Funny / ZE

  • Pick any moment of Asari teasing anybody.
  • After Raizou takes a leave of absence and Kon decides to chase after him, the entire household takes up a betting pool to see if they would undergo a Relationship Upgrade.
  • A running gag in an omake has Kotoha being repeatedly denied ice cream, because the twins Seiji and Tsukito keep eating it. Raizou finally gets around to making gourmet ice cream for Kotoha, only for the aforementioned twins to knock it out of his hands whilst chasing after their Kami-sama Hatsuhi. Kotoha's reaction destroys Waki's house. (and Konoe is fixing it up)
  • Raizou realizing that Ouka was a woman.
  • Genma gets annoyed that Moriya is hanging out with Himi so much and complaining to him about Ryuusei, so he uses his Kotodama to curse Ryuusei so he will never get an erection around women again.