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Funny: Yuyu Hakusho Abridged
  • "I'm not gay! I'm as straight as Ricky Martin's sparkling abs! WAIT, I mean!"
  • "Is Atsuko gonna havta choke a bitch?"
  • From The Movie:
    Kuwabara: You just got Kuwabara-owned!
    Yusuke: (off-screen) ...boooooooooo.
    Kuwabara: Shut up, Urameshi.
    • "Honestly, who stands on top of a tree?"
    • "Who punches down a tree?!"
    Kurama: (as he sees energy coming out from beneath a large rock) Hm? Who's under there?
    Hinageshi: Peep!
    Kurama: (slams the rock back down on top of her) Nevermind...
    • "LEAVE HINAGESHI ALOOOONE!" "Mummy Cyclops no like Chris Crocker!"
    • The "new" voices everyone gets after the Filler Villain achieves the power he was looking for.
    • "I drawed a squirrel! It goes peep peep peep! ...peep!"
    • "Or [Hinageshi] could just be ass-retarded."
    • The entire contemplation between Botan and Keiko.
  • The Fan Art Special song. Both funny and a massive Ear Worm.
  • Episode 15:
    • "I don't know what you just said, but it pisses me right the fuck off!"
    • "Git-er-done, motherfucker." Delivered by Kurama, no less.
    • Yusuke and Kuwabara's reaction to Genbu saying, "Git 'er done!"
  • During episode 16:
    Kuwabara: Ooh, say "I can has cheezburger!"
    Byakko: ...I...can...has cheezburger?
    • Pretty much all of Kuwabara's fight with Byakko, as it consists entirely of Yusuke, Hiei, and Kurama snarking at Kuwabara's struggles.
  • Episode 17:
    Yusuke: (after Kuwabara takes off his shirt) What's up, Kuwabara? You planning to blind him with your pasty white ass?
    Kuwabara: Shut up, Urameshi. This is srs bznss. Alright, Puss in Boots! Get over here so I can neuter the crap out of you!
  • Hiei to Yusuke, after he asks one too many stupid questions: "You're really just a detective in title only, aren't you?"
  • Episode 18
    Kurama: Kuwabara?
    Kuwabara: Yeah?
    Kurama: If you say or do anything to annoy me in the next 24 hours, I swear to Koenma I will cut you in half with a fucking rose! Or do I need to remind you I have that capability?
    Hiei: I love you
    Kurama: What was that Hiei?
    Hiei: I said lets go inside!

    Kuwabara: Do you think the little guy can handle this?
    Kurama: Seryuu doesn't even stand a chance.
    Yusuke: What d'you mean?
    Kurama: Don't you see? Hiei's taken off his shirt. It's anime law: Once a male shonen hero removes his shirt, his attributes all increase exponentially. Seryuu is doomed.
    Kuwabara: So why didn't you take off your shirt during your fight with the rock guy?
    Yusuke: You WOULD ask that, wouldn't you?
    Kuwabara: Go To Hell!
  • Kurama's Deadpan Snarker comments. One gets the impression that this is what his anime incarnation would say if he wasn't so unfailingly polite.
    Kurama: Great, now I have retard in surround sound.
  • Suzaku's explanation for how he learned to control lightning
    Suzaku: Well, it all started out as a drunken dare from Vern to stand out in a thunderstorm wearin' nothin' but a bunch a tin foil and trash can lids, and...well, here we are, ten years later.
    Yusuke: I really hate rednecks.
  • From Rescue Yukina abridged, we get this exchange from Yusuke's first encounter with a member of the apparition gang.
    Henchman: Behold! Your worst nightmare: a true demon in flesh and bone! Let your reality crumble under the horror that is...why aren't you scared?
    Yusuke: Why should we be?
    Henchman: Because I'm a freaking demon! You're just children. Don't you know the rules? I'm the terrifying horror from the darkest reaches of realms unknown.
    Yusuke: I don't care if you're a wizard from the brightest friggin corner of Waverly Place, you still aren't scary.
    Henchman: Oh come on! My hands have fracking mouths on them!
    Yusuke: Yes, and I'm sure your nightly ritual is fantastic. Now could you get out of our way?
  • "Welcome to Japan. Everything's F**ked Up here."
  • The Neighborhood Watch Committee is uncomfortably quick to address local events:
    "Attention everyone! This is the neighborhood watch committee reminding everyone that necrophilia is still illegal. Thank you and have a pleasant day."
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