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Super Mario All Stars

  • Any instance of Tempting Fate in Super Mario Bros. Pick any, it's funny.
  • Him constantly interrupting himself whenever he dies.
  • His little moment of freaked out Angrish in part 19, during Super Mario Bros. 3. RLYoshi's reaction seals it.
    R.L. Yoshi: I don't even know what you just said there...

Pokemon Red

  • Struggling to pronounce "Harden".
  • When he finds Jigglypuff in a Pokemon Center and it sings, he pretends to actually fall asleep.
  • "Captain Obvious, AWAAAY!"
  • Constantly getting the types of trainers confused (thinking a Bug Catcher is a Youngster, for example) from their overworld sprites.
    • And in the battle that comes directly after the above quote, Zero's opponent has a Squirtle. This leads Zero to believe Professor Oak is running a black market scheme and selling starter Pokemon.
    Zero: Dang it, Professor Oak!
  • Saying the name Rattata as "Rat-tat-tat-tat", like a machine gun.
  • Whenever an enemy uses moves on him that would poison, confuse, or do something else to his Pokemon, he remarks how he bets it's going to happen. Most of the time, it doesn't.
    • And then it gets double subverted in one battle:
    Zero: (enemy Pikachu uses Thundershock) Incoming paralysis... (is not paralyzed), I guess not. more... (enemy Pikachu uses Thunder Wave) ...WOOOOW. Incoming paralysis!
  • Trollax. That is all.
  • The Running Gag in episode 14 of not having enough space to hold items.

Pokemon Crystal

  • Zero tells us a story about how, as a kid, he had Crystal for his Gameboy and would play it when he went to visit relatives, then turn it off and leave it on the table until leaving. Four times in a row, he found out only after getting back home that one of his cousins stole Crystal from his Gameboy. He went through four copies of the game before he said "screw it" and just played Pokemon Gold instead of getting new copies of Crystal.
  • The Call-Back to his Pokemon Red Let's Play: upon meeting Professor Oak, he again accuses him of running a black market for Pokemon.
  • He comes across a trainer that has three Caterpie and one Weedle, and correctly predicts that the Weedle will use Poison Sting and poison him instantly.
  • In Sprout Tower...
    Sagenote : The elder's HM lights even pitch-black darkness.
    Elder: You and your Pokemon should have no problem using this move.
    Zero: Strength! (gets Flash) Flash?! Aww...I got gypped.
  • He discovers a trainer in Chuck's gym named Blackbelt Yoshi, and...
    Zero: Yoshi?! I didn't know Yoshi knew karate...
    • And then, in the comments...
    R.L. Yoshi: Blue belt in Tae Kwon Do, actually.

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons / Oracle of Ages

Far Cry 3

  • He lampshades how the game has swear words pretty much everywhere while he himself rarely swears, concluding with:
    Zero: It's rated M for Mature, but I don't give a ffff... (trails off) See?
  • While running through the forest as Jason, Zero comes to a jump...
    Zero: Go go go go go...jump! Parkour! (fails the jump) are not very good at this, are you? Come on, Jason. (singing) Press X to Jason~
    • Shortly after: "Almost there, almost there, oh hey look a deer."
    • And then after stabbing the guard in the face, he yells at Jason to take the knife. Jason doesn't, so Zero just nonchalantly says "Okay, back to running."
  • He goes and starts heading up a mountain to an objective...only to then discover that he's going out of the area bounds, because he didn't talk to an NPC to make the objective available. So he has to go all the way back down so he can go all the way back up.

