Funny / Zathura

  • The discussion between Lisa and her father about the use of the phrase "hooking up."
  • This line.
    Danny: Zorgons are the lizardmen. They eat meat and we're MEAT!
    • It's better the first time, when the Astronaut first tells this to Danny, and Danny doesn't catch on until the Astronaut explains that kids (like Danny himself) are comprised of, you guessed it, meat.
  • All together now:
    Walter: Get me a juice box, biatch!
  • Walter trying to use the "Fleet Admiral" card to make the astronaut obey him.
    Walter: I'm Fleet Admiral, and I'm telling you to hit the road.
    Astronaut: ...I apologize, sir. I didn't realize you were fleet admiral...In fact, I...
    *Astronaut pulls out identical card*
    Astronaut: I'm a FLEET ADMIRAL TOO! It's just a card, bug nuts!
  • Danny's turn comes and he gets a card that says "Flunk Space Academy, go back one space".
    Danny: I'm not even going to comment on that.
  • What happens after Lisa has told her dad a million times not to worry?
    • The fact that it's Kristen Stewart saying this line is what makes it hilarious.
  • Don't forget to always "Rest on standing astroturf!"
  • What's Danny's idea of taking evasive action? Running around in circles as meteors bombard his living room.
    Danny: Take erasive action! TAKE ERASIVE ACTION!!
    • When the meteors start to hit, one smashes a vase resting on the fire place. What was in the vase?
    Danny: Grandma!
  • A really good line comes after Walter makes his first wish.
    Danny: Why'd you wish for a football? You could've wished us out of here!
    Walter: I was under a lot of pressure! (points at the Astronaut) He was yelling at me!
  • Lisa discovering that the Astronaut (who she had a crush on) was a grown up version of Walter. Her reaction is better.
    Lisa: Oh my God! And I was about to—
  • Last lines of the film. Needless to say, Lisa isn't pleased at the Call-Back.
    Walter: Still think I have gorgeous eyes?
  • The brothers are confused by the Reveal Shot at first. After a beat:
    Danny: You wished for two of me?
  • After Walter changes the channel from SpongeBob SquarePants to SportsCenter:
    Danny: Can't we watch SpongeBob?
    Walter: No.
    Danny: Why? You used to like it!
    Walter: Times change.
    Danny: Tartar sauce.
  • A rather understated moment: After the Reset Button occurs and Walter and Danny find themselves back in the living room, with the latter mere moments from starting the game, what is Walter's reaction?
    Walter: (calmly) Don't push that button.