Funny / Zombie Prom

  • This bit during "Delilah's Confession" always gets a big laugh:
    Ms. Strict: I'll never forget it; five minutes of sweaty, sordid paradise that RUINED MY LIFE FOREVER!
    All boys: (to Flagrante) Five minutes... ?
    Flagrante: I was young. I was very young!
  • A lot of the scenes with Eddie Flagrante and Josh are pretty funny.
  • When Ramona coughs very ungracefully after taking a drag off of the cigarette.
  • Basically the whole scene in the Television studio.
  • "Aie Papi."
  • A lot of the lines from the greek chorus of teenagers are hilarious.
    "It's kind of romantic, don't you think, losing your boyfriend to nuclear waste."
    "You gotta cheer up, he only died." "Yeah, it's not like he's screwing around."
    (in response to the above line) "What kind of thing is that to say to someone who just drove her boyfriend to suicide!?"
    "Jonny?!" "Joshhhhh."
    "School is no place to be sad Toffee, be like my mother and save that for home. Where no one can see you."