Funny: Yu-Gi-Oh! East Academy

  • At one point during the Tournament arc, Freed gets pissed off at Sigmund ignoring him and starts randomly singing 1960's Superhero songs. This would be amusing enough, having a badass general singing Spiderman! Spiderman! Does whatever a Spider can!, but what makes it absolutely hilarious is Jurrac Meteor's reaction to it, and the fact that his partner simply enjoys the fact that it's pissing the meteor off so much.
  • David referring to Art as "One of the coolest." is quite amusing when you consider that both are played by the same person.
    • David in general, when not being strangely dark or forboding, is an utterly hilarious troll who basically played the shy, fanboyish idiot because it amused him, as well as insisting on a gigantic board to be put up by Ravvas, who once again has the air taken out of his sails.
  • Haine calling Marcus an earthling. Marcus, the one who runs Alien monsters.
  • Ravvas's Flat "What.", upon discovering that the East Academy Students are... not quite the triumphant heroes he expected.
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