Minecraft: The Walls

The Walls

  • During Minecraft: The Walls, RLYoshi starts the first part out with an introduction, then waits for Zero or Bridgett to introduce themselves, not realizing they're waiting for him to introduce them. This leads to an awkward silence and some Played for Laughs irritation on Zero's part.
  • Later, Yoshi spends most of his time setting up a TNT trap near the entrance of their base and constantly warning the other two not to step on the pressure plate, only to nearly set it off himself.
  • While Yoshi and Bridgett are outside during most of the setup in part one, Zero just sticks around in their base, mining, crafting, and cooking, not even really reacting to what's going on. There's just something funny about seeing him casually work while Yoshi and Bridgett nearly push each other off the edge of the map.
  • Bridgett being snarky about Yoshi's constant attempts at being savvy.
    RLYoshi: And now, you see, the idea here is they'll think [the trap] is so obvious, they'll just probably toss something onto it and back what I do is I back up, and I plant one [TNT] underground right here! And lead some redstone to it...
    Bridgett: (laughing) I like how you're acting as though you're really sneaky.
    • Also the group's surprise when Zero hands them diamond swords. And Bridgett's remark at the sword being enchanted with Bane of Anthropods (deals extra damage to spiders).
  • While Zero is using a bow and arrow to snipe from a tower and Yoshi is off fighting with a sword, Bridgett is still underground, mining and casually commenting when he finds stuff like coal. Naturally, he lampshades this.
    Bridgett: I'm just gonna come up at the end while everyone's dead and be like, "Let's do it!"
  • The TNT shenanigans. That is all.
  • When Zero and Fury start setting up for their two-on-two against Yoshi and John, Fury decides to imitate GameChap while Zero just watches.
    • Also, during the setup, Zero expresses worry about having to deal with Yoshi and John. Meanwhile, watching the setup from Yoshi's point of view on his channel reveals that he and John are...hiding in their cave and freaking out about the mobs that keep coming in, as well as the Enderman that they can hear.
      • And the best part? Zero and Fury, while dealing with mobs of their own, joke about how Yoshi and John are probably in their cave, not worrying about anything...only half of that is true.
    • While Zero has his back turned, Fury sets up a TNT trap in their base for Yoshi and John to step on. Zero turns around...and activates it himself. Somehow not taking any damage from it as well.
    • When the round ends and everyone is just hanging around in the spawn area, Yoshi and Zero start punching each other. And then Fury blows up the spawn.
  • When Zero and Frank start heading out to fight Yoshi and Fury, Frank notices a sniper tower that the other two made...and states how it was made out of wood. Zero instantly knows that it was Yoshi who built it just based on that fact. Though he didn't know that Yoshi placed dirt in the floor as a safe spot if someone decided to burn it down.
    • Zero and Yoshi get into a sniping war, with Zero bragging about his sniping skills. Watch both sides and you'll see that neither of them ever hit each other except for when Zero got much closer and scored a fatal shot.
    • And what does Yoshi say at one point?
  • The greatest example is when Zero is walking along...and suddenly gets taken by surprise and killed by Fury, just before Fury leaves and gives Yoshi a second life. And watching from Yoshi's side shows Fury doing this almost casually.
    • And after Yoshi gets his second life, he gets killed by Frank almost instantly. Watching from his side reveals that this was because he wasted precious seconds attempting to fire a bow, not realizing he had no arrows.

The Walls 2

  • Yoshi and Zero have no idea what this map has in store for them, so naturally their panic is a series of funny moments.
  • After the walls fall, Yoshi starts burning down all the trees in an attempt to flush out Fury and John.
  • When Yoshi wins the round after killing Zero, Fury types it out incorrectly, saying that the latter killed the former instead.

Super Mario World Romhacks

  • "So many coins. What is this, New Super Mario Bros. 2?"


  • You can tell right from the beginning that the series will not end well, when Yoshi states that he has the most Tekkit knowledge of the three of them.
  • The Running Gag of Yoshi - and Zero, a bit - referring to an energy condensor as a compressor due to forgetting the name.
  • Zero gets killed by a Creeper due to lag not registering his hits. His reaction is priceless.
    • Any time Zero encounters a Creeper, really.
    Zero: CREEPER!
  • Fury pretends to be British, due to having a Sonic Screwdriver. That is all that needs to be said.
  • While Zero is mining for a long time, Yoshi and Fury build a house. Yoshi then proceeds to start his own mining shaft...right in the corner of said house.
    • Heck, the sheer lack of teamwork the guys have is funny. Zero goes off on his own to mine, Yoshi works on the house, and Fury just does whatever he feels like doing.
  • In episode 4, Zero falls to his death in Yoshi's mine shaft due to a lack of ladders. Later, in episode 5, Yoshi falls as well (though survives) and gives us a great scream, complete with voice crack.
    • And then, a minute later, he apparently falls again and yells once more, while talking about his previous fall. Though it's significantly quieter.
  • Yoshi reveals his full name (Maxwell Nicholas Donald Allan) on Zero's side, but on his side, it becomes The Unreveal:
    RLYoshi: My full name is- (cut to static, then scene switch)

Minecraft Adventure Maps

  • In Nova...
    Fury: (reading the rules) "Do not break any blocks unless told to."
    Zero: (breaks the sign dictating this rule) I broke a rule.