible fortress of a dragon that will tank hits for days, thanks to his Defense modifiers.
      • Henry!Nah turns into a very bulky Sorcerer who also gets access to Tomefaire, and will be able to tank well with just Nosferatu alone.
      • Donnel!Nah on the other hand, won't be as durable, but gets access to Galeforce and Armsthrift, allowing her to spam her Dragonstone+ with no fear.
    • Brady:
      • Gaius!Brady or Lon'qu!Brady will turn out to be a Glass Cannon. Even with low Defenses, he'll have high Speed and Skill and a nice class set, granting him the ability to be a great Dread Fighter with access to powerful abilities like Renewal, Counter, Astra, Lethality, Sol, Swordfaire, Tomefaire and Galeforce.
    • Noire:
      • Gaius!Noire will be very fast, and can also tank thanks to access to Sorcerer, General, and she also has some nice skills to obtain like Galeforce, Armsthrift, and Sol (provided Gaius passes it down to her).
      • An Avatar!Noire will be essentially unstoppable on account of having access to nearly every class in the game. Additionally, she, her parents, and her sister Morgan, can all be a family of Sorcerer tanks, allowing them to take on whatever the game has to throw at them.
      • A Donnel!Noire will have excellent growths across the board with only skill, which Noire has plenty of given she is an archer, suffering from it. Donnel can pass down Armsthrift to her as well as granting her access to Galeforce. Donny is also the only parent bar perhaps a Luck favored Avatar that gives Noire a positive growth in Luck.
    • Gerome:
      • Either a Vaike!Gerome or a Frederick!Gerome will turn him into a flying battering ram with incredible Str and Def. He may be one of the few second generations who cannot access Galeforce in any way, but he's still a very powerful tank.
    • Severa:
      • Stahl!Severa has incredible growths and can be one of the game's most powerful characters. She also has access to five very useful skills, being Galeforce, Sol, Luna, Armsthrift, and Patience.
      • Ricken!Severa may be unusual, but he can give the aforementioned skills and also give her access to the Dark Knight class, allowing her to put ANY class passed down to her to great use.
      • Lon'qu!Severa makes her lightning fast thanks to his speed modifiers, and she gets access to Astra and Lethality, and can be the epitome of a dodge tank, especially with Lancebreaker, Swordbreaker, and Lucky Seven all available as well.
    • Owain: He's a versatile character whose growths allow him to do any class well, and is easily one of the game's best Dread Fighters.
      • If you want a specific Owain though, Ricken!Owain turns him into a powerful Sage thanks to his mother's Magic modifiers helping him out.
    • Laurent:
      • Ricken!Laurent gives him a very high Magic modifier, allowing him to be a powerful Sage or Sorcerer.
      • Lon'qu!Laurent gives him a lot of Speed.
      • Gregor!Laurent gives access to Armsthrift, which is invaluable for Sorcerer tanking, and it also doesn't harm his Magic modifier too much.
  • Walhart. He's a Bonus Boss that can be recruited in a Spotpass chapter, and he has very high stats and a great class. His class, Conqueror, is a stronger Great Knight, with more St and Def. His Conquest skill prevents bonus damage on him (since he is a mounted and armored class), and he has a powerful unique weapon, the Wolf Berg, which only he can use.

    Weapons and Items 
  • Second Seals. They allow you to reclass a character to change to a different class, but it resets their level back to Lv 1, while also keeping any stats and skills they have acquired up to that point. With enough grinding, enough Second Seals can help you max out the stats of a character. All it would require is enough patience and grinding, which either DLC maps or Reeking Boxes can help with.
  • Rescue Staffs. It's an easy to obtain Staff that can be bought from stores, and is also easy to use since it's just a Rank E staff. It helps Staff users gain a lot of EXP, but its main purpose is to bring other allied units closer to the caster. In a series where unit positioning is of the utmost importance, this Staff is invaluable. In the older games, the Rescue staff was more limited and only one or two was received in the game, making you really think of when to properly use it. Now, you can just buy them to your heart's content and spam it all you like, gaining EXP in the process. You can do risky strategies like sending in some strong, fragile units to take out a threat and then Rescue them back to safety. It really says a lot when the hardest DLC map, Apotheosis, is less about being "a challenging map that requires strategy", to "kill something, use the Rescue staff, repeat".
  • Brave weapons. Again, like in past games, these were usually very rare, to the point that you would only get maybe one or two per game. Their ability to attack twice is invaluable. That's more chances to activate skills, more damage to be dealt, and has no drawbacks. Now, you can buy as many as you want. There's even the lower rank Sword and Tome equivalents, the Eirika's Blade and Celica's Gale, which can be obtained through SpotPass listed in the Others and DLC folder.
  • The weapons which are listed as belonging to characters from previous series. Hector's Axe grants +2 to Strength and Defense when Equipped. Ephraim's Lance grants +2 to Strength and Speed, Finn's Lance grants +2 to Defense and Luck, Seliph's Blade grants +2 to Speed and Resistance, Titania's Axe is a free Patience, Roy's Blade is a D-Rank Steel Sword with higher crit rate, Katarina's Bolt is basically a Killer Tome and of course, there's the aforementioned Celica's Gale and Eirika's Blade and lastly, Alm's blade, a B-Rank sword with 15 MT that can be forged to have greater MT than an Infinity+1 Sword.

  • Galeforce. This skill is single handedly the most broken skill in the game. It is a skill from the Dark Flier class, and what it does is that the skill allows the user to perform another action after defeating an enemy, and this can only work once per turn. Remember Canto? This is basically a superior version of that skill, which is saying something considering how game-breaking the ability to re-move after an attack really is, let alone getting a guaranteed two turns at once. The applications of this skill are limitless, such as killing two threatening enemies at once, accelerating your completion of map objectives, better positioning, performing a hit and run strategy... the list goes on. You could even have two units in a pair up with the skill, have the lead unit kill an enemy, move to another, switch to the other unit, have them kill an enemy, and then you've killed two enemies and can either potentially kill a third or retreat to safety. This skill is the most popular and most highly suggested skill to pass down to second generation characters, since males cannot get the skill. But, they can combine this skill with the male exclusive Aggressor for more effectiveness.
  • The Vantage and Vengeance, and optionally Wrath combination of skills. Vantage allows the user to strike first when at half HP or less, even on the Enemy Phase. Vengeance works in tandem with that by having an absurdly high activation rate, (Skill x2)%, which can easily be 100% activation with enough grinding and the right set up, and what Vengeance does is that it boosts the user's damage if the user has low HP. Wrath is also useful since it gives +20 Crit when the user is at half HP or less, which can help with say, the Ruin tome which has a great +50 Crit.
  • Dual Strike+, exclusive to Chrom and Lucina. It increases the Dual Strike activation rate by +10%. It may sound tame, but it's easy to reach a 100% Dual Strike chance, allowing the paired up unit to always follow up. When combined with weapons that attack twice, this can be an easy six attacks before the enemy even has a chance to strike back. Combine that with the Vantage + Vengeance combo listed above, and you can watch as even the strongest enemies in Apotheosis fall before you.
    • An added bonus is that the Dual Strikes don't activate Counter. In theory, it would be possible to pair up a weak enough unit holding a Joke Weapon with Lucina so that the lead unit does either no damage (which wouldn't activate Counter) or Scratch Damage while Lucina does the real damage.
  • Armsthrift, a Mercenary skill. If it activates, then it allows you to use a weapon without spending one of its uses. It also has a high activation rate, being (Luck x2)%. With enough grinding, it's easy to raise your Luck to 50, meaning your wepaons can never break. All those weapons that were considered Too Awesome to Use (like powerful forged weapons, or the low durability but powerful Glass weapons, or even the legendary weapons) can now be used freely.
    • Combine this with the Leif's Blade and the right unit, it's easy to make a lot of Gold this way. The Leif's Blade gives you a Luck% chance of getting an item that sells for 1000 Gold, so with enough Luck, Armsthrift will keep the weapon from breaking and the sword itself will gives you that item essentially every other kill.
