Funny / Yumekui Merry

  • In chapter 46 we get two near the end. The first is when Merry is told not to clean under Yumeji's bed, which leads to this conversation.
    Merry: Though master said not to touch the area under your bed because it's a sacred territory. Is there something under there?
    Yumeji: No there isn't!
    John Doe: Oh, that's intriguing. This is a truth I must chase.
    Yumeji: No you don't!
  • The second is when the three enter a Daydream at the same time. Since John Doe was on Yumeji's head as a cat, Yumeji falls over moments after because he can't hold up John Doe's weight when he's a dream demon.
  • The top panel of this page. That FACE!
  • Engi attempts sweeping...