Funny: Yuugen Kaisha

  • It's no secret to anyone that Ayaka drinks, but you know it's bad when even an anemic vampire refused to take her blood, when she offered it!
    Ayaka: (suggestively) "Weel~elll, I can offer you a few cc's, if you like." *wink!*
    *lifts her hair, exposing her neck*
    Bosco: (clears throat, looks away) "I'm uh... afraid that won't do."
    Ayaka: (voice low, offended) "And why not...?"
    Bosco: (leans further away) "...something to do with the, uh... *ahem!* alcohol content of your blood."
    • It looks funnier out of context, but Bosco explained earlier that, when it comes to blood, vampires have tough dietary restrictions. And to be fair, he's controlling his blood lust to the best of his ability. He only burdens his girlfriend four times a year, and only for 200cc's at a time (less than a transfusion unit).
    Bosco: "You can't imagine how difficult it is to find someone of this kind in a modern city like Tokyo. A girl who's a virgin, doesn't drink or smoke or do drugs? Why it's almost impossible!"

  • Nanami tries to bake a cake in Incident File: 03. But she gets the ingredients wrong and the oven explodes. Unfortunately, Nanami's a pyrokinetic who spooks easily. Her resultant panic blast scorches Ayaka and Mamoru, but her biggest concern?
    Nanami: "It's all ruined. Maybe it was one tablespoon of baking soda, two cups flour."
    shows Ayaka and Mamoru both covered in singe marks, just before they pass out

  • Ayaka's Pre Asskicking Oneliner before her battle with Mukyo, at the end of Incident File: 04.
    Ayaka: (dramatically) "Rampant parasetic evil who tortures the living, baldheaded creep, who threatens my income. You KNOW you're up to no good. Now, your time has come: Ayaka Kisaragi has arrived!"

  • At the end, Ayaka's mere seconds away from confessing her feelings for Detective Karino, complete with held gaze and luminescent blush. Nanami decides that's their cue to leave and ushers Rokkon away... and then Ayaka's top rips, exposing her breasts. Naturally, Karino can't help but look and gets busted by Ayaka.
    Ayaka: (covers up, mortified) "You looked!"
    Karino: (averting gaze) "No, you're wrong!"
    Ayaka: (not fooled) "Ya DID!!"
    Karino: (groaning) "Alright... I did."