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Funny: Zork: Grand Inquisitor
  • Zork: Grand Inquisitor. Basically all of it. Starting with the intro movie.
  • "Never forget 'who is the boss of you?' ME! I am the boss of YOU! I! AM! THE BOSS! OF YOU!
  • The humorous material in the game can be divided into five categories: things Dalboz says ("You gain 86 experience points and found a healing potion. Oops, um, wrong kind of dungeon master."), Have a Nice Death messages ("At least this is what you assume he does. You are far too dead to know for certain."), moments involving Antharia Jack ("Can I at least have a hug?"), things your three totemized party members say ("Oh c'mon! You gotta be a moron to perform impromptu root canal on a sleeping dragon. It just isn't done."), and everything else ("The Alarm System is down. Can everybody please try and cheer him up?").
  • At one point, the player must willingly run themselves through the Totemizer machine. Depending on how you messed with the controls beforehand, you can either get stuck on the side of the Jersey Turnpike, get flung into space, spend an eternity in hell or go exactly where you need to go... only to realize you can't de-totemize. Dalboz comments on every single possibility.
  • The Hades Shuttle Courtesy Phone puzzle is incredibly convoluted, but entirely possible to solve given a time and a notebook. Realizing on a repeat playthrough that Kendall lets you bypass it is hilarious, in an awful way.
  • "A sword on a noose. I like that. It's like soap on a rope, only a little tougher to market."
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