Furry Confusion / Live-Action TV

  • In Dinosaurs, all the animals act like humans. Therefore, in a perfectly logistic twist and the natural solution for this trope, all the Neanderthal humans take over the roles of animals, acting or being treated something like dogs.
  • Lampshaded on Even Stevens
    Louis "Is it fair that Pluto has to wear a leash and sleep in a doghouse while Goofy, who is also a dog, gets to drive around in a car and play golf with Mickey?"
  • In a Monty Python's Flying Circus sketch, two pantomime horses get into a pastiche of chase scenes — which at one moment has the pantomime horses riding on horseback.
  • The various Muppet productions have had some fun lampshading and subverting this issue. To wit:
    • On The Muppet Show, Gonzo, an anthropomorphic... birdlike... something eventually revealed to be chicken hawk, and was thus dubbed the set's resident expert on chickens, seemed to be in a relationship with Camilla, a non-anthropomorphic chicken who only speaks through clucks.
    • And there have been both talking puppet chickens ("I'm a chicken; this sketch is a turkey!") and ordinary chickens on the show. If he wanted to dance with a chicken... well... but then, getting a puppet chicken that could actually dance would've ruined the comedy of watching Gonzo urge a real chicken to "please do something!" would have been compromised.
    • Gonzo once tried to romance a cow. And not a Muppet cow, either. A real cow.
    • In one segment, Rowlf, a Muppet dog, sang "What a Wonderful World" to a non-Muppet dog. This could be excused out of sheer adorable.
      • Likewise, Link Hogthrob sang "Sonny Boy" to a real-life piglet.
    • In The Muppets Take Manhattan, Kermit (with temporary amnesia) goes into hysterics at the thought of a Frog wanting to marry a Pig, complete with ridiculous puns. Did amnesia turn him off the idea of Interspecies Romance? And in one episode of the show, an android Kermit replica — long story — flirts with Piggy thusly: "A frog and a pig! We could be married and have bouncing baby figs!"
      • Manhattan also features a scene with Rowlf operating a kennel with a mixture of Muppet and non-Muppet dogs.
    • A Muppet Family Christmas ended with Kermit giving Miss Piggy a gift of a mink — a live, anthropomorphic mink who proclaims herself Piggy's biggest fan. Creepy...
    • But not nearly as thought-provoking as what happens when the two are cast as the Cratchits in the The Muppet Christmas Carol. As a shot around the holiday table makes clear, all the female Cratchit kids are pigs, and all the males -- including an adorable Robin as Tiny Tim -- are frogs.
    • Don't forget that the "happy ending" includes all of them preparing to feast on a turkey dinner, including the Muppet turkeys that act like turkeys!
    • Maybe the Muppetised, singing fruit was a parody of this? ?Momma always told me, never eat singing food.?
    • By far the worst was the Denny's commercial, with Piggy happily ordering meals the included ham, bacon, and sausage.
    • Not to mention the original plot of The Muppet Movie, in which Kermit refuses to advertise frog legs because he is a frog, and would not want to contribute to the slaughter and consumption of his own species. Except ... he is a singing, dancing frog who talks and acts like a human, and has way longer legs than the frog legs advertised.
    • Played with in this Sesame Street sketch. Kermit's reaction when the frog is brought out says it all.
    • Two web shorts involve the skateboarding dog. The Muppets, including Rowlf, seem completely unable to distinguish between a real dog and a muppet dog, talking about him as if he were capable of anything a muppet dog could do.
    • The Muppets even go one step further; Both The Muppet Show and Muppets Tonight had episodes that involved ventriloquist dummies. As Boppity (a muppet from The Great Santa Claus Switch) once said, "I can hardly believe it- a stick of wood that talks!"
  • Topo Gigio is a mouse and he has a pet cat, and the cat is even smaller than him (and no, he's not a giant mouse as he is often seen speaking with humans).
  • Shows where the characters are portrayed as people in costumes may get a bit more slack with this trope. Nonetheless, there are a few episodes of Zoobilee Zoo that are thought provoking:
    • In one episode, Lookout Bear adopts a non-anthropomorphic dog played by a real dog. The image of a guy in a bear costume playing with a real dog was pretty jarring. (And we'd give anything within reason to know what the dog was thinking.)
    • In another episode, a witch arrives to bully the residents of Zoobilee Zoo by making them — and these were her exact words — "act like animals!" (Bravo is the only one who replies, "I already act like a fox.")
    • Finally, there was an episode where the characters travel back to Zoobilee Zoo's distant past and meet a human caveman. (Really, the only way all of this could make sense is if the show takes place at an Anthro-Con that never ends.)
  • Parodied in an episode of Out of Jimmy's Head, when Jimmy visits "Animal-Lovin'" Kevin's house and his cartoon friends stare in confusion at their real-life counterparts within Kevin's menagerie. Even Pickles is confused by an actual pickle in a jar.