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Funny Background Event: Web Comics
  • Gunnerkrigg Court: In this strip, Kat and Andrew's facial expressions reference a Running Gag involving Kat's love of birds, while Annie talks to herself in the foreground.
  • 8-Bit Theatre does this occasionally with Black Mage asking White Mage out and getting beaten up.
    • Conversely, this strip had Black Mage asking her out with her trying to think of a proper response to get him to really stop asking her, while Fighter, Red Mage, and Thief float off into the sky seemingly because Fighter "slayed gravity".
    • Also this strip.
    • And down the bottom of this one, capping off the Running Gag about drilling for mana. Warning: spoilers.
  • Happens in this Irregular Webcomic! strip.
  • A rather common occurrence in Girl Genius, especially when Agatha's little clanks are around.
  • MegaTokyo has tons of little side jokes and things in its backgrounds. Spotting them all has become a kind of official sport on the forums.
  • The KA Mics does this occasionally.
  • Bittersweet Candy Bowl does it occasionally.
  • A regular staple of Penny Arcade, especially involving the Fruit Fucker.
  • Epic use in Sluggy Freelance (this strip), where the edge of the panel changes the meaning of some background text, which in turn finishes Torg and Sasha's sentences.
  • Inverted in EarthBound fan comic The Chosen Four, thus making it a "Funny Foreground Event." While the main plot takes the back seat, two Exit Mice can be seen chatting. Meanwhile, Ness, Paula, and Jeff can be seen running around in the background in a comedic chase with the rabidly decreasing Guardian Diggers, which is then joined in by Gigantic Ants attempting to avenge their brother Titanic Ant, and then all of the sudden a horde of Mad Ducks and Noose Men.
  • Homestuck combines this with Mood Whiplash. HoNk
    • It also happens numerous times once Doc Scratch takes over the narration. For instance these two pages, wherein SS can be seen in the background (and page header) employing atrocious candy bowl etiquette. Then later, while the audience is distracted by Vriska vs. Bec Noir, SS wanders around in the header, casually spreading gasoline around the room, which he then lights on fire.
      • Inverted as well in that some fans actually forgot to look at the main panels, focused on the Background events, such as Jade accidently killing Dave, and didn't notice Doc Scratch as he beat up Slick with a book.
    • During Dave's adventures in the LOHAC Stock Exchange, various timeshifted Daves are wandering around in disguises, including one wearing a beagle puss on top of his shades.
  • Something Positive has this gem. look at Choo-Choo Bear
  • The Girl Next Door, this strip.
  • These two College Roomies from Hell!!! strips. The first one becomes even funnier when you realize the relationship between her and April and how she would be feeling about her right now.
  • Eerie Cuties shows what happens when the resident tomboy gets a good look at the local succubus.
  • Following Heather "Spinnerette" Brown accidentally destroyed a hugely expensive genetic modification device thingy, we get to see a panel that's been installed in the lab: "In Case of Heather, Break Glass".
  • Scandinavia and the World: This one has Norway trying to keep Denmark away from the beer while Sister Sweden is talking to her brother.
  • Nuzlocke Comics ribs its own Schedule Slip in Ruby's battle with Lorelei, by way of the audience holding a sign that says "UPDATE FASTER".
  • Numerous examples in Bite Me!, such as there being hilarious meanings to french written on signs in the background, or tiny snippets of background conversations, once even between rats discussing political philosophy.
  • Miscellaneous Error has one across two strips.
  • Done subtly in Freefall. During the visit to Ecosystems Unlimited arc, careful observation will show that every time Sam encounters someone with a differently colored security pass, he will steal it and replace theirs with whatever one he has at the time.
  • In the General Protection Fault crossover with User Friendly, Fooker fights with the person who gave him the software that got him in trouble while Nick talks with his co-worker in the foreground.
  • The guy in the background of this Questionable Content has made some mistakes.
  • The Transformers Animated web comic Discovery had a very interesting background event that involved Wheeljack exploding something.
  • The various wall posters on Academia. One of them is of Charles Darwin with the label "Chuck D", and another is of the extinct crocodilian Sarcosuchus, labelled "Snarkosuchus".
  • In O Human Star, Sulla has absolutely no respect for awkward silences.
  • The Wotch has a kid on a skateboard who runs into telephone poles a lot. See here. He gets a slightly more important role here.
  • Unwinders Tall Comics. In this strip, Howard is in the background, apparently spewing flies out of his mouth. In this strip, Moist Rider can be seen working in the background of Howard's coffee shop, which ties in with that strip's Alt Text, "Howard won't hire anyone he didn't create."
  • Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire features this trope, as can be seen in this comic.
  • In El Goonish Shive, the non-canon "Oblivious Wand Waving" storyline has this in spades starting with this strip where a guy is turned into a girl complete with clothing changes after drinking a soda.
  • Precocious: In the "The Protest" story, Tiffany is found in both the "down with Jacob" and the "Team Jacob" groups.
  • In the visual novel styled morphE all of the backgrounds in Amical's manor include paintings of Amical. Most of them are normal enough but there are some abnormalities which appear briefly in important CG scenes or distantly in the background of some shots. Examples to date include Amical skiing away from the SkiFree Yeti, Amical as a mermaid and Amical streaking.

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