Funny / Zoids: Chaotic Century

  • In an early episode, Fiona and Van are exploring an old war ruin and Van starts checking lockers set to a tune that would be present in a horror movie. Cue opening a locker that Zeke had accidentally locked himself inside and the two freaking each other out.
  • Without consulting with Van, Fiona tosses all of their water because it's gone stagnant. As he starts to get dehydrated he hallucinaes a ton of Super-Deformed Fionas run up to him laughing all carrying water...before dumping it all on the ground in front of him.
  • There's the episode where Van, Fiona and Thomas are guarding Emperor Rudolf during his vacation, and Thomas works with Marianne to confess his love to Fiona. When he finally musters up the courage to declare his love for her... he accidentally confesses to Zeke. Zeke responds rather positively.
    • Thomas gives Fiona a present as a sentimental gift of his love. So how does Fiona react? To say thank you and then happily run over to Van to show him the present she just got. Fiona grew up but she's still a Cloud Cuckoo Lander.
    • Zeke keeps screwing up Thomas' confessions, so after the last one Marianne ties him up to a tree so he can't interfere. The whole time that Thomas is flubbing his confessions you can see Marianne reacting appropriately while Zeke struggles in the background.
  • Irvine and Van get into a fist fight so Fiona cheers on for both of them to beat the crap out of the other.
  • Fiona was quite a bit of a Cloud Cuckoo Lander, but there was one time where the group had to somehow sneak their Zoids by some guards without suspicion. Their strategy? Have Moonbay and Fiona pretend they're off to Moonbay's wedding. The only thing Fiona says throughout the entire exchange between the guards is "My sister's getting married today," with varying degrees of emotion. Amazingly enough, it all makes sense in context.
  • Fiona tries to talk Van out fighting with Raven by enticing him with a chicken drumstick tied to Zeke's tail and hooking him like a fish. Van mocks the situation as if he'd really fall for it....and then hooks onto it mouth first.
  • Fiona's 'rescue' of Van and Moonbay who are tied to the Liger's leg:
    Fiona: (Waltzes past the gang) "Van, Moonbay, I'm here to untie you!" (Immediately gets grabbed).
    Van: "Fiona..."
    Moonbay: "She's unbelievable."
    Irvine: "What was she thinking?" (Having used the distraction to get past the gang himself).
  • Fiona's salted coffee.
  • Van and Thomas are fighting a rogue gang of Zoids. Unfortunately, the enemies have a type of scrambling device that throws off the aim of Van and Thomas's shots. Also not helping Thomas is constantly ignoring Van in an attempt to impress Fiona. What clinches it is that Thomas attempts a Macross Missile Massacre... only to unintentionally lock on Van. The Blade Liger itself gets an Oh, Crap! face!