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  • Massa Graf's Samson steekt een weeshuis in de brand, a rare Dutch Youtube Poop. Especially the Mayor calling Samson a rabbit, and Samson suddenly becoming one while denying that. Also the Actor Allusion with Kabouter Plop, and Samson's "Woef." in return.
  • SEGRETO13's Italian YTP Friendship is Friendly
    • Pinkie Pie's cloning being actually caused from Photoshop copypasting. And then:
    Pinkie Pie: ...a pop quiz on the names I taught you!
    [Shows a picture of Rarity]
    Duplicates: Applejack!
    [Shows a picture of Webby]
    Duplicates: Fluttershy!
    [Shows a picture of a chair]
    Duplicates: Pinkie Pie!
    [Pinkie Pie turns into Mr. Burns]
    Pinkie Pie/Burns: Excellent.
    • Spike's list of things to do includes "Touch the midget with your tongue". He extends his tongue and hits Mini-Me.
    • At the end, everyone gasps at the sight of Twilight with her new wings... and then Princess Celestia shows up with her wings surgically removed.

  • TheGoldenroy's "edited" version of "I Was a Teenage Gary".
    • "Um,'ve injected me with cum."
    • "Something's wrong with meeeeeeee...I'M GAY!"
    SpongeSnail: (singing) I'm gonna fuck you.
  • It seems to be no longer available, but back in 2009 or early 2010, there was a YTP of BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn called something like "Mata Nui fails to fix a guitar". In the original film, when Ackar tries to interrupt the Gladiator Games, the fighters Tarix and Vastus are the only ones willing to hear him out. In this version...
    [Tarix and Vastus fight, repeatedly clashing their weapons while screaming]
    Ackar: Fighting between Glatorian must stop!
    [Tarix and Vastus continue fighting]
    Ackar: Stop!
    [Tarix and Vastus continue fighting]
    Ackar: Stop fighting as I speak!
    [Tarix and Vastus continue fighting]
    Ackar: ENOUGH!
    [Ackar takes out his sword and shows off his newfound elemental powers, and the entire arena falls silent in awe]
    [Tarix and Vastus immediately resume fighting]