  • Paragon, a DLC skill. It is obtained in the Lost Bloodlines 3 DLC, and what it does is that it doubles EXP gained. You could easily get more and the skill can help you grind with more characters easily, and it stacks with Veteran, meaning the Avatar and their children would be able to max out their levels even faster.
  • Aggressor, another DLC skill, as listed above in the Dread Fighter entry under classes. A straight up +10 Atk boost is amazing, even if it only works when the player initiates combat.
  • Limit Breaker, yet another DLC skill. This skill raises the stat caps of a unit by 10, meaning with enough grinding, that's a free +10 to all stats. All it requires is enough patience to raise your stats that far.

    Other and DLC 
  • The Pair Up function. It gives stat boosts, and can potentially allow for more damage given or mitigate damage taken. An S Ranked couple gets the highest boosts, and can potentially solo maps, even on Lunatic. The function is so great that it's actually a challenge not to use it, and it also gets nerfed quite a bit in the next game.
  • The Avatar Logbook allows you to register your Avatar or an Einherjar that any other file can purchase for use. You could have a super powerful Game Breaker the moment you have enough Gold and the moment you have access to the Logbook... even right at the start of the playthrough.
  • Streetpass Abuse. All you need are two or more 3DS systems and one cartridge of the game. Set up Streetpass on the other systems and Streetpass yourself. Any items that you had on your team can be purchased any time you Streetpass, allowing you to easily stock up on really rare stat up items.
    • Streetpassing in general, if one lives in a populated area, can also help you get a lot of good stuff. Some players set up "shop teams" where their team is unequipped but holding powerful weapons or stat up items, allowing anyone who Streetpasses them to buy their stuff.
  • The SpotPass teams. They have powerful, easy to obtain units with a bunch of good skills and high stats, they can be reclassed, and don't leave your party. Additionally, you can also summon a team just to buy their weapons. Most notably, the "Eirika's Blade" sword and "Celica's Gale" tome are inexpensive and both weapons attack twice, and are also easy to wield since they're only rank C for their weapon types. SpotPass teams can be summoned infinitely, so as long as you are patient enough and also have enough Gold, you can stock up on amazing weapons at your leisure.
  • The DLC Maps EXPonential Growth and Golden Gaffe help when grinding for experience or gold. Both maps are full of enemies who won't engage you in combat and will try to run away, and will give either lots of experience or lots of gold upon their defeat. The former is good for gaining experience early on, but the more your units level up and reclass, the harder it is to get experience. Which brings us to the next map.
  • The Lost Bloodlines 3 map gives you the Paragon skill book, which doubles experience gained. The map itself is also easy to level up in if you're strong enough, as with Paragon, it's enough to give you at least four to eight levels. All you need to do is pair up with Chrom (since he's a mandatory deploy) and park on the fort and equip some 1-2 range weapons and watch as enemies line up to die to you.
  • The Champions of Yore 3 map gives you the All Stats +2 skill book, which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin, and Micaiah. All Stats +2 is a general nice boost no matter the difficulty or no matter how far you are in the game. What's so special about Micaiah, then? She comes with Shadowgift, which allows her to use the powerful Dark Magic tomes in other magic classes, notably the Dark Flier class. She can Nosferatu tank as a Sage or a Dark Flier, or go on the offensive with Waste or Ruin and be a very powerful magical unit. Lastly, being an Einherjar means she has access to every non-male-exclusive, non-manakete class in the game, allowing for countless game-breaking skill combinations.
  • The Katarina Einherjar you get as a reward for Apotheosis, the only female Einherjar to come with the male-exclusive Rally Strength, allowing her to easily become a Rally-bot (An unit equipped with 5 Rally skills to massively buff the party). The catch? Being a female unit, she can get the Rally Heart skill from Bride which, combined with Rally Spectrum, Rally Strength and any other rally abilities of your choice, allow her to become a massively powerful support unit. The only issue is the fact that by the time you get won't have any need for an unit like her anymore....until you realize she is registered in the Logbook and you can easily recruit her into your team in subsequent playthroughs by forgoing some easily farmable gold. On top of everything, like Micaiah above, she comes with Shadowgift.