Gainax Ending: Adventure Time

Adventure Time has so many weird episode endings that it gained its own page.

Of course, since these are endings, unmarked spoilers ahoy!
  • The "Tree Trunks" episode ends with the eponymous guest character taking a bite from the fruit they've been pursuing all episode. She explodes. Then we see her running, laughing, through crystal.
  • Mixed with No Ending in "Evicted!". After a whole episode of dealing with Marceline taking over Finn and Jake's house, she gives it back... and they return to find a giant worm that blasts them with a ray of some sort and asks them to hug it. It got a Mind Screwdriver of sorts in "King Worm"... three seasons later! (And it also had an ambiguous ending, since it mirrored the final scene from "Evicted!".)
  • At the end of "Power Animal", Jake suddenly says "Let's go eat Cinnamon Bun!"
  • There was another one in "The Chamber of Frozen Blades" when Gunter, one of the Ice King's penguins that he took to the hospital, lays an egg that hatches... into a floating, pink cat. Then the Ice King says, "Gunter, why didn't you tell me?" (Gunter says "Wa-wa-wa" as if to say "I don't know") "Oh-ho-ho, Gunter-" as he is interrupted by Finn and Jake both kicking him. (While the cat would appear in later episodes, it still hasn't been explained.)
  • Another example is at the end of "Her Parents" when Finn and Jake taste "Soy People," which is said to taste exactly like humans... of which Finn is the last. Not at all helped by Jake actually saying, "Finn, you taste delicious!". Then Finn tastes it and grins as the background music slowly tenses and gets louder, to the point where it gets distorted enough to blow out a speaker.
  • In "The Other Tarts," the psychotic Tart Toter bursts into the castle, brandishing a chicken and a squirrel in place of tarts, foaming at the mouth. He says: "This cosmic dance bursting with decadence and withheld permissions twists all our arms collectively, but... If sweetness can win, (and it can!), then I'll still be here tomorrow to high-five you, yesterday, my friends. Peace." As he says this, the camera zooms in on his deranged, foaming face, and fades to the Tart Toter's delusion of drifting through space, surrounded by sweets, and LSP is in the space background, taking a donut. All of a sudden, it cuts back to the castle, where Finn cringes and says "Geesh...", and the episode ends.
  • The ending of the season 4 finale "The Lich". In an attempt to stop The Lich from escaping through a portal conjured by the Enchiridion, Finn and Jake go through the portal and... we see what appears to be an alternate universe where Finn's clothes and face are different, he has a crudely-made prosthetic right arm, he plays the flute, Jake is a regular dog, and they live on a farm with Finn's mother. The episode ends when she asks Finn to come inside for something urgent. It was a cliffhanger to the events of season 5's two-parter premiere, "Finn the Human" and "Jake the Dog".
  • "Princess Potluck" ends with Jake getting randomly shot at the back of his head with an arrow by the squirrel from "The Duke", who has suffered, pardon the understatement, massive Sanity Slippage.
    Jake: (not recognizing the squirrel) Heey... yooooou.
  • "Shh!" abruptly ends with a Dance Party Ending... and then Party God (yet another Call Back, this time to "Power Animal") comes in and crashes it.
  • "The New Frontier" ends with Finn pretending to be a ghost while chasing Jake around the cave, and right afterwards comes a short sequence containing Banana Man doing a dance against a multicolored background. Note that before the sequence began, Banana Man was shown passed out in the pool.
  • "Hug Wolf" ends with Finn managing to defeat the Alpha Hug Wolf who turns back into a female humanoid. Jake asks her for a hug to which she suddenly turns into the Tree monster from earlier, cue Jake screaming, cut to black.
  • The ending of "Puhoy." Finn dies while in the pillow world and ends up back in the real world not remembering a thing. Was it a dream, or did it really happen?
  • The end of "Dungeon Train" where Finn shows Jake the future orb showing them washing dishes hinting that Finn won't be on the train forever. The episode then ends abruptly.
  • "Box Prince". Finn gazes at the remains of the "kingdom" with the cats playing around and wonders if it even was a kingdom. The cats then dog-pile on Finn and purr. The end.
  • "Red Starved". Marceline sucks the red (or pink) out of Princess Bubblegum, and PB ends up as a deflated, grey sack. Then PB asks Finn for the "Spoon of Prosperity" that they were using at the beginning of the episode. PB puts the spoon on her nose which somehow turns her back to normal. They all leave the cave inside a giant sand worm.
  • "Escape From the Citadel" ends with one of the most bizarre twists imaginable, with the show's Big Bad The Lich being reduced to a baby who is apparently going to be adopted by Mr. Pig and Tree Trunks, and is possibly the sole reason they will remain married.
  • "Breezy" ends with Finn and Breezy singing together about their love, which somehow causes the flower where Finn's arm used to turn into a tree and explode, inexplicably regenerating his arm in the process. Then the episode suddenly ends without Finn and Breezy's relationship being resolved.
  • "Joshua and Margaret Investigations" is a Whole Episode Flashback told by Jake about the day he was born. At the end of the episode, Jake's parents decide to never tell Jake about the day he was born.
    Jake: And so they never told me.
    Finn: Never told you what?
    Jake: I don't know. They never told me. Ha!